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    Skiing in Gulmarg: Traversing Switzerland of India on Skis


    Kashmir is a snowy paradise in winters and is the perfect place for adventure activities. One such activity is skiing in Gulmarg, which the valleys around the city are famous for. Imagine yourself on snow-covered hills with snow-covered trees all around you, a cool wind promising adventure. This travel blog is an invitation to an unimaginably beautiful skiing paradise.

    Cradled in the Himalayan arms, Gulmarg encourages adventure seekers to leave their imprint on its slopes. Imagine the excitement of skiing down a variety of terrains while the snow whispers stories of exquisite landscapes beneath your skis. We explore the essence of Gulmarg’s allure, from heart-pounding descents to the cosy mountain sanctuaries.

    Imagine yourself navigating through nature’s ice creation as you read on, discovering new facets of this wintry haven with every turn. Come explore the charms of Gulmarg with us, a place where tranquilly coexists with adventure and where each snowfall reveals a tale. Bring along your sense of wonder, and together, let’s experience the magic of Gulmarg’s wintry embrace.

    Gulmarg: Utopia of Kashmir

    Gulmarg is a gorgeous sanctuary that draws visitors with its unmatched beauty and a multitude of adventures. It is tucked away between the pristine Himalayan peaks. This little hamlet, which lies in the centre of Jammu and Kashmir, is more than simply a place to visit; it’s an enchanted excursion into the embrace of nature.

    Translated as the “Meadow of Flowers,” Gulmarg lives true to its name with meadows that, in the spring, explode in colour, covering the surrounding area in shades of brilliant flowers. Skiers from all over the world flock to this landscape when winter sets in, transforming it into a winter paradise. One of the world’s highest cable cars, the Gulmarg Gondola, opens the door to breathtaking views. Make your way up to Apharwat Peak, where the vistas are breathtaking and the air is fresh. Every moment is an opportunity to make a memory fit for a postcard, whether you’re a nature enthusiast enjoying the alpine meadows or an ardent photographer capturing the snow-capped mountains.

    The town itself has a rustic, old-world appeal that is enhanced by the friendly residents and charming houses. Savour the delicious native food that entices the senses with its rich flavours as you explore the busy marketplaces brimming with handcrafted treasures and traditional Kashmiri handicrafts.

    Gulmarg is more than just a place to visit; it’s an invitation to travel back in time to a place where the splendour of nature reigns supreme. Gulmarg is a sanctuary that offers an amazing tour through the lap of the Himalayas, whether you’re looking for excitement on the slopes, peace in the meadows, or just a break from the bustle of everyday life. Accept the enchantment of Gulmarg, where a new chapter in the tale of this enchanted refuge is revealed with every passing season.

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    Switzerland of India on Skis

    What is Skiing?

    Skiing is a thrilling winter activity in which one uses skis connected to their feet to glide across snow-covered terrain. To facilitate control and manoeuvrability, the procedure starts with attaching the ski boots into bindings that are fastened to the skis. Skiers employ a variety of tactics to navigate flat areas and downhill slopes while using ski poles for propulsion and balance.

    A snowy slope descent is a perfect fusion of excitement, talent, and balance. Usually, novice skiers begin on mild slopes where they may learn the fundamentals of turning, stopping, and speed control. Skiers may take on higher and more difficult terrain as their abilities advance. The sight of the snow-covered terrain spreading out in a stunning picture and the cool alpine air whipping by make for a sensory feast.

    Skiing provides a special contact with nature and a sense of freedom, whether you’re sliding elegantly down groomed lines or exploring off-piste wilderness. An immersive experience that goes beyond the actual act of sliding down a mountain is created by the rhythmic motion of carving turns, the refreshing crunch of snow beneath skis, and the expansive views of snow-capped peaks. Skiing is more than simply a sport; it’s a dance between the skier and the mountains’ dusted canvas, a connection with winter’s magnificence.

