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12 Best Hotels in Pahalgam of 2024 – Places to Stay in Pahalgam



Welcome to our guide to the best hotels in Pahalgam for the year 2024! If you’re planning a visit to this picturesque hill station in the Kashmir Valley, you’ll want to find the perfect place to stay. Look no further, as we have curated a list of the most amazing accommodations for you. In this article, you’ll discover a range of hotels in Pahalgam that cater to different budgets and preferences. From luxurious resorts offering breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains to cosy guesthouses nestled amidst lush greenery, there’s something for everyone. Our cherry-picked selection will help you make an informed decision, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay during your visit to Pahalgam. Whether you’re travelling solo, with your loved one, or planning a family getaway, we’ve got you covered. So, get ready to explore the top hotels in Pahalgam and find your perfect escape in this paradise on earth. Let’s dive right in and discover the best places to stay in Pahalgam!

Factors to Consider When Selecting Hotels in Pahalgam

There are certain factors that you need to consider when choosing a hotel for your stay. Pahalgam is a gem in the Kashmir Valley and has an abundance of hotels. Having so many possibilities makes decision-making challenging. Let’s take a look at what you need to keep in mind when selecting hotels in Pahalgam for your stay.

Budget: Budget is the most important thing to consider when looking for hotels. You can filter your results by your budget and the quality of the hotel (2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and so on) to find something that is within your budget.

Location: The location of the hotel is another important aspect. Check how close the hotel is to popular attractions so you can easily access them. If you are looking for a more secluded stay and are on a leisure trip, you can opt for hotels far from popular locations.

Reviews: Reviews are another important factor. Look for websites that have reviews of the hotel you’ve selected to get a view of what’s being shown and what’s not. Reviews can help you decide if your stay is going to be as pleasant as the hotel looks.

Dining Options: You can also consider looking for in-dine options. It will save you the hassle of looking for food around the town. Rooms with free breakfast are a great option to help you kick-start your day without the hassle of looking for breakfast and losing out on time. Most hotels in Pahalgam have a dine-in option with restaurants and room delivery service within the premises.

Packages: Many hotels in Pahalgam offer curated tour packages to their guests. You can check with management about the same. It will create a smoother trip for you.

12 Best Hotels & Places to Stay in Pahalgam

WelcomHotel Pine n Peak

WelcomHotel Pine n Peak
image source: makemytrip

The lovely Welcomhotel by ITC Hotels, Pine N Peak, is tucked away in Pahalgam’s picturesque surroundings and provides first-rate services. The health centre, golf course, and patio are additional amenities that provide a pleasant stay in addition to the warm and appealing rooms. The property’s restorative spa and sauna invite guests to indulge in relaxation, further elevating the experience. Massage rooms are another addition that improves wellness options. The Welcomhotel by ITC Hotels, Pine N Peak, is a refuge where visitors can relax amid the spectacular beauty of Pahalgam, offering the ideal combination of comfort and elegance.

Tariff: INR 22,000 onwards

The Villagio

The Villagio
image source: cleartrip

This boutique jewel in Pahalgam, at 7,500 feet above sea level, beckons with panoramic views of the spectacular Kolohai mountains, deep pine woodlands, and the Lidder River. The little rooms provide a pleasant haven with their beautiful woodwork and rustic brick walls. The restaurant offers a delicious blend of Indian and Chinese food, and if you reserve ahead, you can even enjoy a pre-arranged Kashmiri Wazwan. Beyond meals, the hotel staff creates customised activities, such as picturesque picnics and adventurous excursions. For a classic kind of transportation for exploring the area, consider taking a nostalgic pony ride.

Tariff: INR 9,000 onwards

Grand Mumtaz Resort

Grand Mumtaz Resort
image source: trivago

The Grand Mumtaz Resort, named for the majestic pine trees that envelop it, is the epitome of luxury and cosiness. The resort promises an opulent stay with its 122 large rooms, each decorated with tasteful drapes, paintings, and plush patterned carpets. All of the rooms are centrally heated. The location is breathtaking, with snow-capped mountains framing the vast 18-hole golf course in Pahalgam. Savour a variety of gastronomic delights at the hotel’s several restaurants, which provide continental, Indian, and Mughlai cuisine. Enjoy Kashmiri Wazwan, a traditional multi-course feast with a symphony of meats, fruits, and veggies, for a true pleasure. Your entryway to an opulent hideaway amidst the splendour of nature is Grand Mumtaz Resort.

Tariff: INR 7000 onwards

The Chinar Resort and Spa

The Chinar Resort and Spa
image source: booking

With sweeping views of the Himalayas, this resort provides a peaceful refuge tucked away on the quiet outskirts of the busy tourist town. Luxurious furnishings, large balconies, and contemporary conveniences make these well-appointed rooms the perfect place for a decadent staycation. With a relaxed atmosphere, this multi-cuisine restaurant and café is ideal for romantic evenings and get-togethers. It overlooks verdant green walnut orchards. Following a day of sightseeing or hiking, the on-site spa entices a variety of treatments, offering the ideal haven for rest and renewal. At this retreat, every element has been thoughtfully designed to provide a peaceful and unforgettable experience escaping the bustle.

Tariff: INR 11,000 onwards

Pahalgam Hotel

Pahalgam Hotel
image source: tripadvisor

Operating since 1931, the Pahalgam Hotel is a contemporary yet historic treasure among Pahalgam’s hotels, spread across two acres. Awarded the ‘Award of Excellence’ by the Directorate of Tourism Kashmir, it boasts 25 opulent rooms and 20 suites, all of which provide stunning views of the Lidder River and snow-capped mountains. This prestigious facility offers a variety of eating options, such as the Dining Hall, which serves a variety of cuisines, Pine Retreat, Café Log Inn, Stone Age Lounge, and Little Hut, which has an outside barbecue area and bar. The Pahalgam Hotel offers a whole package for a satisfying vacation with features such as an indoor pool, fitness club, conference room, library, and gift store.

