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Skydiving in Mysore: Cost, Types, Places to Visit in Mysore



Have you wanted to float in the sky and glide with the winds while living in your ZNMD moment in India? Well, skydiving in Mysore is the perfect opportunity to experience the thrill and fun of jumping off a plane and landing safely on the earth as you take in the majestic vistas of the Chamundi Hills. Let’s dive deep into this available activity at your doorstep!

Skydiving: The Basics and Types

Skydiving is an incredible experience that allows you to enjoy the excitement of freefall and defy gravity. It’s more than simply a sport. Picture yourself climbing up in an aeroplane, the excitement growing with each step. As you walk to the brink and plummet into the open sky, a surge of wind envelops you, and time appears to stop for a second. Feeling like you are falling at over 120 mph is thrilling and freeing. Then, the parachute unfolds a regulated yet abrupt release that turns the descent into a beautiful aerial dance. Feeling the wind and soaking in the expansive vistas as you approach the landing zone, you gently land. Skydiving calls with an alluring draw, offering an extraordinary experience that exceeds the ordinary, whether it’s your first tandem jump, a solo excursion, or pursuing advanced disciplines like wingsuit flight. It’s an adventure over the heavens, an honouring of bravery, and an experience that will always remain painted on the canvas of your life.

Let’s dig deeper into the process of skydiving and the types of skydiving so you can get a holistic view of what you will be getting into when you’re skydiving in Mysore.

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The Basic Process of Skydiving

Skydiving goes through various steps, from training to the final landing.

The Training Period:

The voyage starts with training, which is a crucial step. Before diving into the infinite blue, athletes get extensive training. Novices learn the fundamentals of skydiving in this classroom environment, including body alignment, emergency procedures, parachute deployment, and safety standards. Trainers, frequently experienced skydiving experts, provide priceless information that turns eager enthusiasts into self-assured daredevils.

Setting Up the Equipment:

With newfound knowledge, participants suit up in specially designed equipment for this aerial experience. They put on helmets for safety, jumpsuits designed for maximum aerodynamics, and—most importantly—the parachute system. A primary parachute for routine descent and a reserve parachute for unanticipated circumstances make up the parachute system. This group guarantees a safe, thrilling flight and an exciting experience.

Boarding the Airplane:

After the stage is ready, participants board the plane that will serve as their rocket launcher into space. A variety of planes are used for this. Excitement increases with altitude as the aeroplane rises, providing amazing sights that heighten anticipation.

The Freefall:

The turning point occurs as players get closer to the selected altitude. Their adrenaline rushes as they cross the aircraft’s threshold and jump into the unknown. What follows is the classic skydiving experience: freefall. Falling towards earth, participants feel a surge that defies gravity, reaching up to 120 mph or more, depending on their position. At this point, time suddenly dissolves as the human spirit merges with the infinite sky.

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Skydiving in Mysore: Cost, Types, Places to Visit in Mysore 10

Deploying the Parachute – The Most Crucial Part:

The change happens right when the rush of freefall reaches its peak. The parachute is released after a specified amount of freefall or at a predefined height. This turning point makes the fall seem more calming and in control. The fact that parachute systems nowadays are made to open quickly and smoothly is evidence of how safety has advanced in this incredible sport.

Slowly Gliding Downwards:

After the parachute opens, participants move from the wild adrenaline of freefall to the calm canopy flight. At this stage, jumpers must use dexterity and expertise to use the parachute’s controls and guide their descent. The slow flight allows one to take in the view and experience the feeling of not being weighted while practising crucial moves for the big showdown.

The Final Landing:

As the last stage of the voyage draws near, competitors steer their parachutes towards the assigned landing area. The landing itself is an art form, with jumpers performing precise descents that result in a sliding or standing touchdown, dependent on personal taste and wind conditions, among other things. At this moment of success, the skydiver’s incredible adventure ends as they make contact with the ground again.

Types of Skydiving:

There are two major types of skydiving that you can get into along with a few others – the tandem dive and the solo dive. Let’s dig deeper into them!

Tandem Skydiving:

In tandem skydiving, you’ll be accompanied by a professional to guide you throughout your journey from the fall to the landing. It is the easiest way to skydive. You’ll be paired with a professional who will manage the flight for you as you enjoy it. They will manage your fall, parachute deployment and the landing to get you back safely. All the controls are in their hands, and you must enjoy the experience.

Accelerated Free Fall (Solo) Skydiving:

The AFF is a solo skydiving mechanism. You will be instructed to do this with rigorous training of 7 days to ensure your safety. You will be in charge of your safety. As you drop off from the aeroplane, you will get 30-40 seconds of free fall time before opening the parachute. After the free fall, you will deploy the parachute to glide down and land on the earth gently. It will take 20-25 minutes for you to land. 

