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Varkala Beach: A Must-Visit Destination in Kerala 2023



 Varkala, Ancient Treasures of Kerala

Varkala Beach is a coastal community in southern Kerala. It is widely known for its ‘Northern Cliff’, which is exactly 15m high near the Arabian Sea. The Varkala community is famous for its hippie way of life, offering great seafood, international gambling music, and the holy Srinarayana, the guru of Samadhi Kerala. This metropolis is also popularly known for the Jardhana Swami Temple, also known as Dakshin Kasi.


The community is surrounded by enchanting hills, lakes, castles, beaches, and more, making the metropolis a herb paradise. Once inside, there are several shops with signs. These stores sell tableware, jewelry, cotton chef pants, yoga mats, and more.

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How to get to Varkala – Coastal Area

The municipality has good rail and road connections to major world cities. Regular rail and equipment provision is covered by Varkala, while Topf Road Service operates government and private buses, respectively.

There are no direct flights from Varkala city. The closest field is Thiruvananthapuram field which is about 40 km away from Varkala.

History of Varkala Beach

Varkala, once a municipality, is called Udaya Marthandapuram. Since the 16th century, the Travancore king Udaya Martanda Varma has been instrumental in the development of this small coastal metropolis. Varkala has some amazing legends with non-fictional origins and is sometimes referred to as South Varanasi. According to an infamous myth, the Janardhan Swami Temple, which dates back to 2000, was built with the help of King Padian. Because Lord Brahma advised him to atone for his sins. To find out more, you must first go to the area and connect with unique people in the community. So they were able to quickly inform us about the history, way of life, etc.


Why is Varakala Famous?

Varkala is a famous coastal megacity in the southern part of Kerala and is widely known for its precise 15-meter-tall ‘North Cliff’. The community is known for its hippie lifestyle, offering great seafood and international music in cliffside shacks. So you can indulge in the area and add it to your life.You can also see Samadhi of Saint Sri Narayana Guru in Kerala.

The Varkala way of life has evolved over the last few thousand years under the influence of various halls abroad and in India. Its era defines it, its organic continuity drawn with the help of the Malaysian people.

Water sports in Varkala

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Varkala is an enchanting coastal megacity in the Thiruvananthapuram district. Is. It is the simplest area in Kerala where the mountains approach the sea. Varkala Beach is a notorious beach within the municipality and is widely known for its numerous water sports activities. The area also offers attractive sports such as paragliding and parasailing. A geological view of the United States is known as the Varkala Structure. A nearby lake called Kapil Lake is also a popular vacation spot to hang out in the area. Once you reach the point, you have multiple options for playing in the ocean.

The best place to go to Varkala for a fulfilling weekend of fun

Is Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach is 10km away from the quiet and peaceful city of Varkala in Kerala. The coast, also known as Papanatham Beach, is a captivating coast of Kerala. The sea itself is divided into northern and southern parts. The southern part of the region faces the sea and is the main street of the Janardhana Swami Temple. The Little North element is the lowest and is famous for its herb-mining springs. Primitive people believed that bathing in this water could cleanse the body of impurities and sins. The Call of the Sea is the “destroyer of sin.” Varkala seawater is also used for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Tiruvanbadi Beach

Tiruvanbadi Beach is 1 km from Tiruvanbadi Road. It is a black sand beach bordering the cliffs to the north. The Tiruvanbuddy Coast is the perfect vacation spot for playing video games amidst lush coconut groves that are calming and relaxing. Additionally, studying around this coastline requires visiting the area to enjoy the many water sports.

Angengo Fort

The citadel is located about 10 km from Varkala in Angengo and was built in the 17th century. During this time, the citadel is protected with the help of national heritage. The infamous Lake Muttarapuji is located near Fort Angengo. You can get to the citadel by tackle and taxi.

 The delicious cuisine of the city of Varkala that you will fall in love with.

The city of Varkala offers the same cuisine as the neighboring regions. But it’s all about having a little bit of special seafood and a precise way of life: the area’s fishermen hoarded seafood and served it outside countless cafes. Affordable meals are also available elsewhere, and there are numerous bars in the community center. While enjoying the night view of attractions on the beach, you can choose and enjoy what you like. From a rubberneck perspective, tourists can visit the area from October to February when temperatures are mild, and the sun is shining.

From a tourist’s point of view,

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Tourists can visit from October to February as the weather is comfortable and the sun is mild. Moderate humidity can be felt all year round, but winter offers cool air and a friendly atmosphere. So you can enjoy the place and explore it your way. Summer is not recommended as it rains a lot. Apart from that, the area is a real bonanza with numerous water sports activities and more. So your stay on the site will be improved.

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