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    Skiing in Gulmarg: Traversing Switzerland of India on Skis 8

    Skiing in Gulmarg

    Gulmarg offers a unique experience of snowboarding through a winter wonderland that reveals its captivating splendour during the whole ski season. From December to mid-March, when snow covers the ground, Gulmarg’s ski slopes become a playground for novices and experienced skiers alike. The snow quality, which is sometimes compared to that of Switzerland, enhances the attraction and creates an environment of unmatched wonder. Powdery slopes and stunning vistas combine at the Gulmarg ski resorts to provide an exciting experience for both experienced and novice skiers.

    Skiing in Gulmarg is a unique experience that takes you to exhilarating backcountry areas decorated with pine trees, exposed alpine basins, and unspoiled virgin peaks. Skiers may expect to reach breathtaking heights on this trip, with the first part taking them up to 3,080 metres in Kongdoori from 2,600 metres in Gulmarg. The second phase is an engineering wonder that takes fans to the breathtaking 3,979-meter-high Apharwat Peak. A chairlift system smoothly links various elevations, providing skiers with access to 3,400-meter-high alpine paradises like Mary’s shoulder.

    When the first snowfall falls in December, Gulmarg attracts ski enthusiasts from all over the world. Winter sports continue until mid-March, giving enthusiasts who want to spend more time cutting through snow on some of the world’s steepest slopes a prolonged season. Gulmarg is more than just a place to go; it’s an invitation to experience the pure delight of gliding through a winter wonderland at the top of the globe, thanks to its unmatched landscape and thrilling skiing options.

    Skiing in Gulmarg: All You Need to Know

    Before starting with skiing, there are a few things you need to know about the basics of skiing in Gulmarg – skiing slopes, renting gear, and more. 

    The Starting Point

    The starting point for skiing here is the Apharwat Peak. You can reach here by the Gondola Cable Car – the highest ropeway in India. The mountain is divided into two phases and the Phase I is accessible by the Gondola directly. There are a few slopes for beginners here to try out their skiing skills. You can also opt for the chairlift that leaves you right on the ski terrain.

    Because the Gulmarg ski terrain demands proficient abilities everywhere you go and the difference between an advanced and expert line might be as little as a few metres to the left or right, advanced and expert terrain are combined together. There are fast lines down some spurs in the main bowls beneath the phase 2 Gulmarg gondola.

    Even some sparse tree skiers may be found directly above the mid-station eateries, off the lift queue. a quick walk halfway to the peak, from whence a road leads to the North and South Apharwat bowls. The peak itself provides access to them as well. This place has excellent skiing. Beyond the top, the options are virtually limitless.

    Switzerland of India
    Skiing in Gulmarg: Traversing Switzerland of India on Skis 9

    The Gear

    Skiing gear can be rented at around Rs. 800 per day at the nearby rental shops. You can rent ski, poles and boots here; the helmet and eye gear is not available for rent and you will have to bring your own.

    Ski Passes

    To ski in Gulmarg, you have to buy passes that are available at the ski station. They come for Rs. 700-1000 depending on the phase and slope you choose to ski on.

    Ski Guides

    Ski guides here will charge approximately 2500 per day. Beware of those who aren’t professional and certified instructors. You can find them around the ski slopes.

    Ski guides will also rent your gear and get your passes for you so you don’t to be hassled about it.

    Ski Resorts in Gulmarg: For an Amazing Ski-cum-Stay Experience

    Ski resorts are specifically developed for those who wish to engage in skiing. These resorts host skiing and other snow activities within their premises while providing the guests with a smooth stay experience.

    gulmarg resort
    Skiing in Gulmarg: Traversing Switzerland of India on Skis 10

    Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa

    Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa
    image source: tripadvisor

    Situated in Khilanmarg, the Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa is an opulent and breathtaking hotel. This hotel is likely to wow visitors with its stunning ambience and outstanding personnel. The surroundings are serene and beautiful, and the accommodations are cosy and well-equipped. In addition, the hotel has a number of services, such as a BBQ area, a spa, and a fitness centre. The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa’s employees go above and beyond to make sure that visitors are comfortable and satisfied. This hotel is the ideal option for an amazing stay because of its excellent location and first-rate amenities. Strongly advised for everyone looking for an amazing and unique experience.

