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Chikhaldara Maharashtra: A Hidden Hill Station in Satpura



Chikhaldara Maharashtra” is a great weekend escape if you wish to leave the hustle of city life behind for a few days. It is a beautiful hill station in Maharashtra known for its serenity and peaceful environment that fills you with awe. It is located right on the Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border and can be easily accessed from all major cities of India. In this blog, we’ll let you know the places you can visit here, how to reach this beautiful town, the best time to visit it and more. Scroll down to find out!

Chikhaldara Maharashtra: Hill Town Hidden in History

The alluring scent of coffee greets you upon arrival to Chikhaldara. Known for being the only coffee-growing region nearby, Chikhaldara is a nature lover’s paradise and a sensory experience. Perched at 1118 metres, it is a popular summer resort for residents and tourists from outside the area. The town is surrounded by stunning lakes that offer placid waters, mind-blowing panoramic perspectives with expansive views, and the attraction of unique fauna. Chikhaldara is one of the best spots to explore in Maharashtra because of its welcoming atmosphere, which makes it the perfect site for anybody looking to have a peaceful relationship with nature.

Located four hours from Nagpur, it is known for its picturesque landscapes and holds cultural significance tied to the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. Legend has it that Bhim, one of the heroes of the Mahabharata, achieved a glorious victory over Keechaka at this very location, leading to the naming of Chikhaldara after Keechaka. As the only hill station in Vidarbha, Chikhaldara has become a sought-after destination, offering natural beauty and historical significance in the heart of Maharashtra.

Nestled on a mountain range, Chikhaldara is situated at the border where Maharashtra gives way to Madhya Pradesh. This quaint town, cradled within the folds of the Satpura ranges, offers a retreat for those seeking tranquillity and a laid-back holiday experience. Compared to bustling urban centres, Chikhaldara lacks the glitz of five-star hotels, shopping malls, movie theatres, or spas. Instead, it invites visitors to revel in life’s simple pleasures—inhaling pollution-free air, savouring the cool breeze, engaging in conversations with the amiable locals, strolling along streets with a carefree spirit, and embarking on forest safaris to explore the natural wonders of the region. Chikhaldara stands as a haven for those yearning to escape the uncomplicated joys of life.

Top 12 Places to Visit in Chikhaldara Maharashtra

1. Gawilgarh Fort

Built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the 12th century, Gawilgarh Fort is a testament to a rich historical legacy situated atop the Satpura Range close to Chikhaldara Maharashtra. This fort, which combined Mughal and Maratha architectural elements, was built strategically and functioned as a military bastion. Beyond its historical significance, Gawilgarh Fort provides tourists with breathtaking vistas of the countryside and the Satpura Range. The fort’s temples, gates, and bastions serve as reminders of the military engineering marvels of the era. Reachable by road, a trip to Gawilgarh entails a brief walk that offers historical perspectives and a chance to take in the area’s elegance, making it an appealing destination for history buffs and environmentalists.

2. Devi Point

devi point
image source: pinterest

Nestled at an elevation of 1061 m on the hill station, Devi Point is a must-visit location in Chikhaldara Maharashtra. The temple is well-known for its goddess shrine, situated by the river and provides a unique experience with groundwater tumbling from the rock roof. For further safety, devotees recently built a covered temple. This place, 86 miles from Amravati, is where the Chandrabhaga Canal begins its meandering path across stony mountains. The nearest point to the summit of the hill offers breathtaking views of the woodland area of the Melghat Sanctuary and a peek of the Amravati fort ruins. Devi Point, set amidst stunning temple buildings, draws religious pilgrims and casual visitors with its tranquil surroundings, abundant flora and wildlife, and a genuinely unforgettable experience.

3. Panchbol Point

Panchbol Point
image source: tripnight

With five different mountain range vistas, Panchbol Point in Chikhaldara Maharashtra, is well known for its breathtaking panoramic views. Located close to the top of the hill, it offers a broad view of the wooded area of the Melghat Sanctuary and the old Amravati fort ruins. The point, which captures the tranquil serenity of the area in less than a hundred words, is well-known for its scenic splendour and is a refuge for photographers and nature lovers.

4. Bhim Kund

Bhim Kund
image source: traveloon

Located around 78 miles from the Chhattarpur district on the Chikhaldara to Pratwada highway, Bhimkund is a naturally occurring blue water tank of mythological and scenic value. Old stories say that after Bhim vanquished Kichaka, he was thrown into this valley, thus the name Kichakdara. Then Bhim dove into the nearby lake, dubbed ‘Bhimkund.’ This natural reservoir, which draws tourists with its serene waters and the long mythology linked with the powerful Bhim from the Mahabharata, is a monument to the rich mythological past of the area.

5. Hurricane Point

Tucked away in the centre of Chikhaldara, Hurricane Point is a hidden treasure amid beautiful places, a great place for a refreshing morning stroll. Nature lovers and those looking for a calm retreat will find it the perfect getaway due to its serene atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings. The point is especially charming during the rainy season when it is shrouded in hazy, ethereal clouds that give the surroundings an air of mystery. The meandering pathways and abundant foliage engender a tranquil ambience, beckoning guests to embrace the natural world’s splendour fully. Whether you’re a passionate hiker, a photographer, or just someone looking for peace, Hurricane Point promises to be a wonderful and dynamic retreat where every visit unveils new aspects of its unspoiled appeal.

