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Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024



Kerala is a potpourri of vacation spots, and you must visit this South Indian state at least once in your life. It has everything – from megacities to hill stations and beaches. It is a place for every tourist who loves a mix of all kinds of places. In this blog, we will explore the beaches in Kerala. Let’s look at the 15 best beaches of this amazing ecotourism state. If you wish to travel in 2024, Kerala is the best option for you, and this list is just as perfect!

Here’s the List of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Kerala

1. Varkala – The Most Famous of All

Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024 13

One of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala is Varkala Beach, sometimes called Papanasam Beach. Tucked away by the Arabian Sea, its charm is found in the unique cliffs that flank the shore, offering a captivating scene for swimmers and sun worshippers. With its calm ambience, this seaside gem provides a peaceful haven where guests may enjoy thrilling paragliding, soothing Ayurvedic treatments, energising yoga classes, and cliffside shopping. Through trips to temples, food may enjoy the joys of seafood eating while immersing themselves in the rich cultural diversity. The beach is especially charming after dusk when the vistas are spectacular. Varkala Beach is one of the beaches in Kerala that visitors must not miss since it offers an amazing blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences, whether they like to swim, sunbathe, take nature walks or indulge in photography.

2. Alaphuzza – Your Perfect Destination for Travel in 2024

Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024 14

Kerala, India, is a fascinating destination that offers natural and cultural attractions, with Alappuzha Beach emerging as a standout feature. Often referred to as the “Venice of the East,” this charming location is a must-see for travellers seeking out unusual travel encounters. The wide expanses of golden sand, the attraction of historic piers, and the renowned lighthouses at Alappuzha Beach promise a mix of leisure and cultural immersion as the globe welcomes a new era of travel in 2024. There are plenty of things to do for visitors, such as taking houseboat rides through charming backwaters, seeing the yearly Snake Boat Races, taking pictures of priceless moments, and eating delicious local food. Alappuzha Beach is more than just a place to visit; it’s an immersive experience that immerses visitors in the heart of Kerala’s coastal riches and provides many activities for those looking for something unique while travelling.

3. Bekal – Explore the Bekal Fort as Well!

Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024 15

Bekal Beach is a stunning beach located in the northern region of Kerala, India. It is considered one of the best beaches in Kerala. Situated on a headland with sweeping views of the Arabian Sea, the old Bekal Fort adds a towering presence to the area’s tranquillity. The beach, with its calm seas, palm-lined coastlines, and rich historical tapestry, welcomes guests to partake in a harmonic fusion of leisure and cultural discovery. There are many things to do, such as seeing the magnificent Bekal Fort, taking walks along the shore, eating regional food, and participating in water sports. Enjoying sunset views, going to cultural events, and taking beach photos are all great ways to capture the spirit of Bekal Beach. Boat excursions and exploration of the neighbouring backwaters further enhance the appeal of this coastal sanctuary.

4. Marari – In the Heart of Tranquillity

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Travellers looking for a genuine and tranquil seaside getaway find refuge at Alleppey’s Marari Beach. With its wide golden dunes, swaying coconut trees, and mild waves, this unspoiled stretch of the Malabar Coast embodies unspoiled beauty and provides an escape from the hustle of the city. Visitors may enjoy the unadulterated tranquillity of Kerala’s shore in Marari, which is less crowded than other coastal locations. Activities abound in the spirit of travel in 2024, ranging from swimming and tanning to immersive village tours and tasting regional food. Take part in water activities, tour neighbouring temples or the fishermen’s settlements, and document memories with beach photography. To fully immerse yourself in the local culture, take in traditional art performances held at Kerala’s beach resorts. Encapsulating the spirit of coastal Kerala, Marari Beach delivers a timeless and calm trip.

5. Kovalam – The Three-Crescent Beaches in Kerala

Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024 17

With its three crescent-shaped wonders, Lighthouse, Hawah, and Samudra, Kovalam Beach, a treasure among the beaches in Kerala, entices visitors. Surrounded by golden sands and undulating coconut palms, these beaches, broken up by jagged cliffs, offer the perfect hideaway for swimming, sunbathing, and unwinding. The famous lighthouse that graces Lighthouse Beach adds to the area’s visual appeal. Among the waves, guests may enjoy relaxing Ayurvedic treatments, beach volleyball, and surfing. Snacking on fish from the area is one of the culinary joys, while beach photography immortalises special moments. In this alluring part of Kerala, take in the peace of the sunset vistas, peruse the cliffside stores, and go on a catamaran ride for the whole coastal experience.

6. Beypore – Marvel at the Beypore Port

Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024 18

Travel in 2024 offers the chance to discover Kozhikode, Kerala’s Beypore Beach’s ancient beauty. It provides a great setting for a hangout and is well-known for the Beypore port’s historical significance as a hub for international trade. The shoreline is a perfect place for intimate times with loved ones since it allows visitors and lovers to appreciate its unspoiled beauty fully. Beypore is well-known for its shipbuilding sector, which gives the tour an interesting twist. To create enduring memories of this stunning coastal refuge and its rich maritime heritage, travellers are urged to purchase a tiny ship souvenir as a memento of their trip.

7. Kozhikode – Get into the Rustic Appeal

Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024 19

Of all the beaches in Kerala, Kozhikode Beach, located in the historically significant city of Kozhikode, stands out for its alluring fusion of natural beauty and cultural relevance. Both history buffs and nature lovers are drawn to it by its wide dunes and rustic appeal. The lighthouse and the two famous piers act as focal points, capturing the beach’s ageless charm and providing amazing sunset views. The beaches in Kerala provide a wide range of activities for visitors, including seafood tastings, historical pier tours, beach picture shoots, and cultural festivals. Discovering seafood shops, taking part in water sports, going to neighbouring parks, and strolling along beach walks round out Kozhikode Beach’s varied experience.

