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Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach



The gorgeous city of Srinagar is located in the Himalayan area of northern India and is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, governed by India. It is recognised for its stunning natural beauty, with the Dal Lake at its centre, towering mountains, and rich vegetation. Due to its complex system of canals, houseboats, and Shikara rides, the city is a unique and charming vacation spot. Apart from the famous Dal Lake, many places to visit in Srinagar will fill your soul. This travel guide will explore the many Srinagar tourist attractions, things to do, accommodation options, Kashmiri cuisine and more.

Places to Visit in Srinagar: Paradise on Earth

All who visit leave with a lasting sense of Srinagar’s splendour, which is enchanting and mesmerising. Srinagar, located in the Himalayan area in India’s far North, is frequently called heaven on Earth. Its unmatched natural beauty is characterised by several distinctive characteristics that make it a special and alluring location.

The Dal Lake, one of Srinagar’s top tourist destinations, provides quiet boat excursions and houseboats where you can relax and take in the scenery. Garden lovers must visit the Mughal Gardens, which include Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, and Chashme Shahi. These gardens are outstanding specimens of Mughal architecture. In particular, in Srinagar, Kashmiri carpets, Pashmina shawls, and fine woodwork are produced in abundance. Local marketplaces in the city, such as Lal Chowk, allow shopping and taking in the region’s rich cultural history.

Despite experiencing its fair share of political instability, Srinagar is a resilient city with a diverse culture. Travellers looking to discover the Kashmir Valley’s natural and cultural riches will find it a remarkable experience thanks to its alluring beauty, tranquil lakes, and friendly people. When organising a trip to Srinagar, it’s crucial to stay informed about the local circumstances and abide by travel advisories and safety recommendations.

Top Tourist Attractions in Srinagar

1. Exploring the Dal Lake: A Quintessential Srinagar Experience

dal lake in srinager beautiful image with boat blue water
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This lake is unquestionably one of the best places to visit in Srinagar. Here, one is treated to an extremely magnificent vista, complete with a background of lush, green mountains and a lake that is further enhanced by the reflection of the sky, which is crystal clear.

2. Nigeen Lake: Ride a Regal Shikara

Nigeen Lake: Ride a Regal Shikara  amazing sunset view
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Nigeen is undoubtedly a hot favourite spot since it has the longest history of Kashmir and is a famous destination for taking a shikara ride or staying on a houseboat. The stunning lake resort in Kashmir is home to some of Srinagar’s best houseboats and provides a variety of romantic activities, particularly for honeymooners.

3. Wular Lake: Meet Jhelum as You Boat Here

Wular Lake
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 55

India’s largest freshwater lake is the renowned Wular Lake. It is a unique experience and a refuge for bird enthusiasts because it is home to many bird species. Boating, water sports, and water skiing are also popular there. The popular Jhelum River passes through this lake.

4. Betaab Valley: The Valley That Got its Name from a Sunny Deol-Starrer

Betaab Valley
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Hindi film starring Sunny Deol ‘Betaab’ inspired the name of this lovely Valley in the Anantnag area, 15 km from Pahalgam. It is one of the greatest spots to visit in Srinagar because of the romantic atmosphere, gorgeous scenery, and dancing streams across the Valley. Betaab Valley is a particularly outstanding attraction in Srinagar because of its picnic areas, shooting trees, and lush surroundings.

5. Chatpal: In Nature’s Lap

Kashmir has maintained its rural appeal to this day. Even ardent travellers have yet to see everything there is to see in the Valley since there is so much still to discover there. Chatpal in the South Kashmir district of Shangas is one of the undiscovered places to visit in Srinagar.

This breathtaking location, 88 miles from Srinagar, is a favourite destination for wildlife lovers. There is nothing more fascinating you could discover in the city than the lush peaks and rushing river streams cutting through the impenetrable woodlands.

6. Pari Mahal: Land of the Fairies

pari mahal beautiful structure
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Local slang refers to this lovely structure as the “abode of the fairies.” Why is it clear to see? The multi-tiered monument and its gardens are known for their breathtaking valley views. From this vantage position, you can get a bird’s eye view of Srinagar, including its lakes and surrounding meadows.

7. Jama Masjid: Find Your Peace

Jama Masjid
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This historic mosque, built by Sultan Sikandar Shah Kashmiri Shahmiri about 600 years ago, is one of the most favoured places to visit in Srinagar. It’s also believed that the peaceful mosque’s history has followed the ups and downs that this area has experienced politically and in other ways.

8. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden: Asia’s Largest Tulip Heaven

The biggest tulip garden in Asia, the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, is located near Srinagar at the Zabarwan mountain range’s base. It looks out over the beautiful Dal Lake and was once known as the Model Floriculture Centre. In addition to the 48 different tulip types, the Tulip Garden has roses, daffodils, hyacinths, and irises. The Tulip Festival held here is the main event that draws visitors from all over the world.

9. Nishat Bagh: A Mughal Legacy

Nishat Bagh hd image
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Nishat Bagh, located on the shores of the stunning Dal Lake, is arguably the most stunning of all the Mughal gardens in Srinagar. The Nishat Garden, sometimes called “the garden of bliss,” has the stunning Zabarwan Mountains as a background. On your visit to Nishat Bagh, take in the blossoming flowerbeds, the lush green lawns, and the lovely fountains.

10. Aru Valley: A Trek Lover’s Paradise

Aru Valley
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Kashmir’s immense valleys are drenched in the true hues of the country. One of the top tourist destinations in Kashmir is the Aru Valley, located in the Anantnag region, around 100 km from the capital. The Valley is the ideal location for thrill seekers and is the starting point for the Sonamarg Trek and Kolahoi Glacier.

11. Hazratbal Mosque: An Architectural Marvel

a beautiful picture click Hazratbal Mosque
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The most sacred mosque and shrine for Muslims in Kashmir is the Hazratbal Shrine. It contains a relic called Moi-e-Muqqadas, thought to be holy hair from the Prophet Muhammad’s beard. It offers a beautiful view of the lake and neighbouring mountains because it is located on the Nishat Bagh side of Dal Lake.

12. Badam Wari: A Peek into Natural Beauty

Badam Wari is a garden and one of the top tourist destinations in Srinagar if you’re travelling with children and a large family. The early blossoming of the garden’s trees is a major draw for vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts. A covered dome, flower-filled flora, and cascades are all found within, giving guests a calming experience.

13. Avantipur Temple: Relish the Aesthetic Ruins

The Avantipur Temple is a nearly 500-year-old structure that may be seen in Srinagar, Kashmir, on the banks of the Jhelum River in the Pulwama district. It is renowned for both its elaborate carvings and impressive architecture. This location, also known as the Awantiswami Temple, is now in ruins and serves as a monument to Kashmir’s illustrious past and cultural legacy. This temple was constructed in the ninth century CE by King Avantivarman of the Utpala Dynasty. The Avantipur Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, is highly revered by the people. It is one of the most Instagram-worthy places to visit in Srinagar.

14. Char Chinar: For Photography Lovers

Char Chinar
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Make sure to ask your shikara to be led in this way if you intend to have a shikara trip around the area of a captivating island lake. Char Chinar refers to a captivating island in the Dal Lake surrounded by Chinar trees, enhancing the area’s beautiful beauty. It is one of the best places to visit in Srinagar and the best location for taking a selfie!

15. Chashme Shahi Garden: Marvel at the Persian Style

Chashme Shahi Garden
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It was thought that Rupa Bhawani, a revered Kashmiri woman saint, had found this location. Couples frequently travel here to relax and revitalise in the tranquil surroundings of Srinagar. The park’s architectural design exhibits Persian influences, offering tourists a visual escape.

16. Shalimar Bagh: The Largest Mughal Garden

Shalimar Bagh
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The largest of Srinagar’s three Mughal gardens is Shalimar Bagh. The “crown of Srinagar” is a public park with this designation. Highlights include the chinar trees and the chini khanas, or arched nooks hidden behind waterfalls.

17. Hari Parbat: A Potpourri of Cultures

Hari Parbat
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A hill that looks out over Srinagar is home to a fort, a mosque, a gurudwara, and several Hindu temples. Even though it is not typically considered one of Srinagar’s top attractions, it resembles a natural habitat and is of enormous cultural value. The hill, with its many religious structures, stands out as one of the finest displays of togetherness.

18. Lal Chowk: Shop Till You Drop

Lal Chowk
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Left-wing militants inspired by the Russian Revolution gave the chowk its literal name, “red square.” It contains tales of the city’s violent political past. It functions as an incredible commercial hub with a wide variety of goods and a lively market meeting your demands for shopping in Srinagar. This neighbourhood market has a wide selection of goods, including shawls, fruits, dry fruits, bedsheets, jewellery boxes, and other home furnishings.

