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8 Treks in Kashmir: Exploring Himalayan Adventures



Kashmir is a haven for lovers of adventure throughout the year. The amazing opportunities one gets here are unmatchable. Imagine trekking or camping surrounded by beautiful alpine lakes and pine trees dusted with snow – this scenery draws many to the Valley of Kashmir to experience the thrill of Himalayan adventures and the scenic views each adventure rewards.

Trekking is one such activity in Kashmir that pulls many backpackers and nature lovers. If you’re also one of them and are looking for the best treks in Kashmir, we have compiled a list of eight treks for you to do in the gorgeous meadows and mountains of Kashmir!

Treks in Kashmir: What to Expect

The treks in Kashmir provide you with enchanting views of many Himalayan mountain ranges, the one in focus being the Pir Panjal Range. The many other gorgeous peaks of Kashmir include Nun and Kun, Amarnath, Thajiwas, Apharwat, and Kolahoi. The snow-capped mountains are a thing of beauty and something one must climb when they get the chance. The thrill obtained by the treks in Kashmir is of another level. 

8 Treks in Kashmir for You to Embark on!

Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir: A Spectacular Himalayan Trail

Great Lakes Trek
8 Treks in Kashmir: Exploring Himalayan Adventures 9

The Kashmir Great Lakes are a clear example of India’s hiking wonders and the pinnacle of Kashmir’s heavenly reputation as a paradise on Earth. Tucked just 75 miles northeast of Srinagar, this walk paints a daily 360° panorama of wild, rugged mountains, rolling meadows and crystal-clear alpine lakes. It provides an immersive experience via the many manifestations of nature, with over six lakes and five distinct valleys to explore.

The six-day walk covers such a varied terrain that it is rated as moderate-difficult. Long trekking days, hard climbs, and descents without accessible escape routes characterise it; it requires a degree of competence unsuited to novices unfamiliar with high-altitude problems. Nevertheless, the trials are a valuable investment. Every day is like a beautiful postcard, with a fresh alpine lake sparkling in the sunlight. The snow patches that occasionally give birth to milky white icebergs that delicately float on the inky blue lake surface are what add to their attraction. These patches of snow cascade into these lakes from rugged peaks. Kashmir Great Lakes is essentially a hiking adventure where the difficult trip yields unmatched natural beauty.

Route: Gagangir – Shitkadi – Nichnai – Nichnai Pass – Vishnusar – Gadsar – Satsar – Gangabal – Narang

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Duration: 8-10 Days

Altitude: 13,715 feet

Tarsar Marsar Trek: Exploring Twin Lakes in Kashmir

Tarsar Marsar Trek
8 Treks in Kashmir: Exploring Himalayan Adventures 10

The Tarsar Marsar Trek is an enthralling adventure where alpine lakes become more than just scenery—they have a life of their own. In contrast to previous treks, this journey provides an unparalleled camping experience next to the regal blue, snow-fed lakes—an opportunity that even eclipses the well-known Great Lakes of Kashmir. The isolated campsites offer a haven in the middle of the modern hiking environment.

Tarsar Marsar is unique in that you can walk around the whole perimeter of both Tarsar and Sundersar to see different angles of the same gorgeous lake. A further layer of mystery is provided by the fact that the elusive Marsar is seen only from an overhang 600–700 feet below the surface of the clouds. This viewpoint, illuminated by the golden light of the morning sun, is a perfect place to take in the majesty of the lake—that is, until thin clouds pass over the U-shaped valley, gently land above it, and disappear from view in a matter of seconds. Nature creates a mesmerising symphony of lakes, clouds, and sunshine in the ethereal terrain of Tarsar Marsar, offering daring hikers an amazing experience.

Route: Aru – Lidderwat – Shekwas – Tarsar – Sundersar – Marsar – Homwas – Aru

Difficulty: Moderate 

Duration: One Week

Altitude: 13,165 feet

Kolahoi Glacier Trek: Adventure at Kolahoi Peak’s Base

Kolahoi Glacier Trek
8 Treks in Kashmir: Exploring Himalayan Adventures 11

Setting off on the Kolahoi Glacier trek is an adventure that promises a lifetime of breathtaking experiences. This five-kilometre hanging glacier, known to the locals as the “Goddess of Light,” is the enduring source that feeds important rivers like Jhelum and Lidder. Sadly, the glacier—a symbol of the majesty of nature—has retreated as a result of the persistent effects of climate change.

