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Skiing in Manali: Ski Passes and Guides, Best Time, Hotels



Manali is a beautiful tourist destination that was the summer capital of the British. Due to its high tourist flow, there are many places to visit and things to do in Manali. It offers many adventure activities that you can never get enough of. Skiing in Manali is one such activity that you can perform. In this blog, we’ll explore the depths of the snow world and ski on them in Manali. Read on to find out about this amazing adventure in Manali!

Manali: A Trip to the Queen of All Hill Stations

Manali is nestled in the Himalayas’ cradles and offers its visitors a breathtaking experience of the mountains. Because of the variety of activities it provides, it is a year-round refuge for travellers looking for adventure, peace, and cultural immersion.

The town is gorgeous because of its charming surroundings, which include the trickling Beas River, green valleys, and snow-capped summits. Ancient temples like Hadimba Devi and Manu Temple are interwoven throughout Manali’s rich cultural fabric, giving a spiritual element to the visit. The lively local markets provide a window into the creative legacy of the area by showcasing traditional handicrafts.

Manali is a paradise for adventure seekers, offering river rafting, paragliding, and trekking, while nature lovers may visit the healing hot springs and verdant apple orchards. Access to magnificent scenery and expansive vistas may be gained through the Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass.

Manali offers an immersive experience for everyone, from touring historical landmarks to savouring regional food. Travellers looking for a unique and memorable getaway in the heart of the Himalayas are drawn to Manali by its fusion of natural beauty and cultural legacy.

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Skiing in Manali: Slicing Through the Himalayan Snow

Manali, tucked away in the foothills of the Himalayas, is a haven for winter sports fans, especially those passionate about skiing. With its immaculate slopes and beautiful panoramas, the charming village enchants tourists as it changes into a snowy sanctuary throughout the winter. Snow-covered Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass entice thrill-seekers to enjoy the exhilaration of skiing against the breathtaking background of snow-capped peaks. During this season, Manali’s tourism story takes on a new dimension as it invites visitors to blaze their trails across the snow-covered slopes for an exhilarating encounter with the natural world.

Skiing in Manali is an excellent option for both novices and experienced players since it caters to various skiers. With slopes ranging in difficulty, the Solang Valley is a skiing paradise. Experienced skiers may go on more difficult courses, while beginners can gain confidence on milder descents, so there’s something for every skill level. The excitement of gliding through the fresh mountain air as the Himalayas watch over you produces a visual feast that lasts long after you put your skis away.

After spending the day slicing through the snow, guests may retire to the quaint mountain resorts scattered over the terrain, offering warmth and comfort against the icy background. These places are not just a haven from the cold but also warm gathering places for skiers to tell stories around the fireplace about their adventures. Anyone looking for an intensive and unforgettable skiing experience in the heart of the Himalayas will find Manali attractive with its combination of top-notch skiing facilities, breathtaking scenery, and friendly locals.

Skiing in Manali: All You Need to Know

Skiing in Manali is a great and popular sport for you to try out in the Himalayan hills. If you’re new to the sport and the region, here’s a comprehensive guide to all you need to know about skiing in Manali so you don’t miss a beat on your ski trip!

Best Spots for Skiing in Manali

Solang Valley: The Best Place for Skiing in Manali

Skiing in Manali 2
Skiing in Manali: Ski Passes and Guides, Best Time, Hotels 11

Take a breath-taking trip to Solang Valley, Manali, renowned as the perfect refuge for skiers. When the weather is most cooperative in the magical months of February and March, Solang Valley is the greatest destination for the experience of a lifetime. Encased in a pure layer of snow, it invites you to navigate the mountains with a thrilling dance of movement.

Imagine overcoming difficult descents or sliding down mild slopes while taking in the breathtaking sight of snow-capped peaks. The Himalayan background creates a symphony of adventure with the fresh air and unspoiled snow. Not just any old skiing location, Solang Valley is the greatest, an unmatched ski heaven beyond belief. This is your chance to feel the pure joy of skiing in a location that guarantees memories to last long after the snow has settled, whether you’re an experienced thrill-seeker or a newbie seeking adrenaline. Come and let Solang Valley, which offers the best skiing in the heart of the Himalayas, serve as the backdrop for your wintertime exploration.