19. Pathar Mosque: A Mughal Architecture Marvel

The mosque in Srinagar’s Nowhatta town was constructed by Nur Jahan in 1623 and is located on the banks of the Jhelum River. It gets its name from the building itself, which is largely made of stone and showcases the splendour of Mughal architecture. The decorations, structural patterns, and horizontal arches greatly attract visitors. There aren’t any conventional pyramidal roofs like in other mosques in Kashmir’s Valley.

20. Burzahom Archaeological Site: Glimpse into Days Long Gone

Burzahom in Srinagar is where you’ll find the Burzhama Ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Numerous artefacts and traces have been found at this archaeological dig site, indicating the presence of an old settlement that existed hundreds of years ago. Skeletons, ceramics, pit homes, mud-brick homes, and bone and stone tools are among the artefacts found during the excavations.

21. Baramulla: The Dream of a Nature Lover

Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 67

Baramulla, one of Srinagar’s top tourist destinations, is a little town with some of the most picturesque scenery because of its rural setting. The city is a naturalist’s dream since the majestic Himalayan peaks surround it. Numerous tourist attractions, including Wular Lake and imposing stupas, lure visitors across India to this region.

22. Kanqah of Shah Hamdan: For Spirituality Lovers

The Khanqah of Shah Hamdan was constructed in Srinagar on the sandy Jhelum River banks. On the sixth day of Dul-Haj, the final month of the Islamic lunar calendar, and on the anniversary of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani’s passing, the place is busy with activity and people.

23. Shree Kheer Bhawani Durga Temple: Seek Blessings of the Goddess

Shree Kheer Bhavani Temple is devoted to the Hindu goddess Bhavani, who embodies Goddess Parvathy and is located in the Tul Mulla hamlet close to Srinagar. Due to the mouthwatering rice pudding served as prasad, the temple’s name, Bhavani Mandir, subsequently changed to Kheer Bhavani. It is situated amid large chinar trees above a holy water spring.

24. Anantnag: Watch Rivers Merge

Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 68

Visit Anantnag to see the Brengi, Sandran, and Arapath rivers come together spectacularly, letting you experience Srinagar’s genuine beauty. The resultant river is known as Jhelum or Veth. Anantnag is one of the most popular places to visit in Srinagar because it is known as the Valley’s commercial hub in addition to everything else.

25. Sinthan Top: Aerial View of Srinagar

Visit the Sinthan Top, a mountain pass tucked away in the Pir Panjal mountain ranges, to get a bird’s-eye perspective over the whole city of Srinagar. Due to its picturesque environment, this location has lately been included in Srinagar’s list of top tourist attractions. Trekkers and mountain climbers have gradually become more prevalent in the area, helping the local tourist industry.

26. Floating Vegetable Market: A Unique Experience

Floating Vegetable Market 2
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 69

One of the most unique places to visit in Srinagar is the Floating Vegetable Market. Vegetables and fruits are sold in bulk here while transported on shikaras around the river. It is more than just a vegetable market; it is also a fantastic tourist attraction you should notice when visiting Srinagar. It is a photographer’s paradise and draws a lot of visitors.

27. Apple Orchards: Taste Juicy Apples

apple  tree
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 70

Due to its verdant orchards, swift rivers, and idyllic settings, Srinagar is regarded as one of India’s most attractive cities. Additionally, 80% of the nation’s apple supply is controlled here. Visit the emerald-carpeted meadows filled with green trees and sparkling red apples, and let the idyllic view stay in your mind forever.

28. Kathi Darwaza: A Glimpse of Srinagar’s Rich History

Kathi Darwaza, one of the most popular places to visit in Srinagar, must be on your itinerary if you enjoy Mughal architecture. It is the famous Hari Parbat Fort’s main gate. Tiny Persian and Mughal inscriptions may be seen on the gate’s walls. There is no denying that this gate highlights the fort’s grandeur and enhances its attractiveness.

29. Shankaracharya Temple: Spirituality in Srinagar

a beautiful drone view
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One of the oldest temples in Kashmir is the Lord Shiva-dedicated Shankaracharya Temple in Srinagar, which is situated atop the Shankaracharya Hill. This revered temple, located on the city’s southeast side at around 1100 feet, provides stunning views of the Valley and the Pir Panjal range’s snow-covered mountains.

30. Dachigam National Park: A Wildlife Retreat

The word Dachigam refers to 10 hamlets within its large 141 sq. km. territory. Dachigam National Park is around 22 km from Srinagar’s main town and is the ideal place to visit if you want to see the Kashmir valley’s best-conserved wildlife. Dachigam, one of the most significant places to visit in Srinagar, is well-known for being the home to several plant and animal species, including the Kashmiri Stag and the Himalayan Black Bear.

