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Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing



The ocean opens up vast opportunities to discover the adventurer within you. And is there any better place in India for beach adventures than Goa? With its tourism industry bustling with life, Goa has and keeps introducing many adventure sports for people of all interests and ages. One such activity here is surfing. We’ve looked at celebrities gliding over waves on surfboards in awe. Now, it is your time to experience that thrill and be in awe of the fancy of surfing in Goa. Let’s soar on top of the waves and dive deep into this fun-filled sea voyage!

Surfing in Goa: The Basics of Riding the Waves

The coasts and shorelines of Goa are renowned worldwide for their vibrant partying culture and thrilling watersports. Goa is the most sought-after tourist destination with its colourful beaches, cheap drinks, and exotic lifestyle; it has made a home in the hearts of all who have been here. Everyone has planned or wished to plan a Goa trip at least once – and who wouldn’t? The exotic beaches and nightlife draw people of all ages to Goa.

There is more to this beachy territory than its nightlife and beaches. The forts, churches, lakes, and lanes of Goa are a highlight of a Goa trip. From the Basilica of Bom Jesus to the Chapora Fort, Goa is an avant-garde potpourri of Indian and Portuguese cultures, making it a must-visit place for all. The warm climate and picturesque beaches are the cherries on top for all who drop by.

The atmosphere of this ‘Pearl of the Orient’ makes it an ideal location for watersports like surfing. Now, you can engage in three kinds of surfing in Goa – wind surfing, kite surfing, and board surfing! While board surfing is the usual kind with you propped up on a board, gliding over the waves, wind and kite surfing is out of this world!

Wind Surfing in Goa

wind surfing in goa
Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 15

In wind surfing, a sail board is attached to your regular surfboard and you are mounted on top as the wind carries you over the waves. The Morjim beach is famous for hosting this activity.

Kite Surfing in Goa

kite surfing in goa
Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 16

Imagine being driven by wind and soaring above the beach – that is kite surfing. It is a thrilling combination of paragliding, surfing, wind sailing, wakeboarding, and gymnastics. The Morjim beach hosts the best kite surfing in Goa.

Best Beaches for Surfing in North Goa

Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach
Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 17

Vagator Beach offers picture-worthy scenes and tides that are perfect for beginners to try their hand at surfing. The waves aren’t as consistent as at other beaches of Goa, but it is the perfect spot for you if you’re a beginner. Surfing here will give you an aesthetic appeal with the cliffs in the background. As you soar over the waves, notice the beauty of the surrounding scenery.


Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 18

Calangute Beach offers small wave breaks and is perfect for those looking to begin their surfing journey. The consistency of waves is nature’s marvel. The direct W swells of the waves are a rarity in the post-monsoon months, but Calangute is known for them. They make Calangute a year-round surfing destination with a special place for those who love seafoam. Calangute is a blend of aesthetic scenery and optimal wave conditions, making it a sought-after beach for surfing in Goa.


Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 19

Like Calangute and Vagator, Arambol’s waves are also small and perfect for beginners. The tides here change dramatically with seasons – if you wish to surf here, ensure the weather beforehand. Enrolling in a surf school for the day will help you surf smoothly at Arambol, with instructors guiding you along your voyage. Numerous surf schools help you learn surfing at Arambol, and Surfwala is the most popular option here.


Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 20

Ashwem is the most popular beach among professional surfers due to its tidal conditions and the consistency it provides. This land of water produces waves reaching 3 feet in the air! Surfers of all skill levels can come out here with their boards to soar above the water. It is a hub for seasoned and regular surfers; you will find many surfers tagging with you whenever you visit here. The scenic coastal setting is an added bonus to the Ashwem experience. Try the Banana Surf School at Ashwem for surfing in Goa!


Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 21

Morjim is a popular beach that hosts a plethora of activities for lovers of nature and beaches. With its popularity and laid-back atmosphere, it draws surfers and tourists alike. Morjim is a welcoming place to be whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a tourist keen to catch some waves. For those looking to combine action and leisure along Goa’s coastline, Morjim is a must-visit location because of the unique experience created by the combination of peaceful charm and exquisite surfing prospects. The Octopus Surf School is a popular option for learning surfing here.

Best Beaches for Surfing in South Goa


Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 22

The Palolem Beach is one of the most popular beaches for surfing in Goa. It hosts a range of schools and opportunities for you to try out surfing. If you love foams, Palolem is the place for you! Its low waves make it perfect for beginners and learners trying to polish their surfing skills. In addition to being a beautiful location, Palolem Beach in Goa is a central point for those new to surfing, offering many surf schools and knowledgeable teachers. They are committed to teaching the foundations of surfing, making it safe and enjoyable.

Additionally, the beach offers a variety of hotel choices to suit different tastes and price ranges. Palolem Beach comes alive with a bustling nightlife scene as the sun sets. The selection of hotels close to Palolem Beach accommodates a wide variety of preferences, so it’s a great place for both surfers and those looking for a quiet weekend away, whether they’re searching for exciting entertainment or a peaceful night’s sleep.


Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 23

Agonda Beach, located close to Palolem, is a surfer’s paradise because of its welcoming 4 to 5-foot waves and gentle easterly winds. In addition to surfing, the beach captivates guests with its quaint beach shacks and curry restaurants, guaranteeing a typical Goan experience. Agonda provides experienced surfers an exhilarating experience, with strong waves that test even the most experienced. Agonda’s dynamic nightlife, which clubs and seaside shacks typify, comes to life as the sun sets, making for a memorable Goan coastal experience.