6. Mozari’s point

Mozaris point
image source: trip advisor

Mozari Point is one of the best spots in the area and a top attraction in Chikhaldara, with unmatched views. Early morning and evening are the best times to go since they provide beautiful views of the deep valley as the sun rises. Mozari Point is much more alluring during the rainy season when vivid scenery and abundant flora combine to create a spellbinding experience. The breathtaking view of the Satpura mountain ranges provided from the vantage point further enhances the beauty of the surroundings. Mozari Point offers an enthralling and immersive experience with Chikhaldara’s natural grandeur, whether looking for the romance of dawn and sunset hues or the lush beauty of the rainy season.

7. Melghat Tiger Reserve

Melghat Tiger Reserve
Chikhaldara Maharashtra: A Hidden Hill Station in Satpura 8

Melghat Tiger Reserve is a notable wildlife refuge in Maharashtra, India’s Amravati district. Its varied flora and animals are well known, and it covers an area of more than 2,000 square km. “Melghat,” which translates to “meeting of the hills,” is a notable geographical feature that inspired the reserve’s name. In addition to being home to many Bengal tigers, sloth bears, leopards, Indian bison (gaur), and a wide variety of birds live in the Melghat Tiger Reserve. In addition to aiding in the preservation of threatened species, the reserve is a popular ecotourism site that offers travellers a chance to take in the beauty of the surrounding environment and supports local efforts to conserve animals.

8. Bir Lake

Bir Lake is a small lake situated in the centre of Chikhaldhara Maharashtra. Bir Lake in Chikhaldara is a historic basalt reservoir established during the British colonial era to supply water to British soldiers. This lake, originally intended to supply water to the town, is an important component of the region’s hydraulic infrastructure and a reminder of its colonial past. The lake’s historical significance is reflected in using basalt, a local building material, in the architecture. Beyond its practical use, Bir Lake is surrounded by the ruins of an ancient garden; however, neglect over time has damaged it. Even if the garden seems a little neglected, it gives this quaint hill station a nostalgic touch and a window into the British influence of the past.

9. Semadoh Lake

Semadoh Lake
image source: blogspot

Semadoh Lake is the starting point of an enthralling trip into the core of animal protection. It is the entrance to the Melghat Tiger Reserve. Semadoh Lake, which is around 26 kilometres away from the charming Chikhaldara hill station, entices visitors with its serene beauty. The lake’s tranquil waters and gorgeous surroundings create an idyllic scene that appeals to lovers of the natural world and animals. Semadoh Lake is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it is the centre of ecotourism activities, providing nature hikes and boat trips to those keen to discover Melghat Tiger Reserve’s rich biodiversity. This immaculate lake entices with its inherent beauty and is a precursor to the incredible animal encounters that await those who go into Melghat’s depths.

10. Sunset Point

Perched atop the Vairat hills, this point holds historical significance as the capital of King Vairat during the Mahabharata era. Renowned for its breathtaking sunset views, the location offers a captivating panorama of Chikhaldara to the east, and a series of hill ranges to the west, in harmony with the Satpura name.

11. Narnala Fort

Located in the Akola district of Maharashtra, India, Narnala Fort, also called Shahnoor Fort, is a mediaeval fortification close to Akot. Zafarabad, Teliagarh, and Narnala are the three principal citadels of Narnala Fort on the Satpura Range. Its rich history dates back to the tenth century, when several kingdoms, such as the Marathas and the Mughals, contributed. The Shahnoor Dam, the Khoja Mahal, and the elaborate gates are just a few of the fort’s historical features that provide an insight into the past. For those who enjoy the outdoors and history, the fort’s expansive views of the surrounding landscapes make it a must-visit location in Chikhaldara Maharashtra.

12. Kalapani Lake

Kalapani Lake
image source: holidify

On your ascent to the top plateau, a narrow trail splits to reveal Kalapani Lake, a peaceful location well worth seeing. Shiv Sagar Point is reached after a short drive. It is well-known for its expansive views and for being the ideal location to see the captivating colours of the sunset. Along the way, tourists may immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surroundings, from the serene banks of Kalapani Lake to the breathtaking sight of nightfall at Shiv Sagar Point. The journey is not merely a physical excursion but also a relaxing experience.

How to Reach Chikhaldara Maharashtra

By Air: The Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport in Nagpur is the closest airport to Chikhaldara Maharashtra.

By Road: Chikhaldara Maharashtra is 230 kilometres from Nagpur and 100 kilometres from Amravati. You can take a bus or cab here.

By Rail: Amravati Railway Station is the nearest train station. Buses and cabs to this pretty hill station are easily available from here.

Best Time to Visit Chikhaldara Maharashtra

The monsoon and winter months are best for visiting Chikhaldara. The weather is pleasant, and the heat doesn’t scorch. You can enjoy the aesthetic of this amazing hill station from June to February.


Chikhaldara Maharashtra is a must-visit location on everyone’s travel bucket list. It is still a lesser-known place; those finding peace will get it here. Stepping away from such an amazing opportunity is not an option! Pack your bags and head to this beautiful location with much to offer everyone.

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
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