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    18 BEST Beaches in Konkan, Maharashtra for Weekend Trips


    Maharashtra is home to India’s best coastal region – the Konkan coast. The coast is bestowed with many picturesque beaches, and you can visit any of them for a fun and relaxing weekend trip. In this article, we’ll look at 18 of the best beaches in Konkan for you to explore this summer! If you have a car, it’s even better – you can drive to them for the perfect summer road trip!

    List of Beaches in Konkan for Weekend Trips

    1. Ganeshgule Beach

    Ganeshgule Beach
    image source: ratnagiritourism

    Ganeshgule Beach is a secluded and hidden beach near Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. Ratnagiri is famous for its Alphonso mangoes, and if you’re visiting it this summer for the delicious sweet fruit, you must visit this beach that is just 30 kilometres from the city. The beach is also famous for the Ganeshgule Temple, 1.5 kilometres away.

    How to Reach

    The closest airport is in Pune, while the nearest bus and railway stations are in Ratnagiri.

    2. Devghali Beach

    Devghali Beach

    Devghali Beach is another beach near Ratnagiri. It is home to mysterious cave formations, is less crowded, and offers a beautiful view of the Konkan coastline. Situated just 42 kilometres from Ratnagiri, you can explore the mysterious caves here and also pray at the nearby Kanakaditya Sun Temple. The beach is also called Kasheli Beach, and it is situated in Kasheli village.

    How to Reach

    Dabolim International Airport in Goa and Mumbai Airport are the closest airports to Devghali. You can also reach here from the Ratnagiri Railway Station.

    3. Khavane Beach

    Khavane Beach

    Khavane Beach is situated between Vengurla and Malvan beaches, and not many visitors visit it compared to these two popular beaches. It is just 30 kilometres from Malvan city and has beautiful rock formations all along the coastline. It has recently started seeing tourists and is considered one of the famous beaches in Konkan for its serenity and peacefulness. The waters are also clear and shine bright blue!

    How to Reach 

    The new Chipi Airport is just 15 kilometres from the beach! Kudal is the nearest railway station.

    4. Kondura Beach

    Kondura Beach
    image source:kokanplaces

    Kondura is another beautiful beach between Malvan and Vengurla, just 10 kilometres from Vengurla. This pretty beach has clear blue waters and a peaceful backdrop, where you can relax and have fun with your loved ones. There is also a small cave here called Kond that you can explore for a mystical trip.

    How to Reach

    Kudal is the nearest railway station to the beach, and you can book cabs or take a bus from there to reach the beach.

    5. Nivati Beach

    Nivati Beach

    Situated next to the Nivati Fort, Nivati Beach is a stunning and popular beach in Maharashtra for all nature and history lovers. The beach is located near Parule and is just 25 kilometres from Malvan. When you’re in the vicinity, you can visit Nivati, Kondura and Khavane beaches together! Nivati Beach is famous for its rock formations that look like hills. The sunset and the view of the beach from the Nivati Fort are marvellous!

    How to Reach: 

    To reach here, you can take a train to Kudal Railway Station, then a bus or hire a cab.

    6. Vengurla Beach

    Vengurla Beach

    Vengurla Beach is one of the most popular and best beaches in Konkan, and it is famous among people from all over the state. This beach has many opportunities for you to explore. Just a short ferry ride from the beach is Burnt Island, which you must visit—your trip to this beach will be incomplete if you don’t visit this gorgeous island!

    You can also stay at one of the many beachside hotels here and marvel at the amazing greenery, mango trees, cashew trees, and coconut trees along the coast.

    How to Reach: 

    To reach Vengurla Beach, you can take a train to Kudal Railway Station and then hire a cab or take a bus to Vengurla.

    7. Bhogve Beach

    Bhogve Beach
    image source: tripadvisor

    Bhogve Beach is situated right next to Nivati Beach and is a great place for dolphin spotting. Dolphins come quite close to the shore here, and you can take part in the dolphin spotting show at this beach for minimal prices. This is also where the Karli River meets the beach!

    How to Reach: 

    Again, you can easily reach this location from the Kudal Railway Station or by bus to Vengurla.

    8. Shrivardhan Beach

    Shrivardhan Beach

    Shrivardhan Beach is considered the most attractive beach in Maharashtra, and it attracts many tourists all year round. Situated in the Raigad district, it is quite close to Mumbai and Pune and makes for the best day trip. Due to the rise in tourism, there has been a lot of development here. You can see the carefully constructed Vihar Marg, and there are many benches where you can sit and relax. Toilets are also available here.

    How to Reach:

    Shrivardhan Beach is located just 185 kilometres from Mumbai and 160 kilometres from Pune. You can easily take buses and cabs here.

    9. Guhagar Beach

    Guhagar Beach is 45 kilometres from Chiplun in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra and is a haven for adventure lovers. This beautiful beach is a popular attraction for those who love watersports. You can engage in many activities, like banana boat rides and motor boating. It is also considered one of the longest beaches in the Konkan coastline.

    How to Reach: 

    Chiplun is the nearest railway station, and you can take cabs and buses to this popular beach.

    10. Kelshi Beach

    Kelshi Beach

    Kelshi Beach is another popular beach in the state and is unique in its environment and activities. Here, you can find many olive ridley turtles and watch them hatch and give eggs. The flora is also quite unique, with many suru trees, supari trees and coconut trees around. You can also stay here in beachfront hotels and resorts!