In the southern part of Goa, Betalbatim Beach blends into Arossim Beach to create a wide sand area in perfect harmony with the onshore westerly swells. It’s a great place to surf because of its proximity to Vasco da Gama. These swells give ideal conditions for surfers to enjoy. Furthermore, tourists fortunate enough to see bioluminescence during the night may have an amazing experience at Betalbatim Beach, which only heightens the allure of an enticing surfing spot.


varca Beach
Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 24

Varca Beach provides a distinctive surfing experience with its white-tinged sand and small sand ledge. Surfers should temper their expectations, though, since the thin sand ledge may cause waves to be less than usual. The beach offers a beautiful environment, but there might be better places for people looking for bigger, stronger waves. Despite this, Varca Beach is still a serene and breathtaking location that offers a distinct surfing vibe for anyone seeking a more relaxed experience.


Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 25

Patnem Beach, close to Palolem, is a popular spot for surfers for all. Patnem’s reliable waves are a haven for surfers from novices to pros. This beach provides an ideal environment for learning the fundamentals or honing your abilities. Beyond surfing, Patnem’s serene ambience and waterfront shacks make for the perfect backdrop for leisure, enabling surfers to decompress and take in the scenery after a thrilling day on the waves.

Equipment Required for Surfing Goa

Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 26

Goa offers a surreal surfing experience along all its beaches. To surf here, you will require a few items to gear up for your adventure. The surfing schools in Goa will provide you with this surfing gear and instructions on how to use it, and they will guide you throughout your surfing time. If you’re going solo, you must get your equipment or rent it from nearby rental stores available at all beaches.

·      Surfboards: There are many types of surfboards in the market, and you must choose what’s best for you depending on your skills and experience level.

·      Wetsuit: Wetsuits are essential for voyaging over water. You can also opt for swimsuits.

·      Fins: Fins help you maintain your balance and not fall over. They also enhance the surfboard’s performance.

·      Leash: A leash helps you stay with your board and not lose contact with it.

·      Traction Pad: This will keep you from slipping off the board as you surf or paddle. It helps maintain a grip on your surfboard.

Goa Surfing Season

14 1
Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 27

The best seasons for surfing in Goa are surprisingly in monsoon and winter.

The best time for surfing in Goa is during the monsoon months of June through September, which is quite different from the traditional tourist season. This time of day, sometimes disregarded for beach activities, offers a distinctive and thrilling surfing experience. The monsoon stirs the Arabian Sea, which keeps a steady surge that makes the waves perfect for surfing. Experienced surfers especially will find this set of strong, demanding waves to be an exciting trip. In addition to the dynamics of surfing, surfers benefit from fewer congested beaches during the monsoon season. Although Goa is usually quite touristy all year round, the monsoon season offers a more relaxed atmosphere that lets surfers enjoy the waves without the normal chaos. In addition, surfing at this time of year reveals Goa’s vivid flora. In contrast to the arid, sandy beaches that define the busiest travel season, the scenery changes into a lush, green paradise. For surfers looking for a unique and compelling experience along the Goan coastline, the monsoon months are a hidden gem due to the continuous swell, little crowds, and beautiful foliage.

For surfers looking for calmer waves and fewer crowds when surfing in Goa, the winter months of November through February are ideal. The weather is fairly temperate throughout this time of year, making it a welcoming place for surfers. This mild weather makes for a fun surfing experience and draws surfers seeking a laid-back atmosphere along the Goan coast.

Apart from the lovely weather, Goa’s winter season offers beginner-friendly waves that are kinder and less strenuous than the strong waves of the monsoon season. Because of this feature, it’s a great time for those who have never surfed before to start since they can hone their abilities in a more accepting atmosphere. In addition to the surfing conditions, Goa’s winter months are filled with joyous energy as the area comes to life with various festivities. Goa’s winter surfing experience is enhanced by its rich cultural diversity, which offers surfers the excitement of riding waves and the chance to fully immerse themselves in the lively native way of life and food.

Surfing in Goa: The Ultimate Guide to Goa Surfing 28

Surfing in Goa Price

The prices for surfing in Goa range between INR 1,000 and INR 10,000 depending upon the schools and packages you choose, as well as on your expertise level and duration of the surfing. These prices also include guidance and instruction for surfing. If you enrol in schools, prices would be higher for their course (that usually lasts 2-4 days).

Kite Surfing Price: 

The kite surfing in Goa is comparatively more expensive. The price ranges from INR 13,000 to INR 16,000 for 1 to 2-hour sessions, including instructions.


Explore the exciting world of surfing in Goa, where beautiful beaches, friendly surf schools, and various waves make it the perfect spot for surfers of all skill levels. Take advantage of this opportunity to turn curiosity into action by grabbing a surfboard and hitting the waves along Goa’s colourful coastline. Goa’s enticing waves and breathtaking scenery greet surfers of all skill levels, from novices eager to learn to experts looking for new challenges. The surf is calling, and the waves await your answer. We’ll see you on the coast for a fantastic surfing adventure amid Goa’s breathtaking scenery!

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
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