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Top 7 Best Street Food of Madhya Pradesh



Best street food of Madhya Pradesh

Do you know about Madhya Pradesh? About their culture and food. So today we know about Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India and very rich in its tradition. Now we talk about the capital of Madhya Pradesh is Bhopal. Bhopal is sought of Muslim influence that is why here non-veg dish is very famous. We can go to the Indore side the street food is preferred more. It is also a state of maharajas and rajas, so that is why rice oil and famous Indian spices are used in food. Madhya Pradesh is known for its hospitality overall. It is different from another state because Madhya Pradesh is centering in India. So now we have to take a look at famous street food in Madhya Pradesh.

Food of Madhya Pradesh

  • Poha: we all know that poha is the healthiest breakfast. They are many types of poha according to the city but we all know that Indori poha is one of the best poha in the whole world. this poha is also known as the potato poha. The people come from different regions to taste the poha of Madhya Pradesh. It is a bit sweet in taste that is why this is unique from the other regions. It is served hot with sliced onion and sev. For complementary the jalebi is also served. It is a very good complementary of sweet and saline.
  • Sukhi sabudana: it is also the healthiest breakfast for everyone. Usually, it is the dish eaten in the fast it is called falahari dish. It is different from sabudana. The texture of this dish is very dry. The sabudana is soaked for 2-3 hrs because it is difficult to eat without soaked. It is hard before soaked. It contains many ingredients like peanuts, aloo, and green chilies. You can it this with curd it taste amazing. you can eat it anytime if you have fast or not because it is healthy and taste amazing.

Khasta kachori transformed

  • Khasta kachori:  There are know many types of kachori, different region have different type of kachori but in Madhya Pradesh khasta kachori is famous because it is different from another state kachori because when we eat this khasta kachori it is crunchy sound occurs is the proof that you are eating famous kachori of Madhya Pradesh. The stuffing is made up of onion, moong dal, and Indian spices. It is well known for breakfast the place like Indore, Bhopal, etc. it can be served with two types of chutney that are green and red.

Ghujiya transformed

  • Ghujiya: ghujiya is a very much famous sweet dish in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It has its importance it is made in the festival of Holi and Diwali, and it is served in form of Prashad. It is made up of media flour and the stuffing contains the khoya and the dry fruits. It is also dipped in sugar syrup which is known as chasni. It is also available in different flavors like Kesar, pan, etc. it is served at both room temperature and hot and it is also garnished with dry food and Kesar upon it.

Special thali transformed

  • Special thali: the special thali of Madhya Pradesh is famous all over the world. in special thali, they are many things included with is famous in Madhya Pradesh. It is a full-pack combo of the best dish. It is a small tour of m.p food. It includes the dish like dal baffle, samosa, kachori, butter roti, hutte ka khees, Dahi, papad ki sabzi, biryani, and sweet dishes like besan ke laddu and kanju barfi and in drink, they served you sahi shrikhand.it is an amazing dish of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Shahi shikanji: shahi shinkanji is a famous beverage of m.p. it is different from other shikanji. It is not made up of lemon. The special thing is about shahi shikanji is made up of milk, Dahi, and dry food. It contains a high amount of dry fruits. It feels like a shahi drink. It is available in another flavor also like Gulab, mango, etc.
  • Kanju barfi: in other states is kanju barfi is known as Kaju katli. It is made up of kanju. It is also a famous dish of m.p in sweet. The kanju is dipped overnight in water or milk to get softer and then is blended with khoya. It is baked at a low temperature in a specific shape. It is decorated with a silver cottage which looks delicious and attractive. In India most people mad about kanju barfi. It is served on the occasion it is compulsory served to the guest. It is also avaible in pan , caser etc.


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