Things to Do in Srinagar

There are many things to do in Srinagar to keep you busy for days. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy in the Kashmiri city, from the spectacular Dal Lake to the numerous historical sites and lovely gardens.

1. Stay in a Houseboat

Stay in a Houseboat
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With an area of 18 square kilometres, Dal Lake is by far the city’s most popular destination and has greatly influenced its culture. The Maharaja of Kashmir forbade the British from owning land or constructing homes across the Valley, so the British started to construct opulent houseboats as a workaround. These vessels have been maintained and upgraded since freedom. Many city residents rely on fishing, harvesting floating gardens, and giving visitors shikara (boat) rides, contributing significantly to the city’s economy. A houseboat stay on Dal Lake for at least one night is a must-do when visiting Srinagar.

2. Engage in a Shikara Ride

Shikara Ride
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Shikara rides on the stunning Dal Lake are now the most bizarre experience anyone can have. You may experience the city’s lifestyle at its finest while rowing around the lake and seeing the sunset in all its splendour. It’s worth every penny to get this classic city experience!

3. Shopping in Srinagar: Souvenirs and Local Crafts

The notable items to purchase in Srinagar are pashminas, papièr mâchè bangles, carved wooden boxes, embroidered scarves, wicker baskets, silver jewellery, spices, and Kashmiri carpets. Every traveller should indulge in this activity. They are not only a fantastic purchase but also a fantastic memento. You may thus go to any of the well-known markets or shops and purchase anything you choose.

4. Paragliding

srinager Paragliding
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The finest way to see a city is from above, and what could be better than paragliding above Srinagar while on the most wonderful Kashmir vacation ever? You can see the city’s stunning gardens and lakes all at once in the strange aerial perspective, leaving you wanting more. Therefore, whether you enjoy adventures, include this on your bucket list.

5. Trek to Tarsar Marsar

One of the most memorable treks of Tarsar Marsar provides a rush of excitement and a view of nature’s stunning splendour. The Aru Valley in Kashmir is where the route is located, and it is pretty magnificent, with a variety of scenery.

6. Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 75

In Srinagar, near the Dal Lake, the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden hosts the largest tulip festival in South Asia from April through May. It is tucked away in Srinagar at the base of the Zabarwan Range, creating the Dal Lake’s splendour. One of Kashmir’s most eagerly anticipated events, the Tulip Festival honours the magnificent tulips that embellish the garden’s flowering season. Every year, at the beginning of spring, the festival is held in the garden to promote Kashmiri tourism and floriculture, as well as, of course, the enjoyment of the visitors.

Zaika-e-Kashmir: The Delicious Kashmiri Food

Because many of the ingredients used in Kashmiri cuisine are particular to the region and hold secrets about the locals and their culture, sampling the cuisine there is crucial to understanding Kashmiri culture.


Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 76

Without Wazwan, no discussion of Kashmiri cuisine would be complete. It often refers to a lavish feast with the finest foods for weddings and other special events. Wazwan sampling plates, however, are commonplace on restaurant menus. Consider it a rustic meal selected by the head chef as an introduction to Kashmiri cuisine. Wazwan is the ideal way to try a variety of regional specialities, with the decadent gustaba, meatballs in a creamy yoghurt sauce, as the last course.


Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 77

One thing is certain whether you choose Wazwan or order à la carte. The meal from Kashmir will make you feel full yet sleepy. Kahwa, a flavorful beverage brewed with green tea, saffron, and spices and served with a liberal scattering of sliced almonds, is ideal for washing it down. It is claimed to be beneficial for digestion, weight reduction, and immunity-building and has many health advantages. On the coldest of days, it can also assist in warming you!

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 78

The delicious lamb dish Rogan Josh, one of Kashmiri cuisine’s defining dishes, is a must-try for all meat and lamb fans. When the Mughals arrived in India, it was first practised there. It is a highly nutritious low-fat dish, bursting with the tastes of caramelised onions, different spices, and yoghurt. You’ll want more after trying it with rice or naan.

Haaq Saag

This straightforward meal, cooked with Kashmiri leafy greens, mustard oil, and salt, is a mainstay at ceremonies and special events.


Tuji is more than a meal; it’s a culinary adventure. By the side of the famous Dal Lake, mouthwatering bite-sized pieces of grilled meat are served with piping hot sheer chai (a pink-coloured flavorful tea) and traditional slices of bread. Families and friends gather to join in the ritual of munching, and as is customary, chatter, jokes, and laughing followed.


Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 79

If you have a sweet tooth, sample a bowl (or two) of phirni before leaving the region. Ground rice, cream, milk, sugar, cardamom, and nuts, including almonds and pistachios, are the main ingredients in this decadent delicacy. It has a subtle rose essence flavouring that gives it a distinctive taste.

Noon/Sheer Chai – Kashmiri Pink Tea

The unique and well-known Kashmiri pink tea, commonly called “noon chai” or “sheer chai,” is a traditional tea from the Kashmir region of India. It is recognised for its distinctive flavour profile, which contains spices like cardamom and cinnamon, as well as a trace of salt, and its pink colour, obtained by boiling green tea leaves and some baking soda before combining them with milk. This salty, savoury tea, typically offered at special events and prepared in a special kettle called a “samovar,” is an important aspect of Kashmiri culture and provides a memorable and distinctive tea-drinking experience.


Shufta is the ultimate in luxury. Shufta is a creamy delicacy created with copious amounts of sugar, almonds, dried fruit, and a dash of cardamon and pepper. On the coldest of days, it is known to provide warmth!

Markets in Srinagar for an Amazing Shopping Experience

The city of Srinagar is recognised for its picturesque splendour and stunning surroundings. The retail district in Srinagar, which contains a lot of local markets, is another significant tourist draw. One can hunt for a few specialities in Srinagar, such as Shawls and regional crafts, among other things. During a visit to Srinagar, one may tour a variety of the city’s markets.

Lal Chowk

Lal Chowk is one of Srinagar’s busiest and oldest retail districts. Lal Chowk, lined with stores selling spices, copperware, woollen clothing, and silver jewellery, is still popular with visitors and locals. Additionally, you may get things made of walnut wood, metal, and carpets here.

Polo View

polo field
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 80

This popular retail area in Srinagar is right next to the polo field. You may get anything at this enormous street market, from traditional textiles to ethnic handicrafts. It is the ideal location in Srinagar to choose from various papier mache goods, trinkets, and souvenirs.

Badshah Chowk

The handmade traditional Kashmiri carpets are the major draw of Srinagar’s bustling market, Badshah Chowk, even though you can also get lovely home décor, handicrafts, and clothing there. Even though the design and pattern in many colours are intriguing, remember to haggle before agreeing on a price.

Residency Road

Residency Road, near Lal Chowk, is a tourist’s paradise if they’re seeking a hearty shopping experience. The stores on Residency Road sell anything from handicrafts to traditional Dogra jewellery, but the market is most renowned for its dry fruit and spice stalls. Most travellers are drawn there by the perfume of dried fruits and spices like saffron, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, raisins, and apricots.

Floating Vegetable Market

Floating Vegetable Market
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 81

One-of-a-kind retail area in Srinagar is the Floating Vegetable Market. This floating market is the only one in India, making it one of Srinagar’s top tourist destinations. Locals selling fresh veggies and flowers while sailing on tiny boats is indeed a sight to witness.

What to Buy While Shopping in Srinagar

Pashmina Shawls and Sweaters

Pashmina Shawls and Sweaters
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 82

Never consider leaving Srinagar without purchasing authentic and lovely pashmina shawls, stoles, sweaters, and jackets. Real Pashmina clothing has many hues, patterns, and weaving styles, giving you plenty of options.

Kashmiri Tea

Kashmiri Tea
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 83

Kashmiri tea is one of Srinagar’s most well-liked and highly sought-after goods. Although it differs slightly from daily tea, Kashmiri tea is captivating and intriguing due to its many flavours and fragrances. Every flavour and scent, whether Kashmiri Kahwa, salted pink tea, midday chai, or oolong tea, will entice you.


Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 84

We don’t have to try to persuade them to buy Kashmiri carpets. Everyone appreciates this Srinagar shopping item’s beautiful work, weaving pattern, and colour combinations, which has gained worldwide recognition.


The stores offering various common to exotic spices are scattered across almost all of Srinagar’s local marketplaces, and their enticing aromas are sure to rejuvenate and hypnotise. Everything is genuine and pure, including the Kashmiri red chillies, saffron, nutmeg, brown cardamom, and star anise.

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 85

The dried fruits from Srinagar are last but certainly not least. High-quality dry fruit production is a Srinagar speciality. Everyone likes dry fruits, and many of the population eats them daily. The region produces a variety of dry fruits, including figs, almonds, walnuts, and cashews.

Best Time to Visit Srinagar

Summer Weather in Srinagar

Summer Weather in Srinagar
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 86

If you wish to avoid the oppressive heat of the Indian plains, the summer is another great season to travel. The range of temperatures is 15 to 30 °C. Due to the monsoon, July and August might be slightly rainy, but the lush green scenery is breathtaking.

Winter Weather in Srinagar

winter Weather in Srinagar
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 87

Visit Srinagar in the winter if you like the snow and winter activities. Skiing and snowboarding are available, transforming the city into a winter paradise. Be prepared for cold weather, though, since it can get quite cold and frequently drops below freezing.

Spring Weather in Srinagar

Spring Weather in Srinagar
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 88

One of the best times to visit Srinagar is in spring. The temperature is comfortable, ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. The city’s gardens are in full bloom, and the famed Tulip Festival is held at this time.

Autumn Weather in Srinagar

Autumn Weather in Srinagar
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 89

Autumn is a beautiful season to visit Srinagar since the weather is pleasant, ranging from 4°C to 18°C, and the trees change colour. It’s also a fantastic time of year for outdoor activities and photography.

Accommodation Options in Srinagar

Hotels in Srinagar

Qayaam Gah

Qayaam Gah
image source: cntraveller

Qayaam Gah Retreat is a residence to slow down and tune out of the contemporary world, immersed in peace and tranquillity with exceptional views of the majestic grandeur of the Vale of Kashmir. It is situated on a remote ridge high above the peaceful waters of Dal Lake with a backdrop of the craggy Zabarwan Hills.

Tariff: 30,000 onwards

Taj Vivanta Dal View

Taj Vivanta Dal View
image source:travel weekly

This opulent 5-star hotel, perched on a cliff, offers breathtaking views of the Dal Lake’s azure waters and the surrounding mountains and elegantly designed interiors. The hotel has opulently appointed suites with private balconies, roomy dining and lounge spaces, many fine dining restaurants featuring distinctive cuisines, an infinity pool, spa, fitness centre, bonfire nights along the lake, and big meeting/banquet halls.

Tariff: 28,000 onwards

Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 90

The prestigious Marriott hotel organisation hosts this high-end, opulent hotel and offers world-class services and polished architectural elegance for an understated yet elegant stay. The rooms include beautiful contemporary furnishings, a large lounge space, and breathtaking city views. The hotel includes a fitness facility, children’s playroom, lounges, meeting/banquet facilities, jacuzzi, and activities including snorkelling, diving, and a golf course in addition to an all-day dining room providing delectable local and foreign cuisines.

Tariff: 10,000 onwards


Radisson srinagar
Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 91

Radisson Srinagar is a part of the globally acclaimed Radisson group of hotels and provides comfort and convenience at a luxurious level. The rooms are lavish and spacious, with an astounding view of the outdoors. There is also a plunge pool, seating areas, an in-house restaurant, a therapeutic spa, and more for guests to enjoy. With alternatives for outdoor eating and poolside BBQ, fine dining establishments provide delectable worldwide cuisines and mouthwatering Kashmiri specialities.

Tariff: 11,000 onwards

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree
image source: agoda

Lemon Tree Hotel, Srinagar, is ideally situated in the city centre, about 30 minutes from the airport. The colourful hotel’s typical Kashmiri architecture, complete with traditional wood frontages, stained glass windows, carved eaves and wooden sloping roofs, lends the interiors of the building a special character.

Tariff: 20,000 onwards

Orchard Retreat and Spa

Orchard Retreat and Spa
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The Orchard Retreat & Spa is an opulent resort between lush green apple orchards and snow-capped mountains in the picturesque city of Srinagar, 4.8 miles from Batt Bagh. The resort provides cosy, roomy accommodations with contemporary conveniences, including a private balcony with views of the orchards or mountains. The resort’s restaurant offers delicious, freshly prepared dishes from across the world and the local area. The Orchard Retreat & Spa offers a calm and beautiful setting for a relaxing stay in Srinagar.

Tariff: 19,000 onwards


Nadis is a contemporary Kashmiri home near the Zabarwan Hills, near the renowned Mughal Garden. It was designed in the spirit of Kashmir’s rich cultural legacy and stunning alpine surroundings. There are 18 large rooms in this modern boutique hotel, and the on-site restaurant provides authentic Kashmiri food.

Tariff: 10,700 onwards

Resorts in Srinagar

Fortune Resort Heevan

Fortune Resort is a chic boutique hotel combining a sophisticated Kashmiri cultural style with contemporary conveniences. The hotel features tastefully decorated rooms with generous living spaces, several great eating establishments with culturally rich environments providing savoury cuisines to satisfy your tastes, bonfire night outs for picnics and BBQ, and meeting/banquet facilities. There are additional sports like golf, tennis, badminton, and fishing accessible.

Tariff: 16,000 onwards

Chinar Resort and Spa

The Chinar Resort provides a lovely location with breathtaking views of the magnificent river Lidder and the majestic Himalayas. Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings of The Chinar Resort. Its trendy decor and first-rate service guarantee a delightful and relaxing stay. The resort, tucked away in the middle of the city, is a genuine Kashmiri treasure. The Chinar Resort guarantees an outstanding vacation, whether you’re looking for a memorable family trip or a romantic retreat.

Tariff: 5,000 onwards

Rah Bagh by Orchard

This opulent 5-star hotel, perched on a cliff, offers breathtaking views of the Dal Lake’s azure waters and the surrounding mountains and elegantly designed interiors. The hotel has opulently appointed suites with private balconies, roomy dining and lounge spaces, many fine dining restaurants featuring distinctive cuisines, an infinity pool, spa, fitness centre, bonfire nights along the lake, and big banquet halls.

Tariff: 14,000 onwards

Kashmir Mahal Resorts

You can rely on a great location, spotless grounds and lodgings, delectable cuisine, and excellent service at Kashmir Mahal Resorts. Should you choose to venture out, there is also a beautiful art gallery on the site. It is one of the most attractive resorts in Srinagar and is ideally located in the city’s heart. The resort offers a delicious buffet breakfast in the Grand Lobby.

Tariff: 3,000 onwards

Houseboats in Srinagar

Goonapalace Group of Houseboats

Goonapalace Group of Houseboats
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These independent houseboats on Dal Lake are available for rent, featuring a full-service restaurant, a bar with observation decks, and mesmerising views of Nehru Park. Enjoy the luxurious living areas with retro-themed living and dining rooms, magnificent bedrooms with desks, and modern conveniences for business and leisure guests. They also provide a garden on-shore with a playground for kids.

Tariff: 3,500 onwards

Meena Group of Houseboats

Meena Group of Houseboats
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Meena Group Houseboats has kept most of its colonial-style furnishings and wood-carved woodwork for a classic appearance and feel. The floating hotel’s four guestrooms have a view of the Dal Lake or the Himalayas and are decorated with beautiful chandeliers and silk tapestries. The suite-style accommodation, which has a garden and open terrace, central heating, minibars, and other perks, distinguishes it from the rest. The yacht has hot tubs and rain showers in every bathroom. The on-site gourmet dining establishment Spice by Meena provides a recurring six-course organic menu influenced by regional cuisines.

Tariff: 9,000 onwards

Chicago Group of Houseboats

These historic accommodations, considered the best houseboats in Kashmir, are surrounded by gurgling valleys, high hills, and multicoloured flower fields. The luxurious interiors of the houseboats feature antique furnishings, opulent couch sets, and lightning-fast connections. Enormous Chinar trees colour the alpine panorama around the restaurant on the property’s lake. Here, you may savour Indian, continental, and Mughal cuisine.

Tariff: 5,000 onwards

New London House Group of Houseboats

The New London House Group of Houseboats in Srinagar, 8.1 kilometres from the Shankaracharya Mandir, provides 3-star lodging, a garden, a patio, and a restaurant. The hotel has room service, an airport shuttle, a round-the-clock reception, and free WiFi access. The hotel’s guest rooms come with a sitting space. Some rooms at New London House Group of Houseboats include a mountain view and a private bathroom with a shower and complimentary amenities. Each room at the hotel is furnished with towels and bed linens.

Tariff: 2,800 onwards

Altaf Houseboat

Near Nehru Park, the 4-star Houseboat Altaf provides a patio and a Jacuzzi along the Dal Lake’s immaculate banks. Dining rooms, ethnic linens, and carpeted floors enhance the glamorous interior design. Experience Kashmiri culture like never before with live performances and outdoor dining at their restaurant/bar. Fishing and engaging talks with the host are further options.

Tariff: 3,500 onwards

Golden Hopes Group of Houseboats

On the renowned Dal Lake, this houseboat is located. The boat has traces of Islamic architecture and is well-furnished. There are 3 rooms on the boat, each of which can hold six people. They have bathrooms that are included. The bedrooms have nice furnishings. Breakfast, served aboard the boat, is also included in the price of the stay. While staying on this gorgeous houseboat, visitors may unwind while taking in the views of the lake.

Tariff: 7,000 onwards

Mascot Houseboats

These shikaras made of cedar wood represent a unique aspect of tradition. Each boat is built in Muslim architecture, with magnificent chandeliers, Persian rugs, and complex carvings illuminating the interior. The Tuman family has run the business since the 1980s. Modern conveniences like Jacuzzis, hot tubs, flat-screen TVs, and air purifiers in the rooms go well with this. Choose from six different accommodation and suite options, all with lake views or the Zabarwan Mountains. All of them have a mini bar, a fireplace and a complementary fruit box at check-in. Once on board, spend some time in the gaming room, organise a day of fishing and a private barbecue, or ask the crew to set up watersports for some excitement.

Tariff: 13,000 onwards

Hostels in Srinagar


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Make the best of Kashmir’s unspoiled beauty by staying at Zostel Srinagar, close to Nishat Bagh and only a 5-minute walk from Dal Lake. The hostel’s traditional furnishings depict a variety of local tales, and its tranquil setting makes it simple to explore Srinagar. Walk along the cool grass while sipping a cup of Kahwah and reminiscing. On the rooftop, enjoy the sunset while socialising with other tourists. When you leave, some of the most beautiful sites on Earth are waiting to take your breath away.

Tariff: 800 onwards


image source: gostops

GoSTOPS Srinagar, located in a lively and hip neighbourhood a few kilometres from the gorgeous Dal Lake, lets you discover the city’s enduring beauty. Take in the vibrant atmosphere of our common area, relax in the lovely garden, or watch an exciting show in the amphitheatre. Have work to catch up on? You may work in peace in our designated workspace. GoSTOPS Srinagar provides convenience and an enjoyable experience with nearby cafés and stores.

Tariff: 500 onwards

Kashmir Tourist Places near Srinagar


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Sonamarg, a hill town and one of the top tourist destinations near Srinagar, Kashmir, is distinguished by the impressive mountains that dominate its skyline. The Sirbal, Kolhoi, Machoi, and Amarnath peaks are above 5000 metres. Sonamarg is located at 9,200 feet above sea level. The region’s overpowering landscape will enthral nature enthusiasts, and you’ll continuously stare at the breathtaking mountains. You can easily go from Sonamarg to Baltal, a picturesque valley at the base of the Zojila Peak. Many hotels in Sonamarg give you a view of the famous Thajiwas Glacier here.


Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 93

Yusmarg, a less visited but incredibly beautiful hill station, is now connected by a very good motorable road. It is thought by some to be the nicest destination in Jammu and Kashmir, mainly because of its untouched nature. Yusmarg will soon turn into a major tourist destination as the government works to improve its roads and connections. Yusmarg now contains woods with maple trees for individuals who appreciate travelling far distances and in the most isolated areas.


Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 94

The famed skiing resort of Gulmarg is situated in the Pir Panjal Range in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Along with having the second-highest Gondola ride in the world, Gulmarg is surrounded by the snow-capped Himalayas, meadows full of flowers, deep ravines, and valleys covered with evergreen trees. You must see St. Mary’s Church, which dates from the British era. The Gulmarg Golf Course, which boasts the distinction of being the highest green course in the world, is another reminder of this location’s love for the British.


Sanasar, one of the less well-known hill towns in the Jammu-Kashmir area, is a refuge for adventurers, providing a variety of sports, including paragliding, rock climbing, abseiling, and trekking. The community is located within a cup-shaped meadow encircled by enormous conifers. Sanasar, which comes from two nearby lakes, offers a more tranquil side of Jammu & Kashmir that may be filled with adventure and adrenaline upon request.


Places to Visit in Srinagar: Things to Do, Accommodation, Markets, Food, How to Reach 95

Baltal, located at a height of 2743 metres, works well as a resting place for all the religious travellers to Amarnath Cave. This location, 14 km from Amarnath, serves as the pilgrims’ base camp and has space for them to set up their tents and spend the night. In addition to this, Baltal is well known for its breathtaking surroundings. Reputable cities like Sonamarg, Pahalgam, and Srinagar are nearby.


Patnitop is the ideal location to enjoy nature at its most breathtaking and expansive, with never-ending meadows and sweeping vistas of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. The region is a highly-liked tourist attraction since it offers scenic views, outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, and water springs. Sanasar is 17 km distant and is well known for its paragliding base, golf courses, and extensive sightseeing opportunities.


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Pahalgam is a stunning hill town and a well-liked tourist destination in Jammu & Kashmir. It is located in the Anantnag district, around 90 km from Srinagar. Pahalgam, situated on the Liddar River