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    Cafes in Pahalgam: A Traveler’s Handbook to Scenic Dining Spots


    Pahalgam is a quaint town in the valley of Kashmir and is a popular tourist destination. It is home to the Betaab and Aru valleys and is also popular for its varied treks. Pine trees dusted with snow and mountains laden with its blanket make it a must-visit place. If you’re planning to visit this beautiful place, make sure not to miss out on the amazing cafes in Pahalgam to make the most out of your trip. Eateries are a great addition to your itinerary and provide for a fulfilling trip with exquisite coffees, cakes, and lunch. They help you taste the local flavours in all their aesthetics. Let’s embark on this culinary journey of Pahalgam and see what the cafes in Pahalgam have to offer!

    10 Cafes in Pahalgam: A Gastronomic Journey Amidst Scenic Beauty

    1. Dana Pani

    Dana Pani
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    Dana Pani is one of the oldest eateries in Pahalgam and has recently completed 12 years on the streets of the Valley of Shepherds. This quaint restaurant is situated right in the main market and keeps busy most of the time of the day. If you’re a vegetarian, fret not! Dana Pani is a 100% vegetarian restaurant and serves delicious North Indian food. Customers are fans of their scrumptious chola bhaturas and the paneer main course. Their menu is not limited to lunch items and is quite varied. They have all kinds of breakfast and snack options like parathas and sandwiches. Their desserts, like Gulab Jamun and Kesar Kulfi, are also popular among tourists and locals.

    The staff is also very hospitable, and service is prompt. A meal for two would cost you approximately Rs. 600.

    2. Sagar Ratna

    Sagar Ratna
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    Sagar Ratna is another popular family restaurant situated in the middle of Pahalgam’s main market. It serves North Indian, South Indian, and Indo-Chinese cuisines but is a go-to place for South Indian food in all of Pahalgam. The restaurant is popular among locals for its delicious dosas and idlis.

    The interiors of Sagar Ratna are just as beautiful. With Kashmiri intricate woodwork, the place calls for an aesthetic dinner and lunch with your family. The wooden architecture of the insides will make you want to keep clicking those Instagram-worthy pictures! Although the service is a bit slow, the awesome dosas and idlis make it worth the wait! One plate starts from Rs. 200, and they have a wide variety of dosas from fusion and rava to traditional. It is one of the best cafes in Pahalgam for lip-smacking food!

    It is advised that you either arrive early or visit during off-peak times as you can find long queues during peak hours. A meal will cost you approximately Rs. 700 for two.

    3. Barista

    Cafes in Pahalgam: A Traveler's Handbook to Scenic Dining Spots 8

    The Italian Barista franchise has recently opened another shop in India – this time in Pahalgam. Barista is a coffee shop providing a quick fix for your breakfast and caffeine needs. It is situated right on top of Sagar Ratna and is decorated in the same architecture as the family restaurant from the outside. The modern interior contradicts the outer Kashmiri outlook of the building and is just as beautiful to sit in and sip a cup of coffee.

    If you choose the right seat, you can also get a pretty view of the busy streets of the market. Barista, although costly, is a great place for a caffeine fix in winter. Their coffee is served hot and delicious, and you can opt for sides like sandwiches and pizzas. They also serve the famous Kashmiri Kahwa for Rs. 185. 

    The staff is quite courteous, and you can peacefully enjoy your food here. It is one of the best cafes in Pahalgam for breakfast, coffee and tea. Their cheese spinach sandwich is beloved. A meal will cost approximately 1000 for two.

    4. Sifar

    Sifar is a relatively new addition to the list of cafes in Pahalgam and is an aesthetic and quaint café like no other here. It is one of the few cafes in Pahalgam with outdoor seating. The place offers traditional Kashmiri lunch options that are delicious and mouth-watering. You can try the famous wazwan of Kashmir here, with its dishes starting from Rs. 400! Sifar’s harissa is also famous among locals and tourists for its extensive non-vegetarian menu. If you are someone who loves chicken and mutton, you must visit this restaurant for a royal lunch when you visit Pahalgam!

    The interiors are royal, too. They are the traditional Kashmiri style, made with wood and velvet and give you a feeling of royalty as you dine there. The menu is not limited to main courses and has many sides, breakfast, drinks and desserts for you to get your hands on! A proper meal here will cost you around Rs. 1400 for two.

    5. Log Inn

    Log Inn
    Cafes in Pahalgam: A Traveler's Handbook to Scenic Dining Spots 9

    Log Inn is one of the most famous and Instagram-worthy cafes in Pahalgam. It is also located in the Pahalgam market of Chandanwari area. The interior and exterior are designed in a European style that gives a post-colonial vibe to the eatery. With window-like doors and exposed brick walls, Log Inn makes up the perfect place to hang out with your friends. It also has a wall dedicated to messages from customers who have passed by! A whiteboard mounted on the wall is a space you can utilise to leave your mark in doodles and words. A cork-board sits right next to it that holds tissues with doodles and messages from customers, magazine and newspaper cutouts and more. You can also witness the beauty of Kashmir in the 20th century from the wide collection of sepia and black and white photographs mounted on the walls. 