Rohtang Pass: Witness the Pir Panjal as You Ski

Rohtang Pass
Skiing in Manali: Ski Passes and Guides, Best Time, Hotels 12

Another fascinating place for skiing in Manali is Rohtang Pass, which is shrouded in a captivating cloak of glaciers. This refuge at a high altitude offers guests the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of skiing against stunning scenery. Rohtang Pass offers an excellent starting point for people new to Manali’s skiing scene. The immaculately groomed landscape creates an exceptional atmosphere, although aficionados are advised to follow safety instructions and take appropriate measures.

Your skiing adventure is enhanced by the expansive vistas from Rohtang Pass, which you can see while navigating the slopes. The fresh mountain air and the rush of speeding down the slopes produce memories that last a lifetime, and this is where the spirit of skiing in Manali comes to life. With its natural beauty and promise of an adventure beyond the ordinary, Rohtang Pass appeals to all skiers, experienced or not, eager to experience the joys of skiing in Manali.

Gulaba: The Adventure Hub

Named for Raja Gulab Singh, the settlement of Gulaba is a monument to the region’s rich history, tucked away close to the magnificent Rohtang Pass. This little community has developed into a thriving centre for adventure seekers, with skiing being the most popular adventure activity in this scenic area.

Gulaba is attractive as it combines exciting activities with history to give guests a unique experience. Entering this charming settlement, the snow-covered terrain becomes a skier’s painting. The town is a must-visit location for anybody looking to get into the heart of adventure in the Rohtang Pass region since it emerges as a paradise for those seeking the thrill of sliding down pristine slopes.

Experience the timeless beauty of Gulaba, where the excitement of skiing today blends harmoniously with the tradition of Raja Gulab Singh. A fascinating part of the adventurous story of the Rohtang Pass region, Gulaba is a must-see for everyone interested in skiing in a historical context, regardless of experience level.

How To Find Ski Gear?

Ski Gear
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Finding ski gear for rent is easy in Manali. Many shops give out ski equipment for rent. In Manali, the government has fixed rates for items that start at Rs. 300. Some shopkeepers here refuse to rent gear at that price and charge higher instead – beware of them and be ready to bargain.

Ski Guides for Skiing in Manali

When you rent gear, the charges are usually inclusive of guides. The shops that rent gear will provide you with guides. The charges for the gear and guide depend upon the duration of your skiing experience.

Ski Guide
Skiing in Manali: Ski Passes and Guides, Best Time, Hotels 14

Passes for Skiing in Manali

The passes for skiing in Manali will cost you between Rs. 300 and Rs. 1500 depending upon your duration (one-time pass or full-day pass) and the location you’ve chosen for skiing.

Best Time for Skiing in Manali

Skiing here between February and April is perfect. The valleys are covered in snow, perfect for skiing expeditions.

Skiing in Manali Cost

The cost of skiing in Manali will depend on your gear, guide, duration, and skiing location. On average, the usual cost for skiing starts at Rs. 1000 per day. If you choose an online package, you will find them way cheaper, starting at just Rs. 250.

Hotels in Manali to Stay at as You Ski

Montana Blues Resort by Snow City

Montana Blues Resort
image source: holidify

Savour luxury at this hotel, tucked away in a beautiful pine forest, which offers breathtaking views of a snow-capped peak and a green valley. Indulge in opulence in the opulently furnished premium rooms, which include modern décor and hardwood accents. A special seating space is provided for private in-room dining. The hotel’s restaurant serves a daily authentic continental breakfast buffet as part of its culinary offerings. Among the other features are a quaint terrace, indoor activities, and beautifully designed gardens with cosy picnic areas and a roaring fireplace. At this dreamy location, elevate your escape with a beautiful fusion of natural beauty and opulent luxury.