Treks in Kashmir are enticing because of their distinct beauty, an ethereal quality that pervades the region. Travelling to Kolahoi Glacier for five days captures this unique atmosphere. In keeping with the saying that the trip is just as important as the goal, the path begins in Aru, which serves as a starting point for more than twenty-five magnificent alpine lakes and a large number of high-altitude ponds. Travelling through the most verdant meadows, beside picturesque Lidder River banks, and over vast Himalayan valleys, the path winds through acres of enthralling coniferous woods that reach infinity. This journey’s high point, both literally and symbolically, is the magnificent Kolahoi Glacier. This breathtaking sight completes an adventure characterised by the magnificence of nature and a deep bond with the pristine landscapes of Kashmir.

Route: Aru – Lidderwat – Kolahoi Base – Dudhsagar Lake – Kolahoi Glacier – Satlunjan – Aru 

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Duration: 5 Days

Altitude: 17,795 feet

Amarnath Yatra: Spiritual Journey to the Holy Cave

Amarnath Yatra
8 Treks in Kashmir: Exploring Himalayan Adventures 12

For Hindus, the Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage is a very significant religious journey. This yearly pilgrimage leads followers to the Amarnath Cave, which is thought to be the home of Lord Shiva. During the yatra, an ice Shiva Lingam spontaneously grows inside the cave and reaches its largest size in the summer.

Usually starting in the Jammu and Kashmir towns of Pahalgam or Baltal, the yatra covers a distance of around 46 km. Pilgrims must navigate difficult terrain, including rough pathways, steep slopes, and erratic weather. The trek is a test of one’s dedication as much as a physical hardship.

The trek passes through some of the most gorgeous scenery, including snow-capped peaks, winding rivers, and verdant valleys. Pilgrims come across a number of campsites with basic amenities along the way. Thousands of devotees travel great distances in search of Lord Shiva’s blessings during the Amarnath Yatra, which usually takes place from July to August during the Hindu month of Shravan. The journey is a beautiful example of how religion, adventure, and the Himalayan region’s natural beauty can coexist together.

Route:  Pahalgam – Chandanwari – Pissu Top – Sheshnaag – Panchtarani – Amarnath Cave

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Duration: 5 to 8 Days

Altitude: 12,756 feet

Gangabal Trek: Discover the Beauty of Gangabal Lake

Gangabal Trek
8 Treks in Kashmir: Exploring Himalayan Adventures 13

Starting from Naranag, the Gangabal Twin Lakes trip is a peaceful and unconventional adventure that is a refuge for hikers. Sleekness is king in this expansive setting, providing a deep sense of tranquillity. The atmosphere is invigorating, with farms and trees generating a certain freshness that encourages a close relationship with the environment.

Trekkers that go out on this unconventional route pass through pine forests, the tranquil Nundkol Lake, and the holy Gangabal Lake, also called Harmukt Ganga. Gangabal, known as the “Haridwar of Kashmir,” is sacred to Kashmiri Pandits and aesthetically stunning. Gangabal, which is supplied by the glaciers, precipitation, and springs of Mount Harmukh, is 2.7 km long and 1 km wide. It finally drains into the Sindh River after feeding into Nundkol Lake.

The trip takes you away from the crowded streets and into the quiet Gujjar village of Naranag, which has only 100 residences. Vibrant farms cared for by local men and women may be seen here. Along with its natural beauty, the journey offers a cultural immersion into the friendly way of life in the area. 

Route: Naranag – Trunkhol – Nundkhol – Gangabal Lake – Naranag

Difficulty: Moderate

Duration: One Week

Altitude: 11,729 feet

Danizab Meadow Trek: An Enchanting Himalayan Journey

Danizab Meadow Trek
8 Treks in Kashmir: Exploring Himalayan Adventures 14

Starting from the quaint hill village of Yousmarg in the Budgam region of the Kashmir Valley, the Danizab Meadow Trek displays its magnificent beauties. This walk travels through the Yousmarg Forest Range, which borders the Heerpora Wildlife Sanctuary and is tucked away in the Pir Panjal area. Danizab Meadow, renowned for its lush landscape and captivating flowers, has been drawing in daring hikers throughout the years. With the Lower Himalayas’ imposing Pir Panjal mountains around it, the walk offers visitors a firsthand look at Kashmir’s alluring natural splendour. Nestled against Danizab Meadow is the magnificent Sunset Peak, also referred to as Romshi Thong in the local dialect.

The Sunset Glacier’s pristine waters feed the flowing Romshi Nallah, which adds to its charm. In addition to serving as a useful supply of water, hikers are lured to camp here because of the strikingly beautiful surrounding environment. With its expansive views and the towering Sunset Peak, the Danizab Meadow Trek provides a rare chance to see the unspoiled splendour of the Pir Panjal area, making it an alluring journey for anybody looking to experience the majesty of Kashmir’s natural surroundings.

