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Sea Walking in Andaman | Best Place for Sea Walk in Andaman



Did you know you can have your own ‘Astronaut in the Ocean’ moment? Well, sea walking in Andaman has opened the doors of the ocean to take a stroll! Put on a specialised helmet and explore the ocean floor to uncover the beauties of the pristine waters of Havelock Island. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You don’t need to be an excellent scuba diver to explore the colourful coral reefs and marine life in the Andaman Islands by sea walking. This activity offers an enthralling experience under the guidance of knowledgeable teachers, enabling everyone to experience the underwater environment. Take a sea walk that will never be forgotten as you descend into the glistening Andaman Sea. Each step will reveal a new aspect of the sea’s intrigue and beauty. 

Sea Walking in Andaman: What, Where, and How To

Sea walking is an incredible experience that begins on the Andaman Islands, where the crystal-clear beaches and the azure seas of the Bay of Bengal converge. The allure of North Bay Island, where the rich underwater tapestry creates an atmosphere unmatched above the surface, is where sea walking originated in India.

North Bay Island is recognised as the birthplace of sea walking in India due to its abundant marine life. The rich underwater environment, complemented by stunning corals and various fish species, makes it the ideal spot for anyone wandering beneath the waves. North Bay Island, the first location in the nation to permit sea walking, is now well-known for its contributions to underwater exploration.

What is Sea Walking?

Put on a future astronaut helmet and picture yourself peering through the clear visor to see a world below the ocean. Greetings from the fascinating world of sea walking, where your journey of discovery takes place on the ocean bed. This underwater excursion, which is tucked away in the Andaman Islands, goes beyond standard water sports to provide a distinctive and approachable look into the fascinating marine life of the Bay of Bengal.

A calm serenity descends upon you as you enter the glistening waters. Breath-holding worries are eliminated since the helmet, when properly fitted, guarantees a smooth connection to an uninterrupted supply of oxygen from the boat above. Strolling down the sea floor resembles driving on a liquid motorway encircled by various underwater treasures. Underwater, vibrant corals dance to the rhythm of the currents, schools of fish form elaborate patterns in the water, and an array of intriguing marine life goes about its daily business.

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The allure of sea walking is what makes it unique. Since no prior swimming experience is needed, it’s the perfect activity for people of all ages. Your underwater friends, skilled divers, are only a hand signal away, ready to add to the experience and ensure you stay safe during your underwater adventure.

With every step you take, the sea floor under your feet opens up like a breathtaking canvas, unveiling a new chapter in the ocean’s history. It’s an invitation to get up close and personal with the Andaman Sea’s incredible biodiversity and participate in the underwater symphony.

The quiet that strolling by the water brings is one of its most amazing features. In contrast to conventional snorkelling and scuba diving, sea walking doesn’t involve swimming. All they have to do is unwind and take in the captivating underwater display. If you wish to explore the ocean’s depths easily, sea walking is a great option because it doesn’t require any special procedures for entering the water or pose any issues with buoyancy management.

Sea walking in Andaman promises to be an incredible journey for everybody interested in aquatic activities, regardless of experience level. Sea walking originated in India, but North Bay Island’s rich underwater tapestry invites you to immerse yourself in a world where discoveries are made at every turn and the mysteries of the ocean’s depths are revealed with each breath. The ocean is beckoning, and an incredible journey is about to begin as you prepare to wander into the Bay of Bengal’s liquid embrace. Bring along your sense of awe!

Safety Concerns While Sea Walking in Andaman

Not only is sea walking unusual, but it’s also quite safe. Prior swimming knowledge is optional. The safe astronaut helmet removes worries about breath-holding or complicated underwater diving procedures by guaranteeing a steady oxygen flow.

Trained divers follow participants on the sea walk; they are always just a hand signal away, ready to help and improve the experience. This extra layer of security increases participant comfort and security, making it an activity that both inexperienced and experienced undersea fans can enjoy. Sea walking places a high priority on safety, and participants may feel secure knowing that oxygen is always available. Skilled lifeguards adept at performing underwater rescues are constantly nearby and prepared to help at any time. Sea walkers may fully immerse themselves in the underwater beauties without fear, thanks to this double layer of safety precautions.

Places for the Best Sea Walking in Andaman

Sea walking is a unique excursion for individuals who want to explore the ocean’s depths in the jewel-toned seas of the Andaman Islands. Amidst the multitude of water activities available in this tropical haven, sea walking is one activity that is best enjoyed under ideal circumstances. You can only fully immerse yourself in this exceptional pastime in two locations: North Bay and Havelock Island.

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Best Place for Sea Walk in Andaman: Havelock Island

Elephant Beach is the hub of water sports in the Andaman Islands, tucked away along the coast like a well-kept secret in the centre of Havelock Island. Sea walking is the most prominent of its numerous aquatic riches, offering an unrivalled invitation to experience the Indian Ocean’s depths extraordinarily. It is a water sports lover’s paradise. The beach is a playground for people looking for an exhilarating experience under the tropical sun because of its spectacular and varied activities. 