14 Gables

14 Gables
image source: goibibo

Situated 5.7 miles from Hidimba Devi Temple, Manali’s 14 Gables is a boutique hideaway renowned for its superb hospitality and pet-friendly philosophy. This quaint hideaway offers a wonderful getaway with a shared lounge, free private parking, a garden, and an on-site restaurant. Guests may enjoy lively kids’ club activities and karaoke sessions during their stay. Each room is a haven with a balcony that offers breathtaking views of the mountains, a luxurious private bathroom complete with free amenities, and easy access to free WiFi. Some rooms provide city views and have a hairdryer and a flat-screen TV. The 14 Gables serves a delicious Asian breakfast to start the day, and guests who want to get outside may use the hotel’s facilities for cycling and darts.

The Smugglers Mountain View

The Smugglers Mountain View
image source: holidify

Greetings from Hotel Smuggler, the innovative theme-based establishment in Manali, where each accommodation has a panoramic view of the magnificent Pandu Ropa Mountains, Hampta Pass, and Rohtang Pass. With its 14 tastefully furnished rooms, all with balconies overlooking charming apple orchards, the hotel offers a singular, immersive experience. Savour the delicious fusion of European and North Indian food at the on-site restaurant. The Barrel Bar and Disco beckons people looking for a vibrant evening, encouraging them to let their party animal side out. Savour the colourful ambience and breathtaking scenery at Hotel Smuggler, the ideal balance of adventure and comfort right in the centre of Manali.

Kalista Resort

Kalista Resort
image source: thrillophilia

At the Kalista Resort in Manali, where a kind and sympathetic staff offers a welcoming retreat, discover comfort and tranquillity. The resort has breathtaking views of the valley and a cosy, immaculate setting. The large rooms offer a haven in the middle of nature with their individual balconies and expansive views of the valley. Adventure seekers will find Kalista Resort accessible to neighbouring sites such as Mall Road and Solang. Visitors praise the delicious food at the on-site restaurant and the lovely orchards surrounding the property. Experience the serene atmosphere and breathtaking scenery of Kalista Resort, where each minute is worthwhile.

Warehouse X Poshtel

Discover greatness at Manali’s Warehouse X Poshtel, where the staff’s sincere kindness and superb service turn your vacation into an unforgettable journey. The specially built loft rooms offer uniqueness, and the wonderful breakfast will start your day. The elegantly designed facility offers a pleasant stay with heated rooms and first-rate facilities, radiating warmth and cosiness. Savour breathtaking views of neighbouring sites such as snow-capped mountains and apple orchards. Perfect for parties, families, and couples, the poshtel offers communal areas and in-room eating options to suit various tastes. Warehouse X Poshtel is a highly recommended option for a pleasant and comfortable stay, with spacious parking and well-maintained and clean surroundings.

Alt Life Hostel

Take off on an exciting backpacking expedition with Alt Life, a brand-new adventure story. This exciting new project promises thrilling walks, rejuvenating hikes, and exquisite hilltop lodging. For a varied and welcoming stay, the facility offers six dormitories exclusively for women and six for mixed-gender guests. Open-concept family rooms with balconies provide charming views of snow-covered pine forests, sparkling streams, and colourful flower beds. Savour the flavours of the apple orchard garden restaurant, where cuisine and environment blend harmoniously. A patio is another feature that welcomes visitors to relax in the beautiful surroundings. Alt Life is more than simply a place to stay; it’s an immersive experience of the natural world’s treasures and a refuge for travellers seeking peace and adventure.


Skiing in Manali, in the heart of the Himalayas, is an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, telling a story of excitement and adventure amidst peaks covered in snow. Skis slicing across immaculate slopes reveal the breathtaking Manali scenery, a painting of white expanses against blue skies. Manali’s appeal comes in the way it seamlessly blends exciting adventures with the fascination of the local culture, even beyond the surge of adrenaline. Skiers of all skill levels descend the slopes and turn them into a playground, giving in to the rush of taking on nature’s bitter challenge. Warm havens scattered over the terrain give a welcome break from the harshness of the snow. Every minute spent skiing in Manali is a symphony of snow, adventure, and the unbreakable spirit of the mountains, leaving memories carved in the heart of every winter enthusiast, from the busy Mall Road to the peace of Solang Valley.

Riddhi Sompura
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