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Pangong Lake- Ladakh | Best Time To Visit | India



Pangong lake: the chilly lake of Ladakh

Pangong Lake, located in Ladakh, is a highly sought-after lake at 4350 meters above sea level. This lake is also known as Pangong Tso. This lake is wonderful. The lake is changing colour. It is a popular tourist attraction. There was a shotting of the Bollywood movie three idiots here. A special type of permit is required to reach Pangong lake. Indian citizens can easily obtain permits. The temperature of Pangong Lake varies between -5 ° to 10 °.

How to reach Pangong

Pangong is 5 hours away from Leh. Since Pangong Lake is very close to China’s border, it can go to the village of Spagmik. The journey from Leh to Pangong is thrilling. Leh can also be reached by Pangong state transport bus. Or can also be reached via private vehicle and cab. There is no petrol pump in Pangong, so petrol should be ensured in advance.

Pangong lake camping

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Pangong Lake is the best place for camping, and tourists come here to see the amazing views of nature and experience the bizarre eagle. Tent packages can be enjoyed here, or you can also experience local homes. Local people do not lack welcome visitors.

There is an ideal place to stay, 32 kilometres from the lake. This place is perfect for nature lovers; this quiet, pollution-free environment is captivating and heart-touching for nature lovers.

Winters at Pangong Lake

The views of Lake Pangong are very pleasant during winter. The hills here are covered with snow. During the winter, the lake completely turns into ice. One can walk on this lake, giving you a quirky experience. The sun is not visible here during the winter; there is a snow hill, frozen lake, and fog shade all around. The minimum temperature here is up to 14 ° C.

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Best time to visit 

The time of summer, from June to September, is the best time to visit the lake. It is not pleasant to visit during winter as the lake remains completely frozen during winter, and there is fog all around.

Pangongel in summer provides the opportunity to see migratory birds and flora. Tourists like to come here in the summer.

Bollywood connection

The shooting of Bollywood’s famous films took place amidst the natural beauty of Pangong Lake. Famous movies like 3 Idiot Heroes, Sanam Re Jaan Tashan, etc. It is a centre of attraction for Bollywood enthusiasts.

Flora and fauna at Pangong Lake

is home to migratory birds in summer. Apart from migratory birds’ shelter, this stunning lake is important for breeding sea birds and Brahmani ducks.

Food around the site 

There are eateries and stalls some distance from the lake selling local generals, Maggi, and tea. Food options are limited here. The local noodle is famous for Ladakh flour barfi, pasta, vegetables, and meat with pakoras and delicious momos.

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