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15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands



Welcome to a world filled with snowy adventures and stunning vistas. During the colder months, Himachal Pradesh, the gem of the Himalayas, transforms into a paradise. This area is a sanctuary for lovers of winter hiking thanks to its beautiful peaks draped in white snow, fresh mountain air, and tranquillity. The India Explorer welcomes you to embark on an exciting adventure across the top winter treks in Himachal Pradesh through this blog.

Himachal shows a distinct type of beauty as the temperatures drop. The mountains are covered with snow, making every pathway a mysterious route waiting to be discovered. Each place provides a distinctive experience that will leave you in awe of the natural environment, from well-known treks like Kedarkantha and Triund to hidden jewels like Prashar Lake.

Himachal Pradesh provides a range of treks to suit all abilities, whether you’re an experienced trekker looking for a new challenge or a beginner wishing to set off on your trekking excursion. We will take you on a virtual journey to uncover the mysteries and wonders of winter treks in HP. Wear warm clothes, gather your hiking gear, and get ready to discover Himachal’s breathtaking scenery and vibrant culture in winter.

Embrace the Chill of the Winter Treks in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh changes into a stunning winter paradise as the majestic Himalayas are covered in sparkling snow throughout winter, drawing travellers seeking adventure worldwide. This northern Indian state is a winter hiker’s heaven because of its rough terrain, scenic meadows, and snow-capped peaks. These are some of the best winter treks in HP for you to explore!

1. Kheerganga Winter Trek – Kasol’s Gem

Kheerganga Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 14

The Himachal Pradesh district of Kullu has Kheerganga tucked away in the breathtaking Parvati Valley. Kheerganga is well-known for its captivating hot springs and lovely valley vistas. The walk will end at a height of 9600 feet. Kasol is a quiet, peaceful community surrounded by lush vegetation 5,000 feet from where the Kheerganga Trek takes off.

As you trek on this journey, you will see a lot of beautiful waterfalls, including Rudra Nag. The picturesque, far-off settlements like Kalga and Pulga will provide tranquil photography backdrops. Your work-weary soul will be fine-tuned by the therapeutic qualities of the relaxing hot springs at Kheerganga. The terrain of Kheerganga has consistently drawn visitors from all over the world and sated their need for adrenaline for an incredible hiking vacation.

Duration: 2 days

2. Pin Parvati Winter Trek – Nature’s Most Loved Destination

Pin Parvati Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 15

Enormous valleys and a beautiful forest encircle the trail. The Pin Parvati Pass winter trek, a diversion to the Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh, is one of Asia’s most beautiful and challenging hiking routes. Mantalai is well-known for its ancient Lord Shiva temple and lovely lakes in Pin Parvati camp.

You must travel 110 miles to finish the journey, with a total elevation gain of 17,457 feet. The journey begins in Rumsu Base Camp, close to Manali, and concludes at Kaza. You will need to camp out under the stars while on the expedition. While walking, you may see the breathtaking woods and meadows of the Parvati Valleys. One of the most captivating treks, the Pin Parvati Trek, will leave you with lifelong memories.

Duration: 7 to 8 days

3. Beas Kund Winter Trek in HP – The Most Popular Winter Trek in Himachal

Beas Kund Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 16

One of the most well-known winter treks in Himachal is the Beas Kund Trek, which takes you to the Beas River’s source and the several old glaciers surrounding it. The interesting body of water that the majestic Pir Panjal Range encircles appears to be breathtaking. This location is deliciously chaotic but magnificent due to the neighbouring communities and cascading waterfalls. According to legend, Sage Vyas bathed every day in this river. This location is undoubtedly one of the most alluring hiking paths in Himachal Pradesh due to the picturesque vistas of high mountains, a captivating lake, and lush vegetation. This winter trek is an adventure to relish at 12,000 ft.

Duration: 3 to 4 days

4. Hampta Pass Winter Trek – A Paradise for Hiking Lovers

Hampta Pass Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 17

This location is for people who enjoy spending time in nature. It’s time to go on a trip through Hampta Pass’s unexpected soil. The landscape changes dramatically every few hours of walking on the Hampta Pass trail. The richness of natural beauty might surprise you at every turn and bend of the walk, compensating for the path’s lack of perilousness.

