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    Wilson Hills: A Complete Guide to Gujarat’s Hidden Gem


    Have you ever dreamed of living on a hill station that is not ridden with tourists where you can peacefully enjoy your mornings and evenings? Well, Gujarat’s Wilson Hills is just the place for you. This quaint and hidden hill station near the Gujarat-Maharashtra border is the perfect place to relax and unwind in nature’s lap and will make for the best trip you’ll ever have – with friends, family, or even solo! In this blog, we’ll explore this hill station – its tourist places, history, best time to visit it, and more. Scroll away!

    Wilson Hills: Hidden Gem of Gujarat

    The Wilson Hills, located in Gujarat’s Dharampur region, is one of those locations where the natural and panoramic beauty of the area would leave you speechless. Wilson Hills is a great location for wildlife photographers with its low-lying clouds, verdant trees, comfortable temperature, and captivating hilltop sea vista.

    Wilson Hills is around 48 kilometres from Valsad and 123 kilometres from Surat. Its elevation is approximately 2,500 feet above sea level. The summer months of May and June are a little heated, but the refreshing sea breeze from the Arabian Sea easily offsets that. As the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary is located near the Wilson Hills area, it is a destination that nature lovers should not miss. Wilson Hills promises to provide breathtaking views at every turn, including breathtaking valleys, immaculate lakes, misty clouds, and stunning vistas of the dawn and sunset over the ocean.

    Wilson Hills: History and Legacy

    Although brief, the history of the Wilson Hills is fascinating. The location got its name in honour of Lord Wilson, who served as Mumbai’s governor from 1928 to 1923. It’s said that Lord Wilson and King Vijay Devji of Dharampur had intended to turn the area into a hill station, but several issues prevented the projects from starting. Wilson Hotel Highland Initiative, a private corporation, only assumed control of the Wilson Hills region’s development in 2003. Since then, the area’s breathtaking scenery and vistas have never ceased to astound and delight us.

    Wilson Hills: A Complete Guide to Gujarat’s Hidden Gem 5

    Top Places to Visit in Wilson Hills

    This quaint hill station offers many opportunities for exploration. The many places in Wilson Hills will fulfil your soul’s desire to travel.

    Barumal Shiv Temple

    The Barumal Shiva Temple, which lies between Wilson Hills and Dharampur, is a cultural haven and a place of worship. Admire its exquisite architecture and explore a walk-through exhibition that delves into the area’s history. In addition to providing spiritual comfort, the temple grounds provide gastronomic treats at the cafeteria and a peaceful haven in the on-site hotel. The surroundings attract with their natural beauty, even beyond their cultural charm. At the intersection of spirituality, history, cuisine, and scenic appeal, Barumal Shiva Temple beckons as a holistic destination that offers visitors an immersive and enlightening experience. Take advantage of the opportunity to discover this fascinating jewel on the road.

    Bilpudi Twin Waterfalls

    Bilpudi Twin Waterfalls
    image source: tripadvisor

    The lovely Bilpudi Waterfalls, also called Mavali Mata Waterfalls, are about 10 kilometres from Dharampur and are natural wonders for nature lovers. This natural scene is breathtaking, with one waterfall plunging from a towering thirty feet and its twin cascading softly down from twenty feet. Being close to Dharampur makes it a peaceful yet easily accessible getaway where guests can enjoy the calming sounds of falling water. By its two cascades, Bilpudi Waterfalls is a tribute to the charming nature so effortlessly reveals. It offers a peaceful refuge to those enthralled by the pristine beauty of the outdoors.

    Ozone Valley

    Nature lovers and photographers alike are drawn to the Ozone Valley Point, about 500 metres from Wilson Hill’s centre. This picturesque location, shrouded in mist and surrounded by lush vegetation, is a refuge for anybody looking for a tranquil getaway. Ozone Valley is a must-see because its ethereal beauty captivates visitors. This place has an unmatched scenic attractiveness, whether you enjoy photography, the outdoors, or both. Additionally, it provides the ideal environment for camping outings with loved ones, letting you take in the peace of the natural world while making enduring memories right in the middle of Wilson Hill.

    District Science Centre

    district science centre wilson hill
    image source: dsctirunelveli

    The District Science Centre in Dharampur district was created to conduct research and disseminate information on the conservation of Wilson Hills’ natural environment. Tucked away in the tribal areas, this centre is an educational resource that tells visitors about the various tools and techniques used to preserve the natural world. The centre actively engages its audience with various activities and events in addition to its educational exhibits. The experience includes a cutting-edge Digital Planetarium with a 3D hall, offering a platform for participatory learning and encouraging a closer relationship with Wilson Hills’ natural legacy. It also includes dynamic indoor exhibitions and immersive travelling exhibitions.