    How to Reach: 

    You can reach Kelshi Beach from Dapoli or Khed. Khed is the closest railway station, and jeeps, local buses and taxis are easily available. The beach is situated 215 kilometres from Mumbai and 190 kilometres from Pune.

    11. Alibaug Beach

    Alibaug Beach

    Alibaug Beach is the most favoured beach in Maharashtra, and it attracts many tourists all year round. There are many activities to do here, and the food stalls are abundant, so you can spend a whole day out. You can have a relaxing day here while also engaging in watersports activities like banana boat rides, parasailing, and horse riding. There is a signboard here for the beach that acts as the perfect photo booth for visitors. The beach is extremely crowded during Diwali and summer vacations.

    How to Reach: 

    The best and fastest way to get here is by ferry from the Gateway of India in Mumbai, which drops you off directly at the beach. It is situated 145 kilometres from Pune and 98 kilometres from Mumbai.

    12. Ganpatipule Beach

    Ganpatipule Beach

    This is yet another popular beach in Maharashtra and is famous for the temple of Lord Ganesha. All who visit this magical temple pay a visit to the beach as well. It is a white sand beach where you can have a fun and serene day out with your friends and family.

    How to Reach: 

    Ratnagiri Railway Station is the closest railhead, and you can easily find buses and cabs to Ganpatipule from there.

    13. Kashid Beach

    Kashid Beach

    Kashid Beach has been a favourite of Bollywood filmmakers for a long. Many scenic beach shots have been filmed here in popular movies. Beautiful suru trees surround the beach, and it is also close to Murud Beach, which is famous for its beautiful and dangerous fortress. You can engage in water skiing, parasailing and horse riding here.

    Camping, fishing, and snorkelling are also allowed at the beach!

    How to Reach: 

    Kashid Beach is just 30 kilometres from Alibaug, and you can also take a ferry there.

    14. Aare Ware Beach

    This is yet another beach in Ratnagiri and is popular among locals. Evenings and nights here are quite glamorous, and it is a great place to have a romantic dinner with your partner. Many shops, restaurants and cafes line up the beach, and you can spend a quiet evening strolling around here. Aare and Ware are twin beaches that join in Ratnagiri and are frequented by many.

    How to Reach: 

    The beach is just 14 kilometres from Ratnagiri, and local buses and cabs are easily available from there.

    15. Mandavi Beach

    Mandavi Beach

    Mandavi Beach is a gorgeous black sand beach in Maharashtra situated in Ratnagiri. This beach is not to be confused with the beach of the same name in Gujarat. It is also called the Black Sea and is one of the busiest beaches in the state.

    How to Reach: 

    The beach is just 2 kilometres from the Ratnagiri Bus Station, and you can take an auto-rickshaw here from the city.

    16. Aravi Beach

    Aravi Beach
    image source: maharashtraplanet

    Aravi Beach is a beautiful and unexplored beach in Konkan, Maharashtra, situated just 5 kilometres from Shrivardhan Beach. It is a unique beach with both black and white sand! The black sand is hidden underneath the white sand here. It has recently become a popular tourist spot, and not many come around here. The sunset from the beach is also marvellous.

    How to Reach: 

    Buses and cabs from Mumbai and Pune are easily available for the Aravi Beach. 

    17. Diveagar Beach

    Diveagar Beach

    Diveagar Beach is another popular beach here, situated near Shrivardhan Beach and Aravi Beach. It is considered one of the best hidden beaches in Konkan and is one of the longest, stretching 6 kilometres. You will find beautiful suru trees here and can also spot some sand-bubble crabs! As it is a popular beach, many activities like horse cart riding, motor boating, banana boat rides and camel rides.

    How to Reach: 

    The beach is easily accessible by taxis and buses. It is near many popular beaches, such as Shrivardhan, Aravi and Harihareshwar.

    18. Murud Beach

    Murud Beach

    Murud Beach is a unique beaches in Konkan with black sand and a harrowing Maratha history. The beach stands as a testament to the undefeated Murud-Janjira Fort and is one of the best beaches you can visit. The place is laden with shacks, and you can have a cosy evening here. The fort is just a few kilometres ahead in the sea on an island. There is also a ferry service that takes you to and back from Murud-Janjira Fort!

    How to Reach: 

    The beach is just 50 kilometres from Alibaug. You can take a bus to Alibaug and then take a cab or a local bus to Murud.


    These were 18 of the best beaches in Konkan that you can explore on your next trip to Maharashtra. The state is endowed with one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, and exploring it is a must!

    Which is the No 1 beach in Konkan?

    3 15

    The best beach in Konkan is considered to be Alibaug Beach, which is one of the most populated beaches in Maharashtra.

    What is Konkan Coast famous for?

    The Konkan Coast is most famous for its pristine beaches, suru trees, white sands blue waters and the variety of rock formations and caves found at the beaches.

    What is the best time to visit Konkan?

    Summer and winter are the best times for those looking to spend some time at the Konkan beaches.

    Which is the cleanest beach in Maharashtra?

    Juhu Beach in Mumbai is considered to be the cleanest beach of Maharashtra.

    What are the top 10 beaches in Konkan?

    The top 10 beaches in Konkan include Diveagar Beach, Harihareshwar, Aravi, Shrivardhan, Alibaug, Murud, Ganpatipule, Aare Waare, Kelshi and Kashid Beach.

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