Elephant Beach is a unique place to go sea walking in Andaman because of its beautiful underwater terrain. A massive underwater volcanic feature home to one of the healthiest coral colonies in the Indian Ocean becomes visible as you descend into the turquoise waters. The lush, healthy coral forests paint an eye-catching canvas of vivid colours. Every step on the ocean floor seems like a brushstroke in a work of living art.

Clad in the iconic Astronaut helmet, players enter a fluid realm where gravity appears to weaken. Your sea walking experience is set against the captivating underwater dance performed by schools of fish swirling around. You can navigate this busy city of aquatic life by travelling down to the sea bed. Vendors offer bait to add to this realistic experience, turning your sea stroll into a conversation with the underwater inhabitants. It’s more than simply a stroll; it’s a symphony in which you play a key role in the music and leave lasting memories.

Best Place for Sea Walk in Andaman: North Bay

Explore the Andaman Islands’ underwater treasures to discover North Bay, a private sanctuary that offers a close-up view of breathtaking underwater scenery. Here, sea walking becomes an immersive underwater sanctuary adventure rather than a physical exercise. Unsurprisingly, sea walking originated in this aquatic paradise, given the island’s abundance of underwater exploring opportunities, including snorkelling and banana boat trips.

North Bay, the second place in best sea walking in Andaman, enthrals tourists with its distinct underwater beauty. Despite being split into tiny, highly crowded sections, the corals serve as a sanctuary for various magnificent fish species. With each step on the ocean floor, the blue and green-hued underwater scenery transforms into a living tapestry.

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The voyage to get here starts with a boat ride, which gives the sea walking experience a sense of exclusivity. Because there are no hotels or other lodging options on the island, a sense of seclusion encourages exploring. Since visitors must return to Port Blair the same day, every sea walk becomes a full-day adventure.

North Bay is unique not only for its breathtaking underwater scenery but also for the solitude it offers. Sea walkers may have a private getaway where they can fully appreciate the undersea beauty without interruptions, thanks to the lack of hotels and the need to return within the day. Every sea walks on the coral-covered sea floor, home to various aquatic creatures, seems like a personal haven and an exciting new experience.

North Bay welcomes everyone looking for an extraordinary sea walking experience with its rustic charm and underwater marvels. It’s an opportunity to leave the busy tourist areas behind and enter an underwater sanctuary where the beauty of the aquatic world is revealed with every step. 

Age Limit for Sea Walking in Andaman

The age limit for sea walk in Andaman is between 14 and 50 years. Anyone with severe medical conditions like asthma, cardiology problems and pregnancy is not allowed to do this activity. 

Sea Walking in Andaman Price

The price for sea walking in Andaman starts from INR 3500. It will be costlier on Elephant Beach due to high demand. The usual duration for a sea walk is 40-50 minutes. Photography and videography are included in the cost.

Sea Walking in Andaman and Other Activities

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving
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Scuba diving is another similar activity to sea walking. In scuba diving, you dive deep into the ocean and explore more of it. There is greater freedom of movement in scuba diving than sea walking. More safety issues and equipment are needed in scuba diving, making scuba diving a costlier watersport starting at INR 13,000.


Sea Walking in Andaman | Best Place for Sea Walk in Andaman 10

Surfing allows you to explore the ocean’s surface, while sea walking helps you dive deep into the ocean to examine marine life closely. Both these activities are equally fun and are the same cost-wise as well. If you cannot dive deep, soar over the water freely.


Sea Walking in Andaman | Best Place for Sea Walk in Andaman 11

Snorkelling is also an underwater sport like sea walking. Their main difference is the depth. While sea walkers explore the depth of the sea by touching the ground, snorkelers explore the surface by breathing through snorkels. Time is also a major difference, with sea walkers staying in the sea for longer than snorkelers.


The invitation to immerse oneself in the enchantment of sea walking in Andaman reverberates with an unmatched attraction among the mesmerising tapestry of Andaman’s marine treasures. Every underwater adventure, from the colourful corals of Elephant Beach to the remote wonders of North Bay, promises a weightless dance among fascinating marine life.

Every sea walker is guaranteed safety as the astronaut helmet is your entrance to an aquatic fantasy, accompanied by knowledgeable guides. Sea walking in Andaman is more than just a simple pastime; it’s an intensive investigation into the wonders of the deep ocean. Take heed to the Andaman Sea’s call, bring your sense of wonder, and let each sea stroll to leave a lasting impression.

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura- Content Writer at The India Explorer Riddhi, our experienced content writer at The India Explorer, is a passionate traveler and a skilled storyteller. Join Riddhi on a journey of discovery as she unveils India's rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and hidden gems, inspiring wanderlust and encouraging meaningful exploration along the way.

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