    Sunrise Point

    When travelling to Wilson Hills, resist the urge to press the snooze button and instead stop at Sunrise Point for a breathtaking view. Watch the sun rise and set elegantly behind hazy clouds, transforming the sky into a riot of pink, orange, and red hues. That is a wonderful way to start the day. This breathtaking natural wonder will create a mystical atmosphere for the remainder of your day. Take advantage of this chance to get in touch with nature, enjoy peace, and forever remember the majestic splendour of Wilson Hills’ dawn.

    Sunset Point

    A visit to Wilson Hills’ Sunset Point is a must for lovers of the setting sun. Take in the spectacular view as the sun slowly sets and spreads its golden rays across the sky. From this vantage point, you can see nature’s nighttime creation firsthand as the surrounding terrain turns into a warm-toned canvas. Capture the beauty of the sun setting as it casts a peaceful glow over the surroundings, creating a moment that will never fade. Take advantage of the chance to take in Wilson Hills’ Sunset Point’s serene surroundings and breathtaking twilight.

    Lady Wilson Museum

    The Wilson Hills Museum, sometimes the Lady Wilson Museum, is a veritable gold mine of historical relics and antiques that reveal the fascinating tale of Dharampur and Wilson Hills. The museum has a well-chosen collection vividly depicts the past, making it an enticing location for visitors keen to learn more about the area’s history. Wilson Hills is an educational refuge that invites visitors to discover and comprehend the rich legacy that has moulded the town’s character. It has everything from cultural artefacts to thought-provoking displays. Anyone looking to understand better the intriguing history woven into this magnificent location’s fabric must visit the Wilson Hills Museum.

    Shankar Waterfall

    Shankar Waterfall
    Wilson Hills: A Complete Guide to Gujarat’s Hidden Gem 6

    Tucked away near Wilson Hills, in the Sahyadri Mountains, just 6 kilometres away, is another outstanding treasure, the Shankar Waterfalls. This natural wonder invites guests to feel a deep connection to nature. The picturesque scene materialises before your eyes, giving a lasting sense of unmatched beauty as the bubbling waters reveal their allure. Be ready to be enthralled by this captivating spectacle, which promises to provide an amazing vista that matches any previously seen scenic view. It is a tribute to nature’s unadulterated and unmatched beauty in the heart of the Sahyadris.


    Marble Chhatri Point is historically significant and beautiful at Wilson Hill’s peak. This beautiful Marble Chhatri is a loving dedication from King Vijay Devji to Lord Wilson, as per historical sources. The location, rich in historical importance, welcomes guests to immerse in the cultural story fully and honouring this esteemed person. One must-see attraction of Wilson Hills is Marble Chhatri Point, a trip through time that provides amazing vistas and an insight into the deep historical ties between King Vijay Devji and Lord Wilson.

    Best Time to Visit Wilson Hills

    The distinctive experiences that each season of Wilson Hills offers determine the ideal time to come. The monsoon lasts from June to September, creating an eye-catching yet soggy background by painting the surroundings in rich green hues. The beginning of the tourism season, defined by mild and pleasant weather, occurs after the monsoon in October and November. Winter is when most tourists travel, from December to February, looking for the ideal combination of cold weather and clear sky. While it’s nice throughout the day, nights and early mornings may get cold, which is perfect for people who enjoy the clean mountain air. The pre-summer phase begins as March draws near and continues gradually until May when it peaks. The weather is good in March and April, but by May, the temperatures start to rise.

    Those who prefer milder weather might enjoy this time of year while avoiding the busiest winter months. While the winter months attract many people looking for the traditional hill station experience, post-monsoon travels may be just as captivating for individuals who enjoy the monsoon charm. The best time to visit Wilson Hills ultimately depends on personal tastes, whether for the vibrant monsoon, the peaceful post-monsoon, or the serene winter months.

    How to Reach Wilson Hills

    Wilson Hills falls on the Gujarat State Highway 181 and is well-connected to all major cities of both Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is just 48 kilometres from Valsad and 123 kilometres from Surat.

    By Air: The closest airport to Wilson Hills is Surat Airport.

    By Road: Buses and taxis are easily available for Wilson Hills from Surat and Valsad. You can also drive here by following the route on GJSH 181.

    By Rail: The Valsad Railway Station is closest to Wilson Hills.


    Wilson Hills is a beautiful hill station in the Sahyadri range of Gujarat. If you can visit this awe-inspiring location, you must immediately go there! The serene natural landscapes here make the holiday for all.

    Riddhi Sompura
    Riddhi Sompura
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