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Tourist places in kerala Best 7 Places to visit in kerala




Tourist places in Kerala,Do you love to visit different and different places? Do you also love to explore heaven? Well, in the world there are many places which are unbeatable and people live to visit such kind of places. If you talk about India, then India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world where you can see everything snowfall, beaches, desert, clean water lakes, forest, highest populated areas, and even very peaceful places. That is why India is a secular country and a united country which contains so many things.


 If we talk about places in India then there are many places which are amazing and everyone must visit those places. So we talk about one of those places which lie in India and now that become a world tourism spot then you may not forget Kerala. It is one of the most beautiful places in the secular country which lies in the southern part of India. This place is fully known for its beaches, forest, tropical areas, hills, tea plantations of the Mannar area, and many more things which are amazing. But before visiting Kerala you must go through some Interesting tips which help you to understand Kerala more easily easier so please stay with us till the end. 

Tourist places in Kerala

  • The Ayurvedic treatment: –

tourist places in kerala

  • If you are looking to visit Kerala then there are many places which you must visit Like Shinshiva Ayurvedic Resort. This is a place where you can take an Ayurvedic treatment you can relax on the beach and take an Ayurvedic treatment you can see many things like oil massage, eating fresh and healthy food meditation yoga, and many more things. So if you are going to visit Kerala then you should not miss this.
  • Floating boat: –

Floating boat transformed

  • There are many places in Kerala where you found a floating boat. This is the kind of Boat where you can stay as well as you can float along the backwater. This is a place where you can see too much water and it is the movement which you can feel peaceful nature as well while sitting in a boat and float slowly with the amazing weather.
  • Munnar: –

Munnar transformed

  • If you are visiting Kerala then you can’t miss visiting Munnar. It is a place where you can find lots of tea plantations on the hills. Which are provides you a deep breath and makes your soul happy by touching nature and feeling nature so closely. Tea plantations are so beautiful to watch and feel from close. A very interesting thing about Munnar is the Oscar-winning film life of pi was shot down here so you can’t use such kind of place where the Oskar-winning movie was featured.
  • Periyar wildlife century: –

Periyar wildlife century transformed

  • If you are visiting Kerala then you must go with the wildlife centuries as well you may visit the Periyar wildlife century which is one of the most popular wildlife centuries of India. Here you can see many kinds of animals like bison, Sambar, wild boar, langur, elephant, tigers and many other 46 types of species which are amazing to watch if you are a nature lover then you must visit over here.
  • The old port of Cochin: – Visit the old Port of Cochin after changing the name of Cochin to Kochi. The port of Cochin is a very famous port.  It was a major seaport from where the Middle East and other countries transfer their major goods. You can see many antique Hotels, restaurants, a spicy market and a wonderful atmosphere which you will love it. 
  • Varkala Beach: –

Varkala Beach transformed

  • If you are a sunset lover then you can’t miss Varkala Beach of Kerala it is one of the most beautiful beaches in India. Here you can see gorgeous sunset you can take pictures over here and relax with vibes which can make your mind relaxed. So it is must visit place if you are going to visit Kerala it is a great sport of unwinding and unplugs.
  • Festivals of Kerala: – If you are going on the festival season of Kerala then you can’t miss the festivals of Kerala because it is a very unique culture of Kerala from other states of India. Here you can celebrate many festivals like Onam which is a very famous festival of Kerala and it is celebrated between the months of August to September. It is celebrated in the abundance of nature. 

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