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    10 Popular Ranchi Waterfalls, Jharkhand – Visit This Summer


    Jharkhand is not frequently explored by tourists, but it is a serene place away from the daily grind of popular cities. Ranchi is the capital city of the state and offers a unique outlook to tourists who visit here. The city has been bestowed with natural beauty due to the rivers surrounding it, and there are many waterfalls here that you can explore in all their glory. Ranchi Waterfalls are perfect for those looking for adventure, nature photography, bird watching, picnics, or just a relaxing and refreshing time in nature’s lap.

    Let’s explore the 10 best waterfalls in Ranchi for you to visit on your next trip!

    List of Best 10 Waterfalls in Ranchi Jharkhand

    1. Panch Gagh Waterfalls

    Panch Gagh Waterfalls 1

    Panch Gagh or Panch Ghagh Waterfalls are a collection of 5 beautiful streams cascading down a hill from different heights. They are a popular place for tourists and locals alike. The rock formations here are unique, and you can explore them on your trip. These falls are located just 55 kilometres from the city of Ranchi in Khunti and offer a tranquil experience to nature and adventure lovers.

    You can try rappelling here or simply have a quaint picnic with your loved ones. They are a great choice for spending a weekend in nature.

    2. Sita Waterfalls

    Sita Waterfalls

    Named after the Goddess Sita from the epic Ramayana, Sita Waterfalls are a hidden gem in Jharkhand that locals love visiting. It is said that, during her exile, Goddess Sita visited here and left her footprints. The falls are formed by the Kanchi River and fall from a height of about 300 feet. Situated just 50 kilometres from Ranchi, they are the perfect getaway for those who love spending time in lush greenery. They are best visited during monsoon when the falls are at their most voluminous and cascade in all of their glory.

    3. Hirni Falls

    Hirni Falls drone

    Hirni Falls is one of the best and most popular Ranchi waterfalls, and it falls from a height of about 120 feet. Nestled in the dense forests of the Chota Nagpur Plateau, they are perfect for nature lovers. If you love a good view of the surroundings, you can climb atop the waterfall for a majestic view of the surrounding region and city.

    It is also a great place for those who love animals, and you can spot many different flora and fauna, such as deer, peacocks, monkeys and more.

    4. Dassam Falls

    Dassam Falls

    Dassam or Dasham Falls are the most popular Ranchi waterfalls and offer a great and serene experience for tourists and locals. The name ‘Dassam’ is derived from the local Mundari language, which means ‘the song of the pouring water’. These beautiful falls are unique for their horseshoe-like structure and are situated in the Taimara village on the outskirts of Ranchi. They are engulfed in lush green surroundings and are a treat to the eyes during monsoon.

    It is highly advised not to swim or dip in the falls, as they were created over the years due to breaks in the rock formations in a longitudinal way. Due to this, the current is high, and many accidents have happened here so far. However, they are a great place to relax by the side and marvel at the natural beauty.

    As public transport is unavailable for these falls, you will have to hire a private taxi.

    5. Jonha Waterfalls

    Jonha Waterfalls

    Jonha Waterfall is a unique natural beauty where the River Ganga and River Raru meet to create the most beautiful natural scenery you can ever look at! This 45-metre-high waterfall is situated among lush green forests and thick shrubs. It is the perfect place for a relaxing day out in Ranchi. Johna Falls is also called the Gautamdhara Falls as it is believed that Gautam Buddha once bathed here. There is also a temple dedicated to Buddha near the falls. It is about 40 kilometres away from Ranchi, and you can reach it by climbing a flight of 722 steps that also leads to the Buddha temple. The Subarnarekha River falls gloriously from the rocks here.

    6. Lodh Falls

    Lodh Falls

    Lodh Falls is the highest waterfall in Ranchi and the 21st highest in India. This beautiful fall cascades from a height of about 143 metres in the dense woods of the forest of Jharkhand. Lodh Falls is perfect for day trips, swimming, picnics, adventure activities and more.

    They are situated in Latehar, about 200 kilometres from Ranchi. You can hire a private vehicle or take a local bus to reach them.

    7. Rajrappa Waterfalls

    The Bhairavi River falls with grace from the top to form these beautiful falls. Situated just 70 kilometres from Ranchi, the falls are home to varied flora and fauna and are perfect for nature lovers and photography lovers. From here, the Bhairavi River joins the Damodar River, and the confluence is a beautiful thing to look at! Rajrappa Falls looks magical in monsoons!

    8. Murga Mahadev Falls

    Murga Mahadev Falls

    Murga Mahadev Falls are housed within a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and are just 143 kilometres from Ranchi. The religious site is frequented by many tourists and pilgrims throughout the year and is crowded during the winter months.

    9. Hundru Falls

    Hundru Falls

    Hundru or Hudru Falls in Jharkhand are the most popular tourist attractions in the state, and a wide number of tourists visit every year. These falls cascade from a height of around 320 meters and are a popular place for adventure lovers and those who love picnics and family outings. The misty atmosphere is breathtaking, and this is the best place to go for boating, rappelling, and more. You can also swim here just to marvel at the panoramic views the surroundings have to offer.

    10. Bhatinda Falls

    Bhatinda Falls

    Lastly, the Bhatinda Falls in Jharkhand are famous waterfalls for their adventure and relaxation opportunities. These are located just 14 kilometres from the Dhanbad Railway Station and offer a tranquil experience to all who visit here. They are also called Moonidih waterfalls and are easy to reach by cabs and buses from both Dhanbad and Ranchi. They are a refreshing getaway in the rugged hills of the state and are perfect for families, kids, couples and friend groups!

    Do not travel here at night, as there are fewer lodging options available, and it can be quite difficult to navigate the route after dark.

    How to Reach Ranchi

    Ranchi is the hub of Jharkhand and its capital city. It is easily reachable by all modes of transport.

    By Air: Ranchi has an airport that is well-connected to every city in India.

    By Rail: There is also a railway station here, which receives frequent trains from all major cities of India.

    By Road: Ranchi, being the capital city, has local and Volvo buses coming to and from all parts of India on a daily basis.

    Best Time to Visit Ranchi Waterfalls

    The best time to visit these falls would be during monsoon season, post-monsoon season, and winter. During summers, most of them dry up and wouldn’t be good to visit. During monsoon, they are at their fullest and best.


    These were the top 10 Ranchi waterfalls that you must visit on your next trip to this amazing city in the heart of Jharkhand. Let us know in the comments if you have more falls to add to this list!

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