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4 Kashmir Travel Tips: Essential Guide for Exploring This Paradise



Tip to visit Kashmir

Do you like travelling, if you like travelling then you ever visit in Kashmir in India if you don’t visit this place then you don’t visit heaven of India what is Kashmir what are the famous tourist hotspots and popular thing in Kashmir so let’s start Kashmir is a most stunning and the most beautiful place in India.

Kashmir Travel Tips

It located in southern part of India between the border of Pakistan and India, they are many famous tourist hotspots their like Chenab valley, Pahalgam, Mughal garden etc they are many enchanting place in Kashmir like Zanskar,Srinagar and  leh nubra valley, etc. all sights are gorgeous to make you fall in love with them. The best time to visit Kashmir in month of april  and else you can also plan our Kashmir trip between march to October  to fall in love with gorgeous views.now let’s take some tips for travelling Kashmir.

4 Kashmir Travel Tips: Essential Guide for Exploring This Paradise


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Make sure to know all the visit tourist hotspots:- while you visit the Kashmir then you first know about all the tourist hotspots  in Kashmir because its save your time and money and we know about those place then so we don’t worry about this thing so when you visit Kashmir you know about tourist spots in city such as Srinagar, Gulmarg, pahalgam, etc when you visit this place then you Fall in love with this when you visit their then you don’t miss boating  and shopping  so when you visit you make sure about tourist spots.


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Know about the tourist weather in Kashmir:-  when you will travel to Kashmir then you make sure about the weather condition and you choose perfect weather. The weather of Kashmir will win your heart in spring and summer by its cheerfulness. This is a time to travel most of people there so you make sure about the weather condition.


Choose your tour package wisely:-  if you wants to travel Kashmir then you must ensure about tour package  if you think and choose about travel package then we are suggest to meet a good traveler agent in your city they will guide you and help to choose a right and best package. So when you travel then you ensure about your travel package.


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Carry all your necessary document with you:- if you travel Kashmir or other city you must take care about their necessary document with it so when you travel one place to another then you must check your document and take extra copy with us before leave the place so you carefully check your document many time you visit those tourist spots where our document needs  so you carry with you. 


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Carry sufficient cash:- when you travel to Kashmir or another city you must carry extra money with you because without money we can’t buy anything in other city. In strange city we can’t ask for help and without money we can’t survivor their so when you leave from home then you must check money that this money is sufficient or not you must carry debit or cadit card with you so when you need money you withdraw and use. 

Tips 6 

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Take necessary medicines along:- when you travel to other city or visit to other city and you must carry your medicines and your necessary nutrition with you because when you travel to other city some people don’t suit their weather condition so you must take care about medicines with you  because those medicines are not avaible their so it spoil your vacation and enjoy so you take care about you medicines.


Read all the necessary guide book:- when you travel along with family without any travel agent  so you must read all the necessary guide book specially those city or place when you will visit. Its helps to know about the places and how can we go there so we must read travel guide book its helps a lot to research about city. 

Thus when you think about vacation and travelling in India you must visit Kashmir because Kashmir is called heaven of earth when you visit Kashmir with those tips then it help to save your time and more time to spend their , the beauty of Kashmir is like heaven on land when you visit their you fall in love with those place and their culture and tradition so you must visit their.


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