    Log Inn is as aesthetic as it gets. The menu is also extremely long and has everything you can eat. Although on the more expensive side, the dishes are totally worth all the money you spend here. The fish and pizzas are extremely popular among everyone, and you must try them when you’re here. Their cheesecakes and pastries are also mouth-watering and are a treat if you order them with a hot chocolate (served with a side of marshmallows!). A meal here will cost you approximately 1700 for two.

    6. Rivendell

    Cafes in Pahalgam: A Traveler's Handbook to Scenic Dining Spots 10

    Rivendell is a fine-dine, multi-cuisine restaurant nestled inside The Chinar Resort. It is one of the best cafes in Pahalgam with a brown, blue and beige colour palette. The style is a mix of Kashmiri and European, and it looks gorgeous. The food here is also amazing and makes up for the perfect romantic dinner with your life partner. As it is part of a 5-star hotel, the service and quality are top-notch, and you won’t regret eating here. It is the perfect place for those who are visiting Kashmir for their honeymoon.

    A meal at Café Rivendell will cost you around Rs. 3000 for two.

    7. WelcomCafe Lolaab

    WelcomCafe Lolaab
    image source:tripadvisor

    WelcomCafe Lolaab is a part of the WelcomHotel Pine-n-Peak. It is one of the most luxurious cafes in Pahalgam for a great lunch. Customers love the walnut pie here. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant for you to try out the best of all. The view from their dining hall is something to marvel at. If you visit in winter, you can see the whole area blanketed by snow as you sip a hot cup of kahwa tea. The staff is also very courteous and helpful. The service is prompt, and the food is delicious. If you have a budget of Rs. 3000 for two, you must dine in here.

    8. The Trout Beat

    The Trout Beat is one of those cafes in Pahalgam that serves a variety of fish dishes. Located in the centre of Pahalgam’s main bazaar, The Trout Beat is a quaint restaurant with a cottage-style décor that perfectly captures the spirit of Kashmir. The warm atmosphere is the ideal place to unwind while enjoying the local speciality, trout. Fresh trout from the Lidder River is served at The Trout Beat, where anglers may be guaranteed a great experience. The talented and helpful chef is happy to customise your meal according to your specific spice preferences. In addition to fish dishes, the menu offers a selection of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks. A gastronomic highlight is the fish masala and tandoori, which are a must-try and demonstrate the restaurant’s dedication to serving up the best Kashmiri flavours in a beautiful environment.

    A meal here will cost you around Rs. 1000 for two.

    9. Punjabi Rasoi

    Punjabi Rasoi
    Cafes in Pahalgam: A Traveler's Handbook to Scenic Dining Spots 11

    Punjabi Rasoi is one of the vegetarian cafes in Pahalgam, serving delicious North Indian cuisine topped with great hospitality. It is an extremely affordable place that has a large menu of vegetarian dishes. From the main course to breakfast and snacks, it has everything. Try some of the most lip-smacking paneer dishes and parathas while you’re here. You won’t be homesick here with a caring staff and home-like food. Their dishes are well-priced – you can get parathas starting at only Rs. 50! Their full meal thalis are as low as Rs. 150, and they also serve delicious South Indian food starting at Rs. 100. At such a low price, the quantity and quality of the food are also extremely generous.

    Although small in size, the place will give a proper Punjabi ‘dhaba’ vibe, and it is one of the best cafes in Pahalgam for a family dinner. The restaurant also has a little souvenir corner from where you can buy traditional Kashmiri handicraft items like wooden toys and colourful kettles. As it is a Punjabi restaurant, trying their “sarson-da-saag” and “makke di roti” in the cold weather is a must! You can have a full meal for two in just under Rs. 500!

    10. The Woods Café

    The Woods Café is one of the lesser-known cafes in Pahalgam; it is small and aesthetic. Nestled in the centre of the town, it is a great place to stop by on your journey towards Chandanwari and Sheshnaag Lake. It’s a cosy café with the best hospitality in town! The staff is extremely helpful and prompt with their service. If you like some handmade coffee, you must have their hand-beaten cappuccino. Not only do they serve coffee and delicious pizzas, but their menu is extended to traditional Kashmiri cuisine as well. Their wazwan is also one of their most loved dishes. Their rates are also amazingly affordable, with items starting at Rs. 100! 

    The café also has a wall dedicated to sticky notes with messages from customers that you should add to! In the evening, the place lights up with twinkling fairy lights in all colours, giving a chill vibe. The rustic décor with Kashmiri rugs spread all over the space is very inviting and has a cosy charm to it. If you’re a digital nomad travelling to Kashmir, you can do your work here as well!

    A meal here will cost you Rs. 700 for two!


    The culinary journey of Kashmir is a delight to think about, let alone experience it first-hand. When you take a Kashmir trip, don’t forget to stop by these amazing cafes in Pahalgam as you move towards Chandanwari, Aru and Betaab Valleys. The scenic views offered by these cafes are nothing less than the surrounding tourist attractions. The price range of each of these places makes them affordable for all who visit and gives you the chance to try out the best of Kashmir’s traditional food, including the famous Kahwa. Go café hopping in the land of the shepherds when you take its tour!

    Riddhi Sompura
    Riddhi Sompura
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