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BEST Shopping Mall in Kochi: A List for All Your Shopping and Entertainment Needs



Shopping in Kochi is a delight for those who love to shop till they drop. Kochi is a modern hub and the cultural capital of Kerala. Kochi has become a thriving shopping destination by fusing new fashion with its ageless beauty. The city’s marketplaces, such as those in Jew Town and Broadway, provide a wide variety of products, ranging from modern fashion and gadgets to fine spices and handcrafted artefacts. The retail scene in Kochi, where you can buy both fashionable boutique apparel and traditional silk sarees, reflects the city’s unique combination of cultures. The city’s antique stores, tucked away in old neighbourhoods, honour a rich history. One of India’s biggest malls, Lulu Mall, elevates Kochi’s standing as a retail destination with its mix of global and regional brands and stands as the best shopping mall in Kochi. The vibrant ambience of Kochi’s marketplaces draws tourists, offering a great shopping experience for those looking to combine modern and traditional elements.

Let’s Look for the Best Shopping Mall in Kochi!

Lulu Mall

Lulu Mall
image source: ispag

Lulu Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Kochi and has the greatest collections of items and international brands to satiate your hunger for shopping. It is also the largest mall in India! The mall houses many brands and also has a hypermarket for groceries. In addition, the mall features the biggest ice rink in Kerala, the biggest amusement rides, a trampoline-park, a 12-lane bowling alley, and a top-notch 12-screen multiplex PVR with a recreation area that is the biggest in the city!

Lulu Mall is the perfect place for shopping in Kochi. There are many brands here, including Rolex, Marks & Spencer, Lavie, and many more. Some kiosks sell delicious food to satiate your hunger. You can try the waffles of The Belgian Waffle Co. or the coffee at Costa. If you’re in the mood for lunch, you can go up to their food court, which has more than 20 restaurants for you to dine in at. 

This shopping mall in Kochi also offers washrooms, drinking water, and baggage room facilities. If you’re an international traveller, there is also a money exchange available here.

Location: 34/1000, Old NH 47, Edappally Junction, Nethaji Nagar, Edappally, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala 682024

Grand Mall

Grand Mall
image source:grandmallcochin

Grand Mall is the perfect shopping mall in Kochi for fulfilling your daily needs. It is a great place for a day out when you need to buy all your necessities while also having fun. It is one of the largest malls in Kochi. Recently, they have opened a hypermart inside for all your grocery needs, where you can buy your daily snacks, fruits, and raw materials for cooking. The Lifestyle store here is very popular among locals due to its affordable apparel, home items, and accessories. There is also a Reliance Trends store as well as many affordable brands such as Nalli Silk Sarees, Home Centre and Max. 

Grand Mall is a unique blend of styles and stores, offering various activities, entertainment and shopping experiences that make it a unique shopping mall in Kochi. There is a go-karting zone here where you can have fun with your friends and family or have a relaxing massage in the electric massage chairs. If you’re a fitness lover looking for some exercise opportunities in Kochi, Grand Mall also has a gym for you! It is a spacious gymnasium with all the necessary equipment to get you started on your healthy journey. If you’re in the mood for food, Grand Mall doesn’t back off. You can try the extremely scrumptious sandwiches of The Chocolate Room as you sip on their hot chocolate! If you’re an adult who’s not much into hot chocolates and coffee, there is also a lounge and bar inside this shopping mall in Kochi!

Location: Panvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy, Toll Junction, Edappally, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala 682024

Centre Square Mall

Centre Square Mall
image source:kerala.mallmarket

The Centre Square Mall in Kochi is a hub for shoppers and fun lovers. With an extensive list of national and international brands, this shopping mall in Kochi offers a holistic experience. Brands like Woodland, Clarks, Levi’s, and The Body Shop are housed within this complex. There is also a Big Bazaar for all your grocery and home needs. For food lovers, the mall houses Pizza Hut, Burger King and more.

The Centre Square Mall is also a great place to talk with your friends. There is a 7D cinema as well as a horror house to keep you enthralled. If you’re into bowling, you can also visit their arcade centre to have some fun!

Location: Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Rajaji Junction, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala 682035

Santiago Shopping Mall in Kochi

Santiago Shopping Mall in Kochi
BEST Shopping Mall in Kochi: A List for All Your Shopping and Entertainment Needs 8

The Santiago Shopping Mall sets itself out with a colourful selection of regionally branded goods and real South Indian cuisine. Even though it’s small, the mall is a great place to get local delicacies and unique trinkets that give visitors a true sense of the local way of life. The mall distinguishes itself as the perfect place for individuals looking to add a little ethnic flair to their shopping experience because of its assortment of local products. It also works well as a place to locate meaningful presents that fit a variety of events. The mall’s dedication to providing excellent customer service elevates the whole shopping experience by guaranteeing that visitors not only peruse a wide range of options but also feel a genuine connection to Santiago through the local goods it sells. Highlighting regional tastes and goods, the Santiago becomes a quaint and genuine shopping mall in Kochi.