You will be mesmerised by the stunning oak, birch, and maple trees, snow-capped mountains, huge deserted expanses, and raw beauty of Lahaul and Spiti. The thrilling pass crossings will increase your enthusiasm significantly. Shera Goru will take your breath away as you stroll through a ravine covered with snow, high rocks, blooming flowers, and lush grasslands. Hampta Pass is one of the most popular hikes for newlywed couples.

Duration: 1 week

5. Patalsu Peak Winter Trek – A Lesser-Known Hike

One of the greatest winter treks in Himachal Pradesh is the Patalsu Peak hike. This trip leads you to Patalsu Peak’s peak, which provides dazzling views of the peaks and valleys around you. The difficult hike is worth it because of the breathtaking sights.

Although the top is just around 13,990 feet tall, the vista is breathtaking. The route begins in the well-known Solang Valley and continues to Patalsu Mountain before returning to Solang Valley. Although it usually takes three days, I like the walk. Given its difficulty, even highly fit novices can attempt it as their first winter hike.

Duration: 1 day

6. Triund Winter Trek – India’s Most Favorite Winter Trek

Triund Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 18

One of Himachal Pradesh’s well-known hikes, the Triund Trek, is renowned for its breathtaking scenery. One of the shortest and simplest climbs in the area, it offers breathtaking views of the Kangra Valley and the snow-capped mountains of the Dhauladhar Ranges.

The weekend-long trip culminates at a height of 7700 feet. For a memorable experience, tourists may go night camping under the stars. While trekking, you will get the opportunity to see the BhagsuNag Waterfall, McLeod Ganj’s tallest waterfall. Both the beginning and the conclusion of this walk are at McLeod Ganj. This hike covers a total of 14 km.

Duration: 2 days

7. Prashar Lake Winter Trek – Of Frozen Lakes and Adventure

Prashar Lake Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 19

One of the greatest winter treks in Himachal Pradesh is the Prashar Lake trip. It is a moderately challenging walk that takes you through some of the state’s most breathtaking countryside. Before arriving at the lake, the trip takes you through forests, meadows, and villages, beginning at Mandi. The lake is bordered by mountains that are covered with snow, giving it a wonderfully beautiful location.

It also contains a floating island and a historic temple in the pagoda style. It gives a comprehensive view of all the magnificent mountains and is situated in the Kullu valley of the Dhauladhar range, making it a dream come true. The three-day trip is a fantastic choice for anybody searching for a thrilling experience in Himachal Pradesh.

Duration: 3 days

8. Bijli Mahadev Winter Trek – An Interesting Folklore

Bijli Mahadev Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 20

One of the simplest treks in Himachal Pradesh, the Bijli Mahadev Trek, may be completed in a single day. The trip begins in Kinja Village in the Kullu region.

The hike ends with a temple honouring the Hindu god Lord Shiva, situated in the Kullu Valley at a height of roughly 2,460 metres. After a 4-kilometre hike, one may reach the temple and take in the expansive vista of the Kullu area. Lord Shiva is said to bless the temple every twelve years by appearing as lightning. After being struck by lightning and covered in butter, the Shiva linga is destroyed.

Duration: 5 to 6 hours

9. Kareri Lake Winter Trek – The Beauty of Dhauladhar Range

Kareri Lake Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 21

You may enjoy the picturesque Kareri Lake walking path in the lovely town of Dharamshala. One of the most enjoyed winter treks in Himachal is this one. This trek is challenging for novices, but they may still complete it due to the steep and steady elevation. This walk offers breathtaking views of picturesque pine trees. 

You’ll be forced to give in to the allure of nature by rocky meadows and shepherd communities. On the way, Nyund Nallah is a beautiful lake that will revive your spirit and refresh your thoughts. Thanks to this journey, which includes straight roads and river crossings, your winter trek in HP will be the most memorable.

Duration: 2 days

10. Jogini Waterfall Winter Trek – Easy Peasy!

Jogini Waterfall Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 22

One of the simplest and most stunning hikes in Himachal Pradesh’s Manali area is the Jogini Waterfall Trek. After the God Jogini, the waterfall was given the name Jogini Waterfall. This location is revered among devotees.

From Vashishtha village, a 2-hour hike would be required to reach the waterfall. It is a steep, vertical ascent with no clear path. However, the adventure may guarantee you lifelong memories. For the trek, be sure to put in your most comfortable shoes.

The breathtaking view at the summit made the hike worthwhile. You can achieve inner calm by staring at the streams pouring vigorously into the River Beas. Climb the rock before the waterfall for a special view of the rainbow where the water pours. You will look down while viewing a rainbow for the first time.

