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Punjab Street Food: A Guide to the 7 Top Local Dishes for Food Lovers



Top street food to eat in the market of Punjab

Punjab Street Food, Do you love to visit a different kinds of places in India? Well, India is a very beautiful country which has different and different places, and different and different cultures these are amazing to explore. India is one of the biggest countries which have too many things to visit but you can’t forget to explore the food of India which is too different from every block of India like South India, North India, East India everyone has different kind of food which are amazing to eat. So today I am going to tell you about one of the very famous states in India. Those food have so much tasty street food so let us explore the state food of Punjab that is amazing I hope you love that.

There are many Punjab street foods that are famous in Punjab in which you can classify one by one. 

panipuri 7104501 1920 1

  • Gol Gappa: – It is one of the most famous street foods which are also known as Pani puri this fast food is very famous everywhere in Punjab. The Pani Puri is made with many kinds of things like crispy puris which are made with Suji and it is filled with water as well as chat masala and vegetable potato, peas, gram, black pepper, salt, red chili powder, and many more things are mixed so you will be going to love this and must do it if you are visiting in Punjab.

Dahi valla

  • Dahi valla: – It is one of the favorite food in Punjab you can also say it as Dahi Wada. This food is very delicious which is made with curd sausage spicy Chutney and deep-fried crispy Hollow puries which can make your mood refresh so you must eat it if you are visiting Punjab.

Chaat papri transformed

  • Chaat papri: – The chat papri is one of the very famous dishes in Punjab which is made with crunchy Suji papdi and in it there are many toppings are added like a potato with some nankeens and spices on it which can make your day refreshing.

Chole bhature transformed

  • Chole bhature: -This dish is also a very famous cuisine of Punjab in which Chola’s are made with big green beans known as gram. It is so delicious that you will love to eat it and the Bhature is made with the Doe of flour which are fried with the oil you can taste of Paneer or potato in it to make it more delicious it is one of the very famous and common street food which you can’t afford to skip it.

mango 5549586 1920

  • Kulfi: – The kulfi is very famous in Punjab because it is made of milk products and Punjabi always love to eat those products in which the milk is added. The milk is properly boiled and the remaining part is taken out to make it Kulfi. To make it more delicious people ate Pista Badam raisins nuts and many more things if you are a cold things lover then you can’t miss Kesar Pista Kulfi.

Pav Bhaji transformed

  • Pav Bhaji: – Pav Bhagi is also a very important part of Punjabi cuisine or street food because Pav is made with the baked bread dough which looks like puffed bread and the Bhaji is made with the vegetables big grams and peas like curry top with the butter and peas and it is served with a select it is very famous in Punjab so you can’t miss to eat it.


  • Paneer Tikka: – It is one of the very famous dishes which all the people love. It is a vegetarian dish that is grilled on skewers to make it delicious. The Paneer is cut in the cube shaped and in a needle, it is stuffed with other vegetables like tomato, capsicum, onion to make it more delicious and it is served with the Chutney which Increases its test.


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