Route: Yusmarg – Danizab – Chienmarg Waterfall

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Duration: 4 Days

Altitude: 10,800 feet

Vishansar Lake Trek: Serenity Amidst Kashmir’s Landscapes

Vishansar Lake Trek
8 Treks in Kashmir: Exploring Himalayan Adventures 15

Adventurers may experience the breathtaking Vishansar Lake Trek, which takes them to the unspoiled splendour of the lake, which is tucked away in the captivating Kashmir Valley. Trekkers are treated to stunning sights at every turn as the walk unfolds against the backdrop of the towering Himalayan peaks, starting from the charming town of Sonamarg.

The route delivers a symphony of nature’s delights as it meanders through lush pine woods and alpine meadows. Nestled between the mountains, Vishansar Lake reflects the blue sky, producing an eerie image that enthrals the senses. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, this alpine beauty creates a calm atmosphere that appeals to hikers looking for a peaceful getaway as well as natural splendour. The trip travels through a variety of environments, such as rugged hills and winding streams, and ends with the ethereal Vishansar Lake, where the beauty and clean air endure forever. Trekkers’ paradise, the Vishansar Lake Trek, offers a perfect balance of strenuous terrain and the tranquillity of high-altitude lakes, making it an incredible experience deep in the Kashmir Himalayas.

Route: Sonamarg – Nichnai – Vishansar 

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Duration: 2-3 Days

Altitude: 12,172 feet

Doodhpathri Trek: Exploring the Majestic Beauty of Kashmir’s Hidden Gem

Doodhpathri Trek 1
8 Treks in Kashmir: Exploring Himalayan Adventures 16

Kashmir’s most appealing feature is its immaculate meadows; the Doodhpathri meadows, which are tucked away under the shadow of the Pir Panjal peaks, are a prime example of this picturesque terrain. Protected from the prying eyes of mass tourists, Doodhpathri reveals one of the area’s hidden beauties: the Shaliganga River meanders through its lush carpets of greenery. Hiking through these meadows is a lovely discovery that provides a respite from the bustle of tourist attractions.

Trekking upstream along the Shaliganga River to its source at the Ashtaar Glacier offers expansive vistas of verdant meadows and towering mountains. The journey gains a sense of natural awe from the Ashtaar glacier, which is the source of the Shaliganga and Doodhganga rivers. Deeper into the Doodhpathri valley, the walk reveals the hidden gems of alpine lakes like Bhansar and Damamsar as it goes on. Nestled between hills, these lakes are pleasant revelations that add to the mystique that Kashmir walks are known for. Every step of this investigation confirms Kashmir’s reputation as a legendary utopia on Earth, where the beauty of nature is still unexplored and only waiting to be found.

Route: Doodhpathri – Marak – Kooterlass – Ashtaar – Mujakhani – Palmaidan – Srinagar

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Duration: One Week

Altitude: 8,943 feet

Tips for Treks in Kashmir

· Carry enough woollen clothes to keep you warm throughout your journey

· Do not litter and be conscious of your environmental footprint

· Ensure you’re fit enough for high-altitude treks in Kashmir

· The best time to do these treks is from July to September

· Get snow boots if you’re doing any of these treks in Kashmir’s winter

· Get an online package that has accommodation/camping and food included; it will be cheaper this way instead of going by yourself


As a heavenly symphony of the splendour of nature, the magical world of treks in Kashmir opens. Every hike in Kashmir is a trip into the heart of unmatched beauty, from the secret meadows of Doodhpathri to the pristine lakes of Gangabal and other places. Intrepid explorers are drawn to the ethereal canvas created by the verdant landscapes, snow-capped peaks, and glistening lakes. Encircled by the Pir Panjal hills, these treks provide both physical and spiritual difficulties. The shadows of the majestic mountains enchant trekkers’ souls, and the journey itself bears witness to the legendary beauty that is Kashmir. These treks in Kashmir reveal themselves at every turn, with each step, view, and alpine lake serving as a tribute to the region’s enduring charm and its status as a sanctuary for hikers seeking the sublime.

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura- Content Writer at The India Explorer Riddhi, our experienced content writer at The India Explorer, is a passionate traveler and a skilled storyteller. Join Riddhi on a journey of discovery as she unveils India's rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and hidden gems, inspiring wanderlust and encouraging meaningful exploration along the way.

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