Duration: 4 to 5 hours

11. Mangankot Winter Trek – A Local Favorite

One of Himachal Pradesh’s top winter hikes is the Mangankot walk. You pass through some of the state’s most breathtaking landscapes, including forests and snow-capped mountains. The hike is an excellent choice for novices because it is also quite simple. The route starts in Majhach and goes up to 3000 metres in elevation.

The Mangankot is located on a mountain near Manali and offers a tranquil panorama of the Pir-Panjal and DhaulaDhar Range. You might experience a vibrant mood while on this journey between the mountains.

Duration: 3 to 4 days

12. Bhrigu Lake Winter Trek – A Snowy Paradise

Bhrigu Lake Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 23

The Bhrigu Lake Winter Trek is a compelling high-altitude experience that takes trekkers through snow-covered pine woods, peaceful alpine meadows, and eventually to the gorgeous Bhrigu Lake, frozen in the winter. It is located in the ethereal winter splendour of Himachal Pradesh. This walk offers the ideal fusion of spectacular scenery, cultural interactions with the Himachali peasants, and the excitement of traversing virgin snowfields and crossing high mountain passes. The Bhrigu Lake Winter Trek promises an exceptional winter experience for experienced explorers looking for a peaceful getaway in Himachal’s snow-covered beauty, with the snow-covered Dhauladhar Range as your backdrop.

Duration: 4 to 5 days

13. Deo Tibba Winter Trek – Of Rivers and Majestic Mountains

Deo Tibba Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 24

The Deo Tibba Trek offers a breathtaking view of the glaciers in Jagatsukh Deo Tibba and the snow-covered mountains in Deo Tibba and Indrasan. The thought of hiking up to Deo Tibba conjures images of lovely mountains, breathtaking peaks, luscious meadows, and lush meadows. The panoramic spots of your journey, Tainta, Chikka, Seri, and small Chandra Tal, enable you to take your time to soak in the most pristine environment, which is bursting with alpine blooms and offers views of the renowned mountains, rivulets, and the famous Ravi River.

Duration: 1 day

14. Chandratal Lake Winter Trek in Himachal Pradesh – Experience the Moon on Land

Chandratal Lake Winter Trek
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 25

One of the most beloved winter treks in Himachal Pradesh is to Chandratal, commonly known as the “Moon Lake,” a high-altitude lake in the Spiti Valley. Several walking trails go to the lake, all of which provide breathtaking views of the mountains in the area.

The settlement of Batal, accessible by car from Manali, is the starting point of the most well-known trekking path to Chandratal. The walk spans around 30 km and takes about 3 days to finish. Hikers will pass through several tiny towns, woods, and high-altitude passes on their journey.

Undoubtedly, the Chandratal Trek’s landscape is one of its attractions. The lake is encircled by towering mountains, providing some stunning vistas. The region also sustains a broad range of wildlife, including endangered species like snow leopards.

15. Rani Sui Lake – One of the Best Winter Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Rani Sui Lake
15 Best Winter Treks in Himachal: Venture into Snow-Covered Wonderlands 26

Rani Sui Lake is in Kullu Valley between Bara Bhangal and Kalihani Pass. Another name for it is the Saurkundi Trek. It is a hike at a high elevation. In the summer, the temperature ranges from 0 to 20 degrees. At these elevations, lakes are a popular tourist destination. Lamadugh is the destination; it is well-known for its flora and fauna. Horse chestnut, walnut forests, pines, and meadows are among the specialities of duddu thatch. In December, the lake fully freezes over. Views of the Manaslu Glacier, Hanuman Tibba, Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Indrasan mountains are among the vistas that can be seen. Pine and deodar trees may be spotted.

Duration: 3 to 4 days


Himachal Pradesh presents a singular chance for hikers to experience the allure of winter with its snow-covered mountains, peaceful lakes, and tranquil atmosphere. These winter treks in Himachal Pradesh offer proof of the area’s breathtaking splendour. In the region of endless snow, there is plenty to enjoy for everyone, whether you are an expert hiker or a novice. Pack your luggage, wear your warmest clothing, and set out on an unforgettable tour across Himachal’s winter paradise.

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura- Content Writer at The India Explorer Riddhi, our experienced content writer at The India Explorer, is a passionate traveler and a skilled storyteller. Join Riddhi on a journey of discovery as she unveils India's rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and hidden gems, inspiring wanderlust and encouraging meaningful exploration along the way.

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