Skydiving in Mysore: Cost, Types, Places to Visit in Mysore 11

Static Line Jump:

The static line jump is another important skydiving method that helps you safely experience the thrill of skydiving. Beginners often choose it due to its safe and slow experience. The parachute automatically deploys as you jump without giving room to a free fall. You will gently glide down as you take in the aerial view of your surroundings. Static line jump and tandem skydiving are the safest diving options for beginners.

Skydiving in Mysore: Experience the Thrill in the City of Palaces

Mysore, or Mysuru, is the City of Palace and the cultural capital of Karnataka. Mysore is on the foothills of the Chamunda Hills – and you can get a complete view of the hills, along with the majestic Mysore Palace, from up above! The Skyriders are the only skydiving operators in Mysore and ensure you a fun-filled and safe dive.

Skyriders is located near the Chamunda Hills, from where you will be taken up in an aircraft – the VT-MEH – for your flight. You will be flown 10,000 metres up in the clouds before your fall, either tandem, solo, or for a license. Skydivers are associated with the Indian Skydiving and Parachute Association (ISPA) and work with the United States Parachute Association (USPA) standards to ensure your safety. So far, they have operated and managed many flights that all their customers have loved. 

Safety While Skydiving in Mysore

Your safety should be your priority before you take on the thrilling skydiving activity in Mysore. The staff at Skyriders employ top-notch security and safety gear so you can enjoy your skydiving experience hassle-free. They also follow the guidelines of the Directorate General of Civil Association (DGCA) to ensure the complete safety of their customers. 

The aircraft undergoes regular maintenance checks every 50 hours following DGCA guidelines. All equipment, like parachute wings, harnesses, and automatic aviation devices, are regularly checked for customers’ safety. The quality of the equipment is also top-notch. 

The customers are trained according to their package. For tandem flights, a 3-hour rigorous training ensues to ensure the customer understands every aspect of the flight has a hassle-free and thrilling dive. For solo flights, customers are practically trained for 7 days straight. Their instructors are verified professionals who regularly train following USPA and ISPA guidelines. 

All in all, safety is Skyriders’ top priority. Their dives are one of the safest and most thrilling in the country.

Skydiving in Mysore: Witness the Beauty of Mysore from Above

By skydiving in Mysore, you will witness the lush greenery of the Chamundi Hills and the magnificence of the Mysore Palace. Behold the terrains of Mysore that soar high in the sky and get a bird’s eye view of the city’s surrounding greenery, forts, and markets that look as tiny as doll houses.

Skydiving in Mysore Cost

The cost of skydiving in Mysore ranges between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 35,000. At Skyriders, tandem flights are available for Rs 35,000, while solo flights are worth Rs. 25,000. The prices include training, falling and landing.

Places to Visit in Mysore

When you visit this marvellous city for skydiving, tour the best places here as you train for the amazing activity. There are many places to visit in Mysore that will keep bringing you back here for its beauty and vibe.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace
Skydiving in Mysore: Cost, Types, Places to Visit in Mysore 12

The Mysore Palace is a magnificent location and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The royal family of Mysore previously resided here in this Indo-Saracenic-style palace. It is one of the biggest palaces in the country and a must-visit place in Mysore.

Mysore Zoo

Mysore zoo
Skydiving in Mysore: Cost, Types, Places to Visit in Mysore 13

The Mysore Zoo is one of the largest zoos in India. Its inhabitants include many flora, fauna, and avifauna, which are treated to the eyes of a wildlife photographer. The world’s first caesarian section delivery was performed on an elephant here.

Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundeshwari Temple
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This temple is a beautiful structure built in the 12th century. The idol is made completely of gold, with the entrance being silver-plated. It is a 7-storey temple with every storey bearing intricate carvings of idols.

Jaganmohan Palace

Jaganmohan Palace
Skydiving in Mysore: Cost, Types, Places to Visit in Mysore 15

Before the construction of the Mysore Palace, the royal family resided here. It now has a museum depicting paintings of the royals and artefacts from the kingdom of Mysore.

Mysore Markets

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Mysore’s markets are famous among shoppers. Mysore is renowned for its silk sarees, sandalwood, and paintings. There are many souvenirs, like sandalwood incense sticks, sarees, and the famous Ganjifa paintings.


Mysore is a marvellous city in Karnataka that offers its visitors many unforgettable experiences. Skydiving in Mysore is one such experience. This enthralling activity is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of airborne adventures, and Mysore is the perfect place to start on your flight to the skies!

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
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