    Hotel Shawn Inn by Stay Pattern

    Hotel Shawn Inn by Stay Pattern
    image source: lodging-world

    A shared lounge/TV area, daily housekeeping, parking on site, a restaurant, a garden, a business centre, laundry and dry cleaning services, family rooms, free parking, a safety deposit box, BBQ facilities, luggage storage, free WiFi, a concierge, and more are all provided by the Hotel Shaw Inn by Stay Pattern in Khilanmarg. The hotel provides stunning views of the mountains and is well situated next to the Gondola Station. Remarkable cuisine and services, kind and accommodating personnel, and tidy and clean accommodations have all been mentioned by guests. With its friendly service, roomy accommodations, and restocked facilities, the hotel guarantees a pleasant and unforgettable stay. All things considered, Hotel Shaw Inn provides outstanding hospitality and is suggested for a comfortable stay.

    Heevan Resort

    Fortune Resort Heevan is a magnificent blend of traditional Kashmiri architecture and contemporary amenities, situated in a picturesque valley with a breathtaking view of the Zabarwan Mountains in Srinagar. This Srinagar resort has beautifully landscaped grounds, a wide array of eating options, and thoughtfully built rooms with an exceptional range of contemporary guest facilities, making it an ideal destination for a holiday. Savour a substantial breakfast at the café open 24/7. Take a nature walk, go skiing, or play a round of golf. In addition, visitors have access to horseback riding and pool.

    Nedous Hotel Gulmarg

    Since it opened its doors in 1888, the Nedous Hotel Gulmarg has been a local landmark and the centre of activity for the Hill station. You are invited to an incredible tea-time experience by the vast grounds. It provides you with the endless splendour of Gulmarg, nestled right in the middle of the region. It boasts an unhindered view of Mount Apharwat and is surrounded by a gorgeous green golf course. They provide you with all you want, even a personal butler, private dining services, and a Nedou’s Special! This location has a massage parlour and a garden. It has BBQ amenities.

    Pine Palace Platinum

    Nestled within the verdant meadows and heavily forested slopes of Gulmarg, the Pine Palace Platinum offers an unparalleled experience of Kashmir, all while offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas. This resort provides accommodations with views of the valley and a front desk, just next to the Gulmarg Gondola. Visitors may reach well-known tourist spots including Gulmarg Backcountry Ski Lodge (0.5 km), Khilanmarg (0.5 km), and Gulmarg Children’s Park (3 km). As a distinguished Pine Palace Platinum guest, you also have access to the on-site dining establishment. 

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    Skiing in Gulmarg Cost

    The general cost of skiing in Gulmarg depends on the type, location and guides you choose. A day of skiing here will cost you approximately 5000 rupees.


    Saying goodbye to the magical Gulmarg slopes, the story of thrilling skiing in this Himalayan paradise remains like a dream deep in the snow. A world of immaculate slopes awaits those who like skiing in Gulmarg. The essence of skiing in Gulmarg is embodied by the sound of laughter resonating through the trees, the dance of skis, and the exhilaration of descents among the blanket of snow.

    Gulmarg’s charm is revealed when the sun sets, bathing the beautiful peaks in a golden glow. It’s more than simply a place to go skiing; it’s a pristine haven where winter fantasies come true. Gulmarg invites people who long for the poetry of snowflakes and the excitement of immaculate slopes. Let skiing in Gulmarg be the next chapter of your snowy trip, and carve your memories into these Himalayan slopes. Are you prepared to answer the call of the slopes waiting for you?

    Riddhi Sompura
    Riddhi Sompura
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