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26 Travel Gifts for Men: Finding the Perfect Travel Gifts for Him



Gifting is an art and gets quite overwhelming when you’re confused about the kind of gift the other person would like, especially when they’re interested in hopping from place to place – wanderlust. So, if you’re looking for travel gifts for men whose veins run with the desire to travel, you have come to the right place!

The India Explorer has curated a list of 26 travel gifts for men for stylish and practical gifting! Let’s take a look.

List of 26 Travel Gifts for Men

1. Quirky Passport Covers – For a Fun Touch to the Basic Passport

Quirky Passport Covers

Passport covers are a great gift idea for someone who frequently uses their passport. A touch of personalisation with their name on it can do wonders! You can add more quirk and fun to the basic tan and black covers by looking for covers with doodles, embellishments, charms and more. They also come in different textures! You can also find them in a set with luggage tags and wallets to make a gift set!

Stores to Consider:

· Nutcase

· The Messy Corner

· The Passport Covers

2. Travel Jackets – Pockets, Pockets, and more Pockets!

Travel Jackets

Travel jackets are quite a new addition to the Indian travel scene. These are versatile jackets that have many pockets (some have up to 27!), are lightweight, and are one of the most practical travel gifts for men. You can carry all your necessary stuff in them – wallet, passport, earbuds, sunglasses, phone, tablet and whatnot, literally! Some even allow you to carry a drink with you! It is perfect for those who love to travel light and solo.

Stores to Consider:

· Amazon

· TRIPR India

3. Cool Travel Mugs – The Building Block of Gifting

Travel mug

Everyone thinks of gifting a mug – it’s the most basic gifting accessory. If your recipient loves to travel, add a travel quirk to the mug – look for travel-themed mugs! With the wide range of such mugs available in India, you can choose from varied themes – world maps, quotes, doodles, cities, countries, seas, lands, and so much more!

Stores to Consider:

· Oye Happy

· Chumbak

· Wanderlooms

· Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop

4. Travel-printed T-shirts – With their favourite city on them!

Travel printed T shirts

T-shirts are another basic gift that you can funk up with a travel theme. You can also get them customised at a nearby store or online. There are many themed t-shirts as travel gifts for men available online as well.

Stores to Consider:

· Wanderlooms

· Bombay Troopers


5. A Backpack – Of Course!

A Backpack

Give him a backpack that holds everything for his travels. A backpack is a very obvious choice when it comes to travel gifts for men – it is versatile. You can gift him a proper trekking backpack, a suitcase or a sling bag – whatever you think fits his needs!

Stores to Consider:

· Amazon

· Myntra

· Decathlon

6. Portable Water Purifier – Clean Water Everywhere They Go

Portable Water Purifier

Portable water purifiers are a great gift for someone who frequently takes up hiking in places where there’s a lack of clean water. They are portable, don’t need electricity, and will give you the clean water you need right through any waterbody – ponds, lakes, rivers!

Stores to Consider:

· LifeStraw


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7. Journal/Diary – For Documenting Travels in the Traditional Way

Journal Diary

For those who love traditionally documenting their travels by journaling about them, writing daily diary entries, and pasting pictures and other souvenirs, a journal is the best gift. You can find many travel-themed notebooks, journals and diaries for this purpose.

· The Journal Lab

· The Messy Corner

· The June Shop 

8. Long Lasting Deodorant – A Saviour for Trekkers and Adventurers

 Long Lasting Deodorant

A long-lasting sports deodorant is your best friend when it comes to long treks or humid places where you have to walk a lot. It is one of the best travel gifts for men.

Stores to Consider:

· Nike

· Decathlon

· Nivea

9. Eye Mask – Say Hello to a Sound Sleep

Eye Mask

An eye mask is the saviour of sleep. It is an amazing thing to pull out on long flights, day road trips, and in rooms with more than a few windows! If they love to sleep in stark darkness, an eye mask will save their day on long trips and make up for a sound sleep.

Stores to Consider:

· Nykaa

· Miniso

· Decathlon 

10. Power Bank – One of the Most Essential Travel Gadgets for Men

Power Bank

In today’s technology-ridden world, where you need your phones charged up at all times, a power bank is very useful. It is an essential and practical travel gadget that takes less space and works wonders.

Stores to Consider:

· Syska

· Urbn World

11. Sturdy Sneakers – For the Hiker in Him

Sturdy Sneakers

If he’s a frequent hiker, he’ll need sturdy shoes that don’t wear out after a few uses, are comfortable, and look cool. Good sneakers are a key to comfortable feet and painless heels. 

Stores to Consider:

· Puma

· Skechers

· Adidas

12. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Travel Gifts for Men – For the Conscious Traveller

If your guy is an environmentally conscious traveller and wants to reduce the impact of the carbon footprint, products such as reusable straws, hemp bottles, and bamboo combs are great options as travel gifts for men. They are eco-friendly, sustainable, and aesthetic. You can also give recycled stationery items. 

Stores to Consider:

· Amazon

· Kadam Haat

· Brown Living

· Bare Necessities

13. Travel-Sized Skincare – Supple Skin in Every Weather

Travel Sized Skincare

Skincare is an important aspect of everyone’s life, regardless of gender. Travelling in different places and weather wears off your skin and speeds up its ageing, causing damage. You can gift sets of skincare items in travel-sized bottles for them to lather up and use conveniently, saving space and hassle.

Stores to Consider:

· The Body Shop

· mCaffeine

· Bombay Shaving Company

14. Travel-Sized Bottles for Toiletries – Saves Space!

Bottles for Toiletries

If you’re unsure of what skincare would help them, give them a cute little empty bottle set that they can fill up with lotion, moisturiser, shampoo, hand wash, and more. If the bottles can be labelled – even better!

Stores to Consider:

· Miniso

· Nykaa

· Amazon

15. Quirky Luggage Tags – So He Stands Out from the Crowd

Quirky Luggage Tags

If he’s a frequent air traveller and has a very common suitcase that tends to be mixed up with other people’s bags, a luggage tag that stands out will work wonders. You can go for travel-themed luggage tags or a quirky inside joke of yours. You can even get them personalised with their name on it!

Stores to Consider:

· The Messy Cover

· Wanderlooms

· Nutcase

16. Portable Coffee Maker or Coffee Kit – For the Coffee Lover in Him

Coffee Maker or Coffee Kit

Is coffee your guy’s best friend? Is he a coffee connoisseur who needs his coffee all the time? Gift him a portable coffee maker or a coffee kit! This way, they can easily make coffee on the go without having to look for it everywhere. Kits come with frothers, mugs, and more that you can consider giving, or give a portable coffee maker with reusable or eco-friendly single-use cups!

Stores to Consider:

· Amazon

· The Sleepy Owl 

17. Travel Planner – Organising Trips Made Easy!

If he loves planning and organising his trips thoroughly, gift him a travel planner! Travel planners come in handy when you want to thoroughly plan every part of the trip, from the budget to the accommodation. They’re a great and easy to use!

Stores to Consider:

· Propshop24

· Amazon

18. Tripod/Selfie Stick – If He’s A Solo Traveller

Tripod Selfie Stick

A tripod or a selfie stick is one of the best travel gifts for men who travel solo. They can vlog or take solo pictures without the hassle of asking other people to click their pictures or keeping their phone stable while shooting their vlogs! It is a great gift for an aspiring vlogger!

Stores to Consider:

· Amazon

· Flipkart

19. Universal Adapter – One of the Stylish and Practical Travel Accessories for Men


Is your guy a digital nomad who always travels on trips with his work? A universal adapter is the perfect choice for someone like them. It will ‘adapt’ to any plug/port in the world and save him the hassle of buying a new adapter according to country rules every time! It also comes in handy when you have just one outlet and want to plug multiple electronics.

Stores to Consider:

· Amazon

· Croma

20. Neck Pillow – Budget-Friendly Travel Gifts for Men

Neck Pillow

A neck pillow is a budget-friendly option for those who travel frequently in sitting positions – on road trips, flights, and the like. It saves you from neck pain and discomfort. If you can find an inflatable neck pillow – even better! It saves space, is light to carry, and is extremely useful. You can now find many designs and themes!

Stores to Consider:

· Miniso

· Amazon

21. Travel Bags/Pouches – Packing the Necessities

Travel Bags Pouches

Travel pouches are necessary to carry the utilities like toothbrushes, toothpaste and other toiletries. A wrap-around pouch can do wonders while organising all necessities in one place and saving space. They can also store all tech goodies in one place!

Stores to Consider:

· Ekatra

· Amazon

22. Bluetooth Earphones – Versatile Travel Gifts for Men

Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth earphones are a versatile gift for anyone! They keep you entertained on boring flights, keeping the noise of crying children at bay. There is also no risk of wires getting stuck in different places and the cord tangling in pockets!

Stores to Consider:

· Boat

· Mivi

· Skullcandy

23. Travel Wall Frames – Decorate the Walls with Wanderlust

Wall frames are a great home décor idea that a travel lover would love. Travel-themed wall frames with maps, pictures of places they love, and more can be gifted. You can even customise them with pictures of their travels and experiences with details!

Stores to Consider:

· Oye Happy

· Nomad (Custom Travel Frames)

24. Card Games – For the Road Tripper in Him

Card Games

Card games are a great way to pass some time and bond over a road trip. There are many fun card games available for everyone to play to add fun to a road trip. If your guy travels frequently with others and is frequently bored, introduce some fun and spicy card games to him! You can also gift him a beautiful set of classic Joker cards.

Stores to Consider:

· Cards Against Humanity

· Uno

· Monopoly Deal

25. Portable Mini Printer – For Photos on the Go

Portable Mini Printer

A portable mini printer comes in handy when you want to print pictures on the go or document them and want to avoid going through the hassle of getting them printed at a stationary store. These mini printers are cheaper and require less maintenance than a standard Polaroid camera. They’re cute, handheld and print everything you want within seconds!

Stores to Consider:

· Amazon

· Etsy

26. Gift Card – Autonomy and Economy in One!

Gift Card

If you’re still unsure, gift them a gift card! You can give them a card so they can buy what they like and need – they have the autonomy here! Many stores give out cute and quirky gift cards as well.

Stores to Consider:

· Amazon

· Crossword Bookstores

· Starbucks


Gifting can be hassling when you’re confused. If the guy you’re gifting to loves to travel, this list of travel gifts for men is the best for you to decide on what to give him. Make sure what you gift has meaning, is useful for them, or they actually will like it and is in your budget.

Happy Gifting!

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura- Content Writer at The India Explorer Riddhi, our experienced content writer at The India Explorer, is a passionate traveler and a skilled storyteller. Join Riddhi on a journey of discovery as she unveils India's rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and hidden gems, inspiring wanderlust and encouraging meaningful exploration along the way.

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