Tariff: INR 17,000 onwards

Hotel Heevan

Hotel Heevan
image source:tripadvisor

Standing tall on the banks of the roaring River Lidder, Hotel Heevan is one of the most well-known hotels in Pahalgam, offering forty-five air-conditioned and large rooms and bungalows. The furniture in the rooms is nicely decorated with cane and wood, which elevates the overall look. Savour delicious food at Dilkusha restaurant and treat yourself to coffee and light fare at Aabshar, all while taking in breathtaking river views. With its cosy atmosphere and gorgeous setting, Hotel Heevan provides a relaxing haven for those looking for peace in the middle of Pahalgam’s breathtaking scenery.

Tariff: INR 13,000 onwards

Hotel Baisaran

Hotel Baisaran
image source: goibibo

One of the most reasonably priced hotels in Pahalgam, Hotel Baisaran entices visitors with its 25 modern rooms, offering a comfortable sanctuary. Tucked away in the heart of the marketplace, its ideal position guarantees accessibility for everyone, along with first-rate service and individualised attention. Guests are treated to delicious meals and a fantastic gastronomic experience at the hotel. Beyond the essentials, Hotel Baisaran improves convenience by offering complimentary parking and airport shuttles. To add even more to their stay, adventure seekers can participate in guided walks, pony rides, and local sightseeing. For those looking for comfort and affordability in the centre of Pahalgam, Hotel Baisaran is a notable option because of its contemporary amenities, friendly atmosphere, and dedication to client pleasure.

Tariff: INR 5,000 onwards

Hotel White House

Hotel White House
image source: tripadvisor

Situated next to a gushing river, Hotel White House provides a tranquil getaway in the middle of Pahalgam. The attractively decorated furnishings of this quaint hotel are modest, but the well-sized rooms guarantee a comfortable stay. Visitors may unwind in the verdant garden while taking in the peaceful sounds of the river. Hotel White House is a pet-friendly hotel that accepts animal friends. To round up the experience, the hotel has an outdoor pool and can organise bike excursions, nighttime entertainment, hiking, skiing, fishing, and cultural trips upon request. Hotel White House provides the ideal fusion of luxury, natural beauty, and a wide range of recreational activities for visitors looking for intriguing places to stay in Pahalgam.

Tariff: INR 3,500 onwards

Lidder Palace

Lidder Palace
image source:makemytrip

Against the breathtaking background of the Himalayan mountains in the tranquil Pahalgam Valley, Lidder Palace, nestled across the bustling Lidder River, is a highlight among places to stay in Pahalgam. The spacious and lavishly furnished rooms sustain a comfortable stay with all the necessities at this little getaway. Visitors may enjoy a variety of dining options, including the on-site restaurant’s special Kashmiri and Indian fare. Beyond only providing lodging, Lidder Palace makes hassle-free reservations for outdoor pursuits, including hiking, camping, skiing, and river rafting. Lidder Palace is one of the best places to stay in Pahalgam because of its beautiful setting and dedication to both peace and discovery.

Paradise Guest House

Paradise Guest House
image source: cltpstatic

At Paradise Guest House, one of the best places to stay in Pahalgam, take in the peaceful sounds of the flowing river and the refreshing wind. This hotel, which is tucked away along the banks of the Lidder River, provides contemporary family rooms where visitors may wake up to the sound of nature. Relax on the hotel patio or in the verdant garden with enthralling views after a day of touring. The on-site restaurant caters to various gastronomic tastes. Guests may enjoy a variety of enjoyable activities and pet-friendly lodging at this tranquil Pahalgam getaway, making for a satisfying and enjoyable stay.

Zostel Pahalgam

A unique accommodation choice in the picturesque town, Zostel Pahalgam embraces the communal vibe of a hostel while departing from the conventional hotel model. Dorm accommodations with bunk beds that sleep four to six people are available; there are also separate dorms for female visitors. There are private rooms in addition to common areas. The hostel guarantees convenience and security by providing separate lockers for every bed. With first-rate facilities and service, Zostel Pahalgam is a charming establishment that perfectly captures the artistic allure of Kashmir with its tastefully designed architecture. Travellers touring Pahalgam may enjoy a communal and immersive stay at this unique lodging. It is one of the best places to stay in Pahalgam for a budget-friendly option and is perfect for backpackers, friend groups and solo travellers.

Tariff: INR 700 onwards per bed

Grand Heritage Resort

A hidden treasure among the places to stay in Pahalgam is the Grand Heritage Resort. This cosy hotel is located next to a river and provides spotless rooms and a homestay-like atmosphere among the tranquil beauty of mountains and lush meadows. The rooms provide a warm haven for winter comfort, complete with electric blankets. Although there isn’t a restaurant on the premises, the friendly staff serves up delicious home-cooked meals, and there are plenty of convenient dining alternatives nearby. Grand Heritage Resort is a straightforward yet enjoyable option that is conveniently close to Pahalgam’s major market, just 4 km away. It offers comfort and affordability for those who want to explore Pahalgam’s beautiful scenery.

Tariff: INR 1,500 onwards


Keeping in mind your budget, location, customer reviews and dining options, choose the best stay option from this list of hotels in Pahalgam. Pahalgam is a beautiful land of shepherds that is on everybody’s list of tourist places in Kashmir. You must visit this pretty town and have an immersive experience by staying here for at least one night. With ample places to stay in Pahalgam, you can choose any one of these amazing accommodations and take an amazing trip to Paradise on Earth.

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
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