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Discover the Most 7 Beautiful Lakes in Maharashtra



                                         Beautiful lakes in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the most beautiful states which is located in the southwestern part of India. It is known for its beautiful diversity, glamorous culture, city light, food of Maharashtra, busy life of Maharashtra, and many other things which attract the people most. Apart from its city light and glamour life, there are many things which attract the people most as a tourist like the beaches of Maharashtra, lakes of Maharashtra, mountains of Maharashtra and many other things which attract the people most. So on this topic, we are going to touch some amazing lakes which are located in Maharashtra so please stay with us till the end of this topic I hope you like the content.

  • Venna Lake: – it is one of the amazing lack of Maharashtra as well as a major tourist attraction point for the visitors. It is located in the Mahabaleshwar. It was constructed by Appa Saheb Maharaj who was the Raja of Satara in 1942. It is rounded by lush green areas and trees which gives an Idol place for the picnic. Here you can do many things like boat riding for siding on the shores and fishing. So whenever you visit Maharashtra you may visit here. 
Rankala transformed 1
Discover the breathtaking beauty of Rankala Lake, a hidden gem that has recently undergone a stunning transformation. From its tranquil waters to its lush greenery, this location is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and connect with nature. Visit Rankala today and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Rankala Lake: – is one of the most beautiful lakes in Maharashtra which is located in the Kolhapur district. It is a naturally built lake which was obtained by an earthquake in 19 century then it was given touchup by Late Maharaja Sri Shahu Chhatrapati. A very famous temple Ranka Bhairav temple is located in the center of this lake. In this temple and Hughes, the Nandi statue is located which attracts the people most. It is one of the best places where you can go for a picnic because nearby this lake there is a garden so you can spend your time over here.

linar lake transformed

  • Lonar Lake: – it is one of the most beautiful lake and national heritage movements which is also known as the Lonar crater. It is located in the Buldhana district. A meteorite impact has happened In the past more than 15,000 years ago. It is one of the fourth geographical features in the world. As per the study of IIT Bombay in 2019, it was got to know by the research that the lake soil is very similar to the soil of the moon so if you are a space lover then you must visit here.
  • Ambazri Lake: – It is located on the border of Nagpur which was built by the ruler Bhosale in 1870 to get rid of the problem of water and supplied the water to the city. And now it is the perfect place for the nature lover and who want to spend their time with nature. If you are a nature lover then you must visit here.

Tadoba transformed

  • Tadoba lake: – The name of this lake is taken from God Tadoba. And now it is worship by the local tribes who live in the dense forest. It is a part of Tadoba Andhari reserve which is one of the biggest national parks in Maharashtra. It is also the home of Bengal tigers where you will find various kinds of flora and Fiona. So if you are a nature lover then you must visit here. 

Tungarli transformed

  • Tungarli Lake: – this beautiful lake is located near Lonavala. It is the perfect destination for the nature lover and whole lives near to Mumbai or Pune. You can reach here by traveling why your cars are. It is in the best place for the nature lover who won the location when he can get peace and want to take rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. So if you’re looking to chill you are more than you must visit here.
  • Dhamapur Lake: – it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Maharashtra which is located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. This beautiful lake was constructed by the Nagesh Desai, Mandlik which was from the Vijaynagar dynasty As well as Gaekwad’s contribution of local villagers to construct this beautiful lake. It was constructed in 1530 and you can see here a wide range of flora and Fiona with and peaceful environment.

       What to Do at the Beautiful Lakes in Maharashtra?

When visiting these beautiful lakes in Maharashtra, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you busy. Here are a few of the most popular things to do:

  • Camping: Many of these lakes offer camping sites, where visitors can set up camp and enjoy the beauty of the lake and surrounding scenery.
  • Fishing: Fishing is a popular activity at many of these lakes, with both freshwater and saltwater varieties available.
  • Trekking: With their stunning views and lush green forests, the surrounding hills are a popular destination for trekking enthusiasts.





What are some of the famous lakes in Maharashtra?

Some of the famous lakes in Maharashtra include Venna Lake, Rankala Lake, Lonar Lake, Ambazri Lake, Tadoba Lake, Tungarli Lake, and Dhamapur Lake.

Where is Venna Lake located in Maharashtra?

Venna Lake is located in the Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra

महाराष्ट्र की सबसे बड़ी झील कौन सी है?

पोवाई झील

What is special about Lonar Lake in Maharashtra?

Lonar Lake is special because it is a meteorite impact crater and is one of the fourth geographical features of its kind in the world. According to a study by IIT Bombay, the soil of the lake is similar to the soil found on the moon.

Which is the biggest lake in Maharashtra?

The largest lake in Maharashtra, India is the Powai Lake.

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