Indian Chaat Recipe: Spicy Chaat, Ingredients, Aloo Chaat


Indian Chaat Recipe: Our Favourite Crispy, Savoury Dish

Chaat in India is something to live for. Hey, do you need an evening snack? Go for the Indian chaat recipe. Do you have guests coming over? Go for the Indian chaat recipe. Every Indian is a sucker for this savoury dish. Indian chaat recipe is sold from roadside stalls to five-star restaurants. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular Chaat dishes from all around India.

Gol Gappa

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Origin of Gol Gappa

Pushpesh Pant was first made Gol Gappa in Uttar Pradesh in Bihar. The man believes this gol gappa will be a delicious bomb bursting into a person’s mouth. The Gol Gappa dish was first made 400 years ago. Today also, it is the favourite Indian snack in India. Many people love to eat Gol Gappas as evening snacks.

Basic Ingredients of Gol Gappa

You need very few ingredients like Potato, Jal Jeera Powder, Coriander, and Water to make Gol Gappa. Many street vendors in India sell Gol Gappa at very low margins.

Relatable dish to Gol Gappa

The relatable dish to Gol Gappa is Dahi Puri. Dahi Puri ingredients are the same as Gol Gappa, but instead of Jal Jeera and water, it needs Dahi to garnish Gol Gappa.

Where is the Gol Gappa famous? 

Gol Gappa is famous across the country. Mainly, street vendors in India sell Gol Gappas, and people love to eat immediately, one by one. Different street vendors have different styles to serve the snack. In Gujarat, street vendors sell Gol Gappas On plates and water in the glass, and people have it separately standing beside the golgappa bar.

The average cost of Gol Gappa

In India, street vendors mainly sell golgappa. You can call it a delicious bomb filled with mouth-watering stuff. The price of golgappa varies between ₹10 to ₹50 per golgappa.


The dish is a snack that can be eaten in the evening to silence your food cravings. Golgappa doesn’t need any Accompaniment with it.

Food of Himachal Pradesh – You Can Make at Home: Indian Chaat Recipe: Spicy Chaat, Ingredients, Aloo Chaat

Aloo Tikki

Origin of aloo Tikki

Aloo tiki is an Indian dish which is originating from northern India. There is no specification Of the person who invented Aloo Tikki, but many street vendors sell Aloo tiki today in India.

Basic ingredients of aloo tiki

The delicious dish needs very few ingredients to be cooked. Aloo tiki is the best dish to serve as an evening snack. To make a delicious dish, you will need potatoes, a few spices, chutney, and Daal. or Chole Sabji to have with Aloo Tikki to cook aloo tiki.

Where is the aloo tiki famous?

The Aloo tiki is famous all over India, but mainly the cities are Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, etc. Many people used to cook aloo tiki in their houses because it is very simple to understand.

The average cost of aloo tiki

Usually, street vendors have to start making aloo tiki in the morning. They sell out keys for the whole day after the hard morning work and earn money. The dish is not hard to be cooked, but the time taken to cook the word makes the dish rates moderate, approximately 30₹ to 70₹ per plate.


Aloo tiki needs to be served with Daal or Chole Gravy. People in India usually eat Aloo Tikki with Chole Gravy. Street vendors always serve the dish with some chutney. It makes the dish more delicious to eat.

Street Food of Maharashtra: A Guide to the Top 10 -Rated Dishes: Indian Chaat Recipe: Spicy Chaat, Ingredients, Aloo Chaat

Dahi Puri

Origin of Dahi Puri

Dahi Puri originated in Mumbai [ India ] at a Vithal Terminus hotel. The hotel owner says that it’s an Indian chaat recipe That makes your mouth tangy after having it. Dahi Puri is a dish made with small shells of golgappas, which fills your mouth with delicious stuff. Many theories say that a hotel in Gujarat added many flavours to make it tangier and mouth-watering.

Basic ingredients of Dahi Puri

To make Dahi Puri, you need a few ingredients like golgappa, potatoes, chutney, yogurt, and a few spices to make the dish flavorful. Mainly, Dahi Puri is served with sweet chutney and green chutney together.

Relatable dish to Dahi Puri

Two dishes relate to Dahi Puri like Dahi Wada, chaat paapdi. These dishes are also served with yogurt, sweet chutney, and green chutney to make your mouth feel tangy.

Where is the Dahi Puri famous?

Dahi Puri is famous all over India, but mainly it is famous in Maharashtra, basically in Mumbai, and in Gujarat. Different states have different dish styles, like Maharashtrian serving Dahi Puri directly to the customer, while in Rajasthan street, vendors serve the dish on plates. Some street vendors serve Dahi Puri in Jainism Style, which means no onions with Dahi Puri. Some street vendors serve Dahi Puri with onions and tomatoes.

The average cost of Dahi Puri

Street vendors sell Dahi Puri for approximately ₹30 to ₹70 per plate. The delicious bomb filled with this stuff takes reasonable time to cook.


People of India usually have Dahi Puri with onions or tomatoes.

Famous Food of Rajasthan | Daal Baati Churma | Cuisine: Indian Chaat Recipe: Spicy Chaat, Ingredients, Aloo Chaat

Dahi Vada

Origin of Dahi Wada

 Dahiwada is a famous snack In India founded in the Mughals’ time by the Mughal Khansamas in their kitchen. They believe that it helps digest food normally.

Basic ingredients of Dahi vada

Dahi vada can be cooked with very few ingredients like vadas are made up of pulses, and you need yogurt to pour on vadas, Little spices to make the dish favourable. You can also use sweet and green chutney to make Dahi vada more tasty.

 Relatable dish to the dahiwada

Two dishes relate to Dahi vadas, like Dahi Puri and Dahi chaat. Dahi Puri is filled with stuff that makes your mouth tangy. It must also serve with yogurt, sweet, and green chutney to make the dish more like dahiwada.

Where is dahiwada famous?

Dahiwade is famous in Mumbai, Jaipur, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Delhi, etc. Different cities have different styles of serving dahiwada.


The average cost of dahiwada

In India, usually, street vendors sell Dahi vada in their bars. Vadas mainly, Take time to be cooked to eat. That’s why the rates fluctuate between 50₹-100₹ per plate. 


Many people used to eat dahiwada with sweet chutney, while some want to try it with green chutney. Green chutney is usually a little spicy, whereas. Sweet chutney is sweet, as the name denotes itself.

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