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14 Best Hotels in Mount Abu for Your Stay | Prices



Are you looking for hotels in Mount Abu? You have come to the perfect place! Here is a list of hotels in Mount Abu we have curated just for you. These luxurious and budget-friendly accommodations will ensure you have the time of your life here as you tour the amazing and only hill station of Rajasthan.

Top 14 Hotels in Mount Abu

Hotel Hillock – Luxurious Getaway

Luxurious Getaway: Hotel Hillock, Mount Abu - Exterior view of a luxurious getaway hotel surrounded by lush greenery
14 Best Hotels in Mount Abu for Your Stay | Prices 15

This modern hotel, tucked away in the heart of Mount Abu’s picturesque surroundings, beckons with an unmatched combination of luxury and relaxation. Its large outdoor oasis features a full-size pool inviting you to indulge in leisure, with a sundeck, a picturesque observation deck, and a lively kids’ play area that the whole family can enjoy. The lavishness continues into the lodgings, where extravagance is the main feature. Indulge in roomy accommodations with tasteful linen, revitalise in marble baths, and wake up to breathtaking views of verdant gardens. The Opa restaurant offers a culinary adventure via delicious international cuisines, while the On the Rocks bar entices with its trademark drinks, creating an elegant and welcoming ambience. This exclusive retreat in Mount Abu offers guests an entire experience where every second is a celebration of luxury and cosiness rather than merely a place to stay.

Tariff: INR 6,000 onwards

Chacha Inn – The Garden Retreat

The Garden Retreat: "Chacha Inn, Mount Abu - Scenic garden retreat with cozy accommodations and vibrant landscapes
image source: chachainnhotel

Located along the picturesque Main Road in the heart of Mount Abu, Chacha Inn – The Garden Retreat is a charming retreat perfect for a fun family vacation. The ideal location offers a tranquil getaway into nature and guarantees quick access to the city’s attractions. The committed team at Chacha Inn creates an amazing experience by responding to guests’ needs and greeting them with a warm welcome. The resort is distinguished by its dedication to providing personalised service, which extends beyond its luxurious accommodations and plethora of recreational amenities, such as a children’s playground, sunbathing area, and full-size outdoor pool. Every minute spent at Chacha Inn, whether a romantic getaway or a cosy family retreat, is imbued with warmth and care, turning your stay into a treasured experience in the tranquillity of Mount Abu.

Tariff: INR10,000 onwards

Rose Cottage – British-Era Beauty

 British-Era Beauty: "Rose Cottage, Mount Abu - Quaint British-era beauty showcasing vintage architecture and serene ambiance
image source: abutimes

Explore the captivating charm of Hotel Rose Cottage – A Heritage Retreat, a little hidden jewel among Mount Abu hotels. The hotel, which has just 10 basic rooms, is tucked away in the centre of this charming area and radiates warmth and charm. A lovely garden greets visitors and provides a calm haven where they can enjoy snacks and beverages while enjoying the natural world’s warmth. Perfect service goes above and beyond to ensure guests have a wonderful stay in tidy, cosy rooms with first-rate restrooms and hot water. Built as a British guest house in 1885, the property exudes historical beauty and offers a tranquil sanctuary. Delicious and reasonably priced meals await, and the attentive staff is ready to meet your needs. Situated near some of Mount Abu’s most well-known attractions, Hotel Rose Cottage offers guests more than simply lodging; it’s an immersive experience amidst peace and history.

Tariff: INR 4,000 onwards

Hotel Sterling – A Stunning Paradise

Hotel Sterling
image source: tripadvisor

This hilltop hideaway is a renowned resort in Mount Abu, with an amazing inventory of 69 opulent rooms. Nestled between pure virgin forests and the revered Dilwara Jain temples, the resort offers an exquisite way to immerse oneself in the embrace of nature. Every suite is a work of art in tasteful design, furnished with contemporary conveniences and pure white themes to create an exquisite haven for visitors. The ultimate feature is the rooftop pool, which is the epitome of luxury and opens to breathtaking views of the Aravalli Range, providing a dreamlike atmosphere for leisure. Beyond the luxury, the resort offers chances for walking and birding in the nearby reserve forest, which brings a hint of the wild to the otherwise elegant experience. Experience the tranquillity of our hilltop hideaway, where elegance and nature collide, and each apartment is a cosy haven surrounded by Mount Abu’s breathtaking scenery.