8. Hosdurg – Marvel at the Hosurg Fort

Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024 20

When it comes to travel in 2024, Kerala’s Hosdurg Beach, which is tucked away close to Bekal, beckons as a peaceful seaside retreat. This lesser-known treasure has gentle sands and tranquil seas, making it a tranquil haven for anyone seeking seclusion away from the busy tourist areas. Hosdurg Beach offers a peaceful and genuine beach experience, shaded by towering palm palms and lapped by soft waves. While taking strolls around the beach, swimming and sunbathing are available to visitors. Beach photography is also encouraged. For a well-rounded seaside getaway, enjoy local seafood water activities and explore neighbouring forts and coastal communities. To really immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of Hosdurg Beach, take in the sunset vistas and local festivities.

9. Island of Pathiramanal – An Island for Those Looking for Peace

The Island of Pathiramanal, located in Kottayam, Kerala, is a distinctive and attractive location among the beaches in Kerala despite not being a regular beach. Translating to “sands of the night,” this picturesque island in Vembanad Lake is a birdwatcher’s paradise, home to uncommon and migratory bird species among its unspoiled splendour. Backwater cruises, nature hikes, and birding are available to those visiting Pathiramanal as part of their exploration of Kerala’s many coastline amenities. Take pictures of the island’s diverse flora and animals, stop by neighbouring villages, and sample Keralan food. To complete the immersion experience of this unique island in the backwaters, unwind and enjoy panoramic views of the lake while practising traditional fishing skills.

10. Kollam – One of the Oldest Malabar Ports

Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024 21

Kollam Beach, also called Mahatma Gandhi Beach, is tucked away in the centre of Kollam, Kerala, and is a tribute to the rich historical significance of one of the oldest ports on the Malabar Coast. This seaside treasure is a beloved location for leisure, social meetings, and cultural events because of its tranquil atmosphere, which is further enhanced by the presence of a towering lighthouse and the alluring Arabian Sea. The beach invites guests to partake in a range of activities, such as swimming, taking pictures of the scenery with a beachcam, and seeing the famous lighthouse. Gourmets may enjoy regional food, and cultural activities liven up the environment. Take a stroll down the promenade beside the beach, engage in water sports, and take in the stunning scenery.

11. Cherai – The Princess of the Arabian Sea

Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024 22

The captivatingly beautiful Cherai Beach adorns the northern tip of Vypeen Island in Kerala, India. With its 15 km of golden beaches, the beach offers a tranquil haven between verdant paddy fields and coconut trees. It is a wonderful combination of the sea and backwaters. Cherai turns into a sanctuary for sun worshippers and swimmers, beckoning peaceful times by the coast. Beyond unwinding, guests may enjoy backwater paddling, local seafood tastings, and dolphin viewing. It offers many activities that enhance the coastal experience, such as beach photography, seeing traditional towns, and engaging in water sports. Take advantage of the chance to visit Breakwater Point and take a stroll.

12. Hawah – One of the Best Crescent-Shaped Beaches in Kerala

Of the three crescent-shaped beaches in Kerala’s Kovalam, Hawah Beach is the second biggest and is surrounded by stunning natural scenery. After being made famous by European tourists as the first topless beach in India, it has developed into a more sedate but elegant location. Hawah Beach, surrounded by palm trees and lapped by blue waves, offers the perfect setting for unwinding and tanning along the alluring shoreline. Among the variety of beaches in Kerala, this oasis welcomes seaside yoga, surfing, and swimming. Enjoy the fresh seafood that the area has to offer, take pictures on the beach, visit historic stores, and do water sports. Enjoy cultural events and take in the breathtaking sunset views at Hawah Beach for a well-rounded experience.

13. Chavakkad – Of Swaying Palms and Soothing Peace

Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024 23

The Thrissur district’s Chavakkad Beach, with its swaying coconut palms, dazzling beaches, and expansive peacefulness, unfolds as a nature lover’s heaven. This beach has a distinct appeal and is about 5 km from the holy Guruvayoor Temple (also known as the Sri Krishna Temple). The lovely environment is accentuated by the estuary, where a river flows into the sea with grace. Chavakkad Beach is a well-liked tourist spot in Thrissur, yet it still has a peaceful atmosphere that makes it a private sanctuary for anyone looking to get away from the bustle of the city. Chavakkad Beach, a serene haven of kilometres of unspoiled beauty, beckons travellers to succumb to the tranquil charm of its coastline splendour.

14. Kappil – A Hidden Gem in the Beaches of Kerala

Explore 14 BEST Beaches in Kerala: Travel in 2024 24

Tucked away in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram region, Kappil Beach is a secluded sanctuary perfect for those looking for peace and reflection. Its unspoiled beaches radiate a rustic appeal that makes it the ideal getaway for lovers, poets, and solitary thinkers. Although Kappil Beach was formerly a well-kept secret for anyone seeking a secluded getaway, it is becoming more well-known and attracts travellers seeking a break from the daily grind. It is becoming more and more popular; thus, it is imperative to take in this peaceful beach’s pristine beauty before possible commercialisation changes its undisturbed charm. A trip to Kappil Beach invites travellers to experience the peace of this picturesque coastal treasure, offering a tranquil and isolated retreat.


The beaches in Kerala are enchanting and magical, and you must visit them at least once in your life. If you are planning to travel in 2024, this list is your best friends for the summer and spring! Have fun at these amazing beaches of God’s Own Country that have so much to offer to everyone. Pack your bags and get ready to experience the thrill of sand and tidal waves, along with some of the most thrilling watersport activities available in India.

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
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