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Discover the Beauty of The Cold Desert – Ladakh




The cold desert Ladakh is located in India’s northernmost state, and it is the eastern part of Jammu and Kashmir. The landscape of the cold desert of Ladakh is highly mountainous. Ladakh lies mainly to the north of the great Himalayan mountain ranges. Ladakh as a whole is a high mountain area. The Karakoram Range in the north and the Zanskar mountains in the south enclose it. 

Mount Godwin Austin is the highest mountain peak located on the Karakoram .it is the world’s second-highest peak after Mt. Everest. The Ladakh range has an average height of 6000 meters above sea level. Laddakh is also known as khapa-chan, which means snow land. Ladakh is a cold and dry desert in India, located in Jammu and Kashmir’s eastern Himalayas. To its north and south is the mighty Karakoram Range. Mountains surround this desert.

 Some rivers flow through this desert region, the most important of which is the Sindhu River. These rivers form beautiful and dappled valleys, which reflect the natural beauty. Many glaciers are found in Ladakh. Gangotri glacier is a prime example. The height of Ladakh is about 3000 meters from Kargil.

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The climate of Cold Desert Ladakh

Due to the high elevation, Ladakh remains dry for most of the year.  The air here is so thin that you can feel the intensity of the sun as well. Due to the high elevation, Ladakh remains dry for most of the year.  The air here is so thin that you can feel the intensity of the sun as well. During summer, the temperature here is 0 ° use, and during the night, it is 0 ° to -30 °. The maximum temperature in winter is up to -45.

Flora of Ladakh

The rainfall in this region is less than 10cm throughout the year. This region is extremely dry, and the area has sparse vegetation.  Fruits like apples and apricots, and walnuts bloom during summer.

Fauna of Ladakh

Many species of birds are found in the Ladakh desert, such as redstarts, ravens, robins, restarts, etc.

Some of these birds are also migratory birds that come for migration. Animals, especially wild sheep, wild goats, yaks, and special types of dogs, are found. People residing here are animal lovers. 

People of Cold Desert Ladakh

Here you will find Muslims and people of Buddhism.  People here are animal lovers; they believe in raising animals.  Despite the severe cold, people here have learned to live life.  These people cultivate more grapes and make a decoction from them.  The upcoming logo is given in the form of a Wellcome drink. The locals here produce apples, walnuts, blooms, etc., at their own homes through which they earn their living. People here meet Central Asia and Tibetan people. People of this Bodh religion live in large numbers.  There are many major Buddhist Monasteries here like Hemis, Lamayuru, Shey, whiskey, etc.

Cultivation in Cold Desert Ladakh

For cultivation, people usually cultivate potato beans, which, p.  Farming is the only way to live here.  People here are completely dependent on farming.  Due to excessively cold winter months, people here keep themselves busy with celebrations and celebrations.  Here it seems that women do more work than men.

Ladakh is one of the most visited and picturesque tourist places in India and the world, due to which foreign tourists come in large numbers here.  With the arrival of tourists, people here have got employment opportunities.  People here cater to every need of the tourists visiting here.  Here, the woman sits in a small stall and takes care of the needs of the people.  From a tourism point of view, it is a very attractive area.  The natural scenery here is mind-boggling.


From the point of view of tourism, it is one of the most visited places. The nature views of the site are thrilling and heart-touching. Tourists come for trekking to see the plains and the glacier.  This place is the center of nature lovers’ auditions. Foreign tourists also enjoy festivals and celebrations with the locals here. Due to a lack of resources, people here understand the value of resources. They conserve resources and use them at their full discretion. This place is a great place for nature lovers and bikers to delight the mind.

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