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Bhangarh Fort: (Rajasthan) – Most Haunted Place in India



Bhangarh Fort: The scariest Fort in Rajasthan

You must have heard about the spooky Bhangarh Fort. It bags its place in the 4th position among the most haunted places in the world. The fort came into the limelight a few years ago. After the government took total control of it approximately 20 years ago, the government made it a tourist place. It is also a famous fort with a horrible story. First, the fort is situated on the edge of “Sariska National Park,” approximately 100kms far from Jaipur in Rajasthan, built by “King Madho Singh” in the 17th century. According to experts, the Bhangarh Fort was a small village in the 17th century. India’s government plans to rebuild it again like a small village and make it a heritage tourist place, but the government needs to renovate it somehow. Sometimes, ceilings fell on workers, and sometimes contractors or workers found died mysteriously. Many workers and contractors died while renovating it, and after that government and the Archeological Survey of India found some paranormal activities there. So, India’s Archeological Survey and India’s government closed the entry into the fort before and after sunset.

How to Reach?

Tourists can reach here through any means of transport, such as by Bus, car and air. Delhi airport is the nearest to Alwar, which is 163 km away. You can easily take a cab or taxi from Delhi. Alwar City is well connected to the Bus via nearby towns. The train ride is also too good for Alwar as it offers a breathtaking view.

Most Haunted Place in India
Most Haunted Place in India.

The interesting story behind the haunted Bhangarh Fort

Now, there is a belief in the market that the fort is cursed by a “Tantrik” who had a lousy intuition against the Queen of the fort “, Rani Ratnavati.” He tries to make that intuition come true by doing black magic on the Queen, but he fails because the Queen catches him red-handed while doing that black magic. After that, the Queen passed an order to kill that “Tantrik.” Before Tantrik died, he cursed the village to be destroyed, and the spirits of the people of that village will remain in the town, and then the town will never become soul free. After that, the curse of that Tantrik worked, and the town got destroyed. Still, the village is cursed, and people who live around that village feel many paranormal activities in the fort and the town. Shops, water tanks, houses, and the “King Madho Singh” fortress are in the village, and they all are cursed. 

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Horrible Sounds that nearby Villagers Experience

Many people hear the noises of the villagers at night. This is the most horrible fort in India, but you can visit the fort only in the daytime. It is safe to see in the daytime before 5 PM. You can visit there by car, Bus. Visiting the fort after 5 PM is prohibited, and the archaeological department has made it very clear. There is a board with a written warning that the fort is haunted, and it’s not allowed to visit the fort after 5 PM, and even the guards are not allowed to check the fort or enter it after sunset. If you want to learn more about the fort, consider hiring a tourist guide who can provide accurate and valuable information. There are few hotels and restaurants to stay in or to have snacks. So, if you want to visit here, go with your snacks and remember to steer clear after 5 PM.

Bhangarh Fort Story

The construction of Bhangarh Fort dates back to the 17th century when it was built by Raja Man Singh I, a Mughal army general. The fort was originally a thriving town but was abandoned in the 1730s after a series of misfortunes, including a curse from a local hermit.

Bhangarh Fort Haunted Incidents

Bhangarh Fort is infamous for its spooky stories and incidents. Locals and visitors have reported witnessing strange occurrences within the fort premises. It is said that the fort becomes a hotbed of paranormal activity after sunset. While exploring the ruins, people have experienced disembodied voices, strange shadows, and an eerie presence.

One popular haunted tale is that anyone who enters the fort after sunset is not able to return. It is believed that the spirits of Singhia and Princess Ratnavati haunt the fort, guarding it against intruders. These chilling stories have contributed to Bhangarh Fort’s reputation as one of the most haunted places in India.

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Bhangarh Fort at night

Bhangarh Fort is said to be even more haunted at night. Visitors who have been to the fort at night claim to have seen strange lights and shadows and heard strange noises. Some people even say that they have felt the presence of ghosts.

Bhangarh Fort Timing

Bhangarh Fort Timing
Bhangarh Fort Timing

Bhangarh Fort is open to visitors from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. However, the fort is said to be most haunted at night, so if you are looking for a truly spooky experience, you may want to visit the fort after dark.

Best Time to Visit Bhangarh

Best Time to Visit Bhangarh
Best Time to Visit Bhangarh

The ideal time to visit Bhangarh Fort is during the winter months, from October to February. The weather is pleasant and favourable for exploring the historical site without the scorching heat of Rajasthan’s summers. However, if you are a thrill-seeker looking for a haunting experience, visiting the fort during the off-peak seasons might add extra spookiness to your trip.

Bhangarh Fort Entry Fees

Bhangarh Fort Entry Fees
Bhangarh Fort Entry Fees

The entry fee for Bhangarh Fort is INR 50 for adults and INR 25 for children. The fort is also closed on Mondays.

Best Places to Visit in Alwar

In addition to Bhangarh Fort, there are several other interesting places to visit in the Alwar district. These include:

  • Ajabgarh Fort:

Ajabgarh Fort

This fort is located about 15 kilometres from Bhangarh Fort. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a princess killed by her husband.

  • Sariska Tiger Reserve:
Sariska Tiger Reserve
Sariska Tiger Reserve
This wildlife sanctuary is home to several endangered species, including tigers, leopards, and wild boars.
  • Kekri: This is a small village that is known for its pottery. Visitors can visit the pottery workshops and see how pottery is made traditionally.
  • Laxminath Temple:
Laxminath Temple:
Laxminath Temple:
This temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Lakshmi. It is one of the most important temples in Alwar.


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