Tariff: INR 7,000 onwards

Toppers Corner – Stay in a Caravan

 Stay in a Caravan: "Toppers Corner, Mount Abu - Unique stay experience in a caravan with panoramic views
image source: wedbook

Situated in the picturesque surroundings of The Topper’s Corner, your stay surpasses standard lodging with the charm of a static caravan. For a pleasant INR 7000 per night, this exclusive deal turns your stay into a harmonic fusion of comfort and environment. Savour the splendour of awakening to expansive vistas while encircled by the serenity of your haven. A comfortable sanctuary that provides a close relationship with nature, the static caravan turns every moment into a treasured memory. Experience the charm of unorthodox luxury as The Topper’s Corner redefines hospitality and extends an invitation for an extraordinary stay.

Tariff: INR 7,000 onwards

Hilltone – One of the Oldest Hotels in Mount Abu

One of the Oldest Hotels in Mount Abu: "Hilltone, Mount Abu - Historic hotel showcasing elegance as one of the oldest in the region.
14 Best Hotels in Mount Abu for Your Stay | Prices 16

Get away from the bustle at the tranquil haven of Hotel Hilltone on Mount Abu. The hotel resort offers comfort, elegance, and welcoming service in the gently rolling Aravalli Hills. Nestled on 2 acres of serene land, the 68 rooms, comprising suites and villas, offer the ideal combination of natural beauty and luxury. Situated in the centre of Mount Abu, it has been a shining example of hospitality for more than 50 years, providing a modern leisure traveller with an ever-changing experience. Hotel Hilltone, a part of Mount Abu’s rich history, invites you to explore new heights of beauty and luxury, making your stay an enduring adventure in the shadow of the beautiful Aravalli hills.

Tariff: INR 6,000 onwards

Bikaner House – A Regal Touch

A Regal Touch: "Bikaner House, Mount Abu - Regally designed hotel offering a touch of grandeur and elegance
image source: bikhouse

Experience the height of comfort at the Palace Hotel – Bikaner House, the pinnacle of Mount Abu hospitality. This hidden treasure, located on Delwara Road, creates a lovely haven with stunning views of the mountains. This three-star retreat has been thoughtfully planned for your enjoyment and includes a wonderful garden, a gorgeous patio, a multi-cuisine restaurant, an inviting bar and a communal lounge. The lodging offers tranquilly in the middle of metropolitan life, a serene respite from the bustle of the city despite its central position. The Palace Hotel offers convenience without sacrificing tranquillity because of its proximity to other tourist sites, transforming your stay into a peaceful experience in the centre of Mount Abu’s picturesque appeal.

Tariff: INR 10,000 onwards

Wordsworth Lodge – One of the Best 3-Star Hotels in Mount Abu 

One of the Best 3-Star Hotels in Mount Abu: "Wordsworth Lodge, Mount Abu - Outstanding 3-star hotel known for its comfort and excellence
image source: in.worldorgs

Situated on the highest point in the Aravalli Range, this charming 3-star resort offers a tranquil haven surrounded by verdant, canopy forests and undulating valleys. Designed in 1965 by a William Wordsworth descendant, the historic resort tells its story. Savour the allure of two separate cottages and boutique rooms with hilltop views, each of which is a tribute to handcrafted elegance. Savour the vibrant colours of historic textiles, the charm of old wooden furniture, roomy closets, and king-sized beds. Arrive at well-proportioned patios with coffee tables where you may listen to the pleasant sounds of nature. This charming retreat offers lodging and an immersive experience of the Aravalli Range’s natural beauty and artisan tradition.

Tariff: INR 10,000 onwards

Jaipur House Mount Abu – A Taste of Royalty

A Taste of Royalty: "Jaipur House, Mount Abu - Royally themed hotel offering an opulent taste of luxury
image source: nuevahotelsandresorts

Situated on a tall cliff with expansive views of the lake and plateau below, Hotel Jaipur House Mount Abu is a well-known option for lodging in Mount Abu, close to the picturesque Nakki Lake. This historic site combines regal grandeur with stunning scenery to display traditional Rajasthani architecture. The palatial-style hotel provides convenient access to the city’s attractions and features rooms with elegant decor and all the facilities guests could want. The accommodation offers a variety of amenities to guarantee a smooth stay, such as parking, room service, front desk support, and security. This hotel in the heart of Mount Abu redefines elegance and hospitality with its banqueting facilities, charming coffee shop, and beautiful in-house restaurant serving diverse cuisines.

Tariff: INR 3,500 onwards

Hotel Mount Regency – Stay Luxuriously in a Budget

 Stay Luxuriously in a Budget: "Hotel Mount Regency, Mount Abu - Budget-friendly luxury accommodations for a lavish stay.
image source: romanticbug

Situated in a prime location on Mount Abu’s main road, Hotel Mount Regency offers a comfortable retreat in the middle of the city. With its calm atmosphere, the hotel guarantees that its visitors will have a peaceful stay. The large rooms include balconies and modern hammocks resembling chairs, making them the ideal relaxing place. Enjoy the garden and terrace of the hotel to explore the outdoors, or treat yourself to delicious meals at the on-site restaurant. At an additional expense, massages and spa services are offered to individuals looking to unwind. The friendly team of Hotel Mount Regency in Mount Abu is always available to attend to the guests’ requirements, guaranteeing a smooth and delightful stay.

Tariff: INR 4,000 onwards

Hari Niwas – The Definition of Comfort

The Definition of Comfort: "Hari Niwas, Mount Abu - Comfortable hotel renowned for its relaxing ambiance and services
image source: tripadvisor

Tucked away in peace, Hari Niwas – A Boutique Garden Resort is a striking modern haven on Mount Abu. Cosy beds in the chic, contemporary rooms offer the ideal balance of comfort and design. Bright plants and a lush, green landscape cover the home, creating a light and airy atmosphere. A wonderful stay is guaranteed with the availability of deluxe and suite family rooms as lodging alternatives. Visitors may use the restaurant’s and terrace’s amenities outside the rooms. Extras like a shuttle to and from the airport, vehicle rentals, and energetic bike rides improve the experience. Hari Niwas is a great option for anybody looking for a calm and restorative vacation amidst the breathtaking scenery of Mount Abu since it offers a tranquil atmosphere that envelops tourists.

Tariff: INR 3,000 onwards

Rock Regency – Cosy Stays for Cosy Days

Rock Regency
image source: tripadvisor

At the Rock Regency, one of Mount Abu’s best hotels, experience tranquilly. The refuge, tucked away in the middle of nature, provides a respite from the daily grind. An immersive experience in Mount Abu’s natural splendour is guaranteed by the panoramic views of stunning mountains and verdant valleys shown in every accommodation and common space. Relax in comfortable lodgings and rediscover yourself while enjoying the kind hospitality. Savour a delicious gastronomic adventure as you explore their culinary, combining flavours worldwide. Stay at Rock Regency, where cosy accommodations combine with stunning scenery to provide a welcoming stay in the centre of Mount Abu.

Tariff: INR 5,000 onwards

Rising Sun Retreat – The Most Popular Hotel in Mount Abu

The Most Popular Hotel in Mount Abu: "Rising Sun Retreat, Mount Abu - Popular hotel known for its excellent services and popularity
image source: makemytrip

Nestled in an unequalled tranquilly, Rising Sun Retreat is about 2 km away from the lovely Nakki Lake. The attentive, round-the-clock front desk service will meet your every need. The cosy living area and cable TV in the well-appointed rooms are designed to provide the most comfort and relaxation. Enjoy the comfort of having your bathroom with free amenities and a cool shower. Rising Sun Retreat offers more than simply lodging; it provides an immersive experience where the proximity to Nakki Lake and the attentive service combine to produce the ideal balance of natural beauty and comfort right in the heart of Mount Abu.

Tariff: INR 2,500 onwards

WelcomHeritage Connaught House – A Colonial Treasure

A Colonial Treasure: "WelcomHeritage Connaught House, Mount Abu - Colonial treasure offering a rich historical experience.
image source: lifeisoutside

Experience the classic beauty of The Connaught House, a warm British mansion tucked away in the peaceful creases of Mount Abu, the summer capital of Rajasthan. The Maharajah of Jodhpur currently resides at this ancient hideaway during the summer, which was first built in the 1930s and 1940s by Sir Donald Field, the last British Chief Minister of Jodhpur. Among the hotels in Mount Abu, it is a peaceful sanctuary that welcomes discriminating visitors. Its magnificent garden becomes the perfect family getaway and a handy starting point for organising hikes, exploring woods, and taking in the breathtaking Delwara Jain Temples. The stunning Nakki Lake is also easily accessible by car, making this the ultimate getaway package.

Tariff: INR 9,000 onwards


Mount Abu is a must-visit location with its peaceful atmosphere and captivating scenery. Getting the ideal lodging may enhance your trip. The Palace Hotel offers opulent accommodations, while the Sterling Mount Abu is a quaint getaway. This list of hotels in Mount Abu provides a variety of choices to accommodate any traveller’s preference and budget. The hotels in Mount Abu guarantee an amazing stay amidst the splendour of nature, whether you’re looking for luxury, peace, or a combination of the two. Accept the charm of this idyllic retreat and set out on a voyage full of pleasure and peaceful moments. Your ideal mountain getaway is waiting for you; reserve your stay now and allow Mount Abu’s warmth to create lifelong memories that will last a lifetime!

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
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