Oberon Mall

Oberon Mall
BEST Shopping Mall in Kochi: A List for All Your Shopping and Entertainment Needs 9

Oberon Mall is a famous shopping mall in Kochi that houses some unique brands along with traditional ones. Along with brands like Titan, Woodland, and Reliance Trends, it also houses unique and new brands like Fabrich, FujiFilm, and Boho Baby. Apart from them, the mall focuses heavily on Reliance products and brands like Reliance Smart, Trends, Digital and Footprint. Overall, the mall offers something in each budget range that you can visit and buy.

If you’re not in the mood for shopping, you can also have food at their modern food court. You can also watch a movie at the PVR here with your friends and family. There is a Fun Zone made especially for kids that has many arcade gaming options like car racing games and train rides. If you have kids, they will be kept entertained throughout your journey in this shopping mall in Kochi. 

The mall is also famous for its exquisite and unique decorations every year at major festivals like Diwali and Christmas. The mall also has a basement car park for your convenience. Oberon creates distinctive retail experiences in addition to its brands. It is a fun spot to roam about because of its well-designed interiors and expansive areas, which make it more than simply a destination but also a place to hang out. With performances by some of the best musicians and artists, culinary festivals, one-of-a-kind interactive exhibits, and much more, the spacious interiors offer the ideal venue for events and entertainment. Oberon Mall is a bustling shopping mall in Kochi where people congregate, chat, and rejoice, embodying the city’s pulsating energy.

Location: 34, 195 Road, NH Bye Pass, Padivattom, Edappally, Ernakulam, Kerala 682024

Gold Souk Grande Mall

Gold Souk Grande Mall
image source: photo.webindia123

The Gold Souk Grande Mall is strategically located at the busy Vytilla crossroads in Kerala, benefiting from heavy traffic at this important entry point to Kochi. The shopping mall in Kochi, an enterprise of Gurgaon-based Aerens Gold Souk Group, opened its doors in March 2011 with a large 6,50,000 sq. ft showroom. The mall meets a variety of shopping requirements with its remarkable roster of well-known brands, which include Mont Blanc, Omega, Lifestyle, and Levi’s.

The Gold Souk Grande Mall offers a wide range of retail options in addition to unique areas for Gold Souk, Hypermarket, wedding and lifestyle stores, Brand Stores, Anchor Stores, and a Multiplex. Prominent entertainment features include a 4-screen Q Cinemas multiplex, an innovative “6 D” theatre zone run by IRIDO, and a leisure area with an adult game centre, snooker pool, and bowling alley provided by Amoeba.

The mall offers parents the comfort of professional childcare services while they continue their shopping experience, going above and beyond traditional shopping and entertainment options with its well-thought-out infant care zone. The Gold Souk Grande Mall is a complete shopping and entertainment destination that captures the lively spirit of Kochi.

Abad Nucleus

Abad Nucleus
BEST Shopping Mall in Kochi: A List for All Your Shopping and Entertainment Needs 10

The Nucleus Mall has played a significant role in the urban development of Kochi’s southern sector since its creation in 2010. This multipurpose shopping paradise is a one-stop shop for all kinds of shopping requirements, providing an extensive selection of items ranging from books and eyeglasses to clothes and shoes. The mall is home to well-known retailers, including FabIndia, Jockey, Levi’s, American Tourister, and DC Books, guaranteeing a premium and varied shopping experience.

Beyond only retail therapy, the Nucleus Shopping Mall in Kochi has a specialised fun and entertainment zone, especially for younger consumers, to meet the entertainment demands of its visitors. In addition to being a place for shopping and entertainment, the mall also serves the community by holding a number of events, such as game shows, fortunate drawings, and parties sponsored by prestigious companies like Shoppers Stop, American Tourister, Jockey, and Lifestyle, among others. For the past ten years, the Nucleus Mall has been a vibrant and essential component of Kochi’s social and business environment thanks to its inclusive services and engaging events. It is the best family shopping mall in Kochi for you to have a day out with your loved ones.  

Location: Kochi-Madurai-Tondi Point Rd, Poonithura, Maradu, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala 682304

Bay Pride Mall

The Great Marina Mall, which opened on March 31, 2013, is one of Kochi’s most well-known retail destinations. With its outstanding array of well-known brands, like Jockey and Levi’s, the mall has become a gathering place for those who love fashion. Among Kochi’s biggest malls, The Great Marina Mall is noteworthy for its size and offers plenty of room for both formal and casual parties as well as shopping aficionados.

In addition to providing many shopping options, the mall is a flexible venue that may be used for many purposes. The Great Marina Mall offers a wide range of interests to its customers, whether they are shopping for the newest styles in fashion or seeking a location for social or professional gatherings. Since its opening in 2013, the mall has grown to become a prominent landmark in Kochi’s retail and social scene because of its dedication to delivering a comprehensive and roomy atmosphere.


With so many options lying ahead of you to choose one shopping mall in Kochi, go ahead and explore each of them at least once to see which one fits you best! Kochi has a great shopping culture that shows in the exquisiteness of its malls, like Lulu Mall, the biggest shopping mall in Kochi and India! Carry your shopping baskets and shop till you drop!

Riddhi Sompura
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