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5 Treks in Jaipur: For the Inner Adventurer in You



Did you think that only the mountains have trekking opportunities in India? Well, you were wrong! Jaipur, a city in the deserts of Rajasthan, brings you the best opportunities for offbeat trekking—so many treks in Jaipur can fulfil your heart’s desire for adventure!

5 Best Treks in Jaipur

When one thinks of Rajasthan, one can only picture deserts and plain terrains – but Rajasthan is more than that! Here, you can experience the beauty of the mountains, especially during the rainy season, when the verdant greens of the rocky terrains come alive. Most of Pink City’s treks start around the Amer Fort and provide a never-seen-before view of the beautiful city and surrounding greenery. Let’s explore the 5 best treks in Jaipur to get the adventure and thrill you deserve!

Hathni Kund Waterfall Trek – One of the Most Beautiful Treks in Jaipur

The Hathni Kund Waterfall trek is also called the Water Valley trek due to its verdant greenery and the streams and ponds surrounding the path to the Hathni Kund temple. It is one of the best and most sought-after treks in Jaipur that you must do while on your trip to Jaipur. It is a short hike spanning about 5-6 hours, where you can enjoy the view, pray, and bathe in the waterfall and pond.

The starting point of the trek is at Charan Mandir. You can reach this temple by your vehicle or a local bus. From there, take the well-marked route to Hathni Kund. You will cover a distance of four kilometres to and from this hike.

The route has ample greenery and rocky terrain to make you feel like you’re in the Himalayas. The various monkeys lining up the path are fun to watch. It is an easy trek, and many pilgrims who visit this beautiful Shiva temple engage in this hike.

The Hathni Kund temple is historically significant – a dam was constructed above the streams flowing from the waterfall, which broke years ago; the stream still fosters the Dravyavati River that flows through Jaipur. During monsoon, the trail is soggy and looks ravishing when walking through the forest. The routes here lead to different treks in Jaipur as well. The trail is marked with a well and a few pipelines to follow to reach the temple. Ensure you have enough water and use refillable water bottles for your journey, as finding drinkable water here is tough.

The trail contains diverse flora and fauna, and winding paths take you to the beautiful waterfall. The pond comes alive with water in the monsoon, and you can bathe. Monsoon is the perfect time for you to explore this place.

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Chabutara Trek

Chabutara Trek: For the Perfect Sunrise

If you love sunrise and wish to sit with a cup of tea to admire one in Jaipur, the Chabutara trek is the perfect opportunity. This hike offers a scenic view of the Jal Mahal and is the easiest trek. It is a short 4-kilometre hike that you can ascend in the wee hours of the morning and walk a straight trail to reach the viewpoint.

The starting point for the Chabutara trek is at Gaitore ki Chhatriyaan or Gaitore Cenotaphs. From the parking lot of this historical monument, you have to walk straight and climb about 50 stone steps. When you reach two diversions in the path, take the right path to the viewpoint. The left one takes you to Charan Mandir, which is a starting point for the Hathni Kund trek.

The path from there is a straight one, and you can keep walking through lush greenery to reach the ‘Chabutara’, a sitting and feeding place for birds. It is a short walk and will take only an hour or two to reach.

This hike has been getting popular recently, and many tour operators have started planning trips here for a minimal fee. From the Chabutara, you can see sunrise over the Jal Mahal. It is still an offbeat place in Jaipur and stays uncrowded. You can sit here and relax with tea and your friends as the city wakes up with the sun.

Bhuteshwarnath Mahadev Temple Trek – One of the Offbeat Treks in Jaipur

Bhuteshwarnath Mahadev Temple
image source: cgdekho1.blogspot.com

The Bhuteshwarnath Mahadev Temple trek is an offbeat hike to the 2000-year-old Lord Shiva temple. The temple has an interesting and mysterious history. There is documentation of when it was created or by whom, but the architectural style indicates that it was constructed around the 17th century.

According to local legends, the forest surrounding the temple was once ridden with evil spirits. Sages from around the town prayed to Lord Shiva, and He came to the rescue by banishing the spirits. The Shivalinga here is said to be ‘swayambhu’. It is a beautiful white temple in the middle of the forest, and the trail to the temple is just as beautiful. Interestingly, the Shivalinga inside the temple is also white.

The starting point for this trek is the Sagar Lake near Amer Fort. You take a hidden path by climbing a few rocks and walking along steep stairs. You will encounter many markers along the path, like a small pond and a gate that opens into the forest. From the gate, there are three routes. Two go to the nearby villages, while one goes to the temple. They are motorable roads; you can ask any passerby to help you locate the route to the temple.

You can take two routes from the Sagar Lake to the Bhuteshwarnath Mahadev Temple. One of them goes through the Nahargarh Wildlife Sanctuary. You can take either of the routes to hike to the temple and descend via another.

It is one of Jaipur’s moderate treks, spanning 7 kilometres to and from Sagar Lake. Depending on your speed, The hike will take 5-6 hours.

Kedarnath Shiva Temple Trek – Of Winding Roads and Natural Beauty

Kedarnath Shiva Temple Trek
Kedarnath Shiva Temple Trek

The Kedarnath Shiva Temple trek is one of Jaipur’s lesser-known treks, boasting winding roads and sheer natural elegance. Unlike other treks near Amer Fort, this one is in Jagatpura, opposite Jaipur. The Kedarnath Temple here is situated on a small hillock you must climb. This hike allows you to walk through a forest and reach the top. The view from the top is breathtaking.

A wide range of flora and fauna exist on the way to the temple. The starting point is at the New Choudhary Dhaba – you must take a left from the Dhaba onto a road into the forest. There are many rocks here that you will have to climb over. This trail looks stunning in monsoon with grey clouds lining up the sky.

Once you reach the temple, you will feel spiritual, and a calmness will wash away all your worries. There is a sitting area right on the edge of the temple where you can enjoy with your friends and family – you can also have your food here. In monsoon, you will feel lost among the clouds, and they might even block your view of the surrounding mountains – the whole ordeal is enchanting.

The trek is 4 kilometres long and takes about 4 hours to complete. It is an easy hike that you can also bring your family to.

Garh Ganesh to Charan Mandir Trek: A Spiritual Trek in Jaipur

Garh Ganesh to Charan Mandir Trek
5 Treks in Jaipur: For the Inner Adventurer in You 5

The Garh Ganesh trek has been gaining popularity lately due to its scenic sunrise views. The hike is easy, with pilgrims from all over the city climbing up to it to reach the Garh Ganesh temple.

The story behind Garh Ganesh temple is interesting – it is one of the only temples in the country where Lord Ganesha is worshipped in His child form, without a trunk or elephant head. The temple is right between Jaigarh and Nahargarh forts and is the starting point for the hike.

When you reach the temple, there will be two paths – one that takes you to a village and one to the temples. The one that goes to the temples is on the left. The path is made out of stone steps. Once you climb the steps, you will be greeted by a gate that leads the path. The path diverges again – one goes to the Garh Ganesh temple while the other goes to Charan Mandir. The path for the trek to Charan Mandir is the straight one. You can use the electricity transformer, water pipes, and transmission towers along the way to keep track of your route.

On your way, you will come across a Doordarshan Broadcasting office – which houses the transmission tower. This building indicates that you are on the right path. Keep walking from here, and after a short walk in the hilly area, you will reach the Charan Mandir.

You can reach Garh Ganesh Temple by walking up a flight of stairs from Gaitore ki Chhatriyaan. From there, the hike is easy – about 4 kilometres only. It takes about 4 hours to complete.


Jaipur is a beautiful city full of wonders. One such wonderful experience it provides is the trekking experience. There are so many treks in Jaipur to choose from – and they will all give you the thrill you are seeking! 

What are you waiting for? Head to Jaipur to have the time of your life and enjoy the many offbeat treks in Jaipur with your friends and family!

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura- Content Writer at The India Explorer Riddhi, our experienced content writer at The India Explorer, is a passionate traveler and a skilled storyteller. Join Riddhi on a journey of discovery as she unveils India's rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and hidden gems, inspiring wanderlust and encouraging meaningful exploration along the way.

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