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Explore the Tribal Beauty of Nagaland: India’s Enchanting North-East



Nagaland: the tribal place of North-East India

Nagaland is a hilly state at one end of north-eastern India. Nagaland is one of the mysterious states of India. The state of Nagaland is famous for its beautiful nature, interesting history, and rich vegetation. This is the smallest state in India. Rich in cultural heritage, this place was formerly called Switzerland. Nagaland is a great place for nature tours.

Nagaland is one of the least searched destinations. There are many tribal villages in this area. There are more than 16 tribal villages like Naga Tribe. The colorful culture of tribal people is a unique way of life; the tradition of tribal people is different from the rest of the world.

Nagaland is one of the most famous of Bharata. Nagaland has a history and tradition of preserving natural beauty. Tribes inhabit Nagaland, which is famous for its culture.

The colorful attire is worn by the tribes, foods such as rice, meat, fish. And the beautiful dance, lyrical song defines Nagaland. Places like Nagaland’s Japu peak, shilloi lake, dzukou valley are ideal places for nature lovers.

The tribes of Nagaland have their own festivals and ceremonies. These people every celebration and ceremony treats with joy and delight. Food, dance, and songs are part of the festival.

Tribal people do not waste any food, and they make all kinds of live animals as their food. They do not allow waste, elephants, pigs, and any part of animals. This shows how much they like to eat and drink.

The food and culture of Nagaland

The popular food items of Nagaland are fish and meat. Fish and meat are cooked and eaten by various tribes—meat, fish,  and rice are popular foods consumed by the Nagas tribe. The food of Nagas people is more fermented. The colorful dresses, artistic ornaments, and pearls worn by the tribes reflect the culture and clothing of the tribal tribe. The dance and rhythmic songs of the Nagas tribe are part of their daily activity. The life of the Nagas tribe is nothing less than a celebration


Most of Nagaland is surrounded by hills. Nagaland is surrounded by Aruna Chal Pradesh in the north, Manipur in the south, Assam in the west. There are 16 tribal residences in this area. The climate of this region is very beautiful. It can be visited at any time of the year because it has pleasant weather throughout the year. Nagaland is the best place for people interested in nature tourism.

Kohima Tourism


Kohima is known as the hill capital of Nagaland. The name Kohima was given by the British. Kohima’s original name is Kewhiar, which is derived from the Kewhi flower found in this region. Kohima is located at the height of 1500 meters from sea level. This emerald is in the middle of the mysterious wild forest, which offers a panoramic view. Kohima is popular for trekking hiking camping.




Dzukou valley and Japfu peak  The continent is located 25 kilometers south of Kohima. The landscape of these continents is breathtaking. The valley and Japfu peak is a perfect place for trekking enthusiasts.

Japfu Peak is the second-highest peak in Nagaland. The height of which is about 3048 meters. The Dzukou valley is known as the Valley of Flowers of the East. The dzukou valley’s height is about 2600 meters, offering beautiful and breathtaking views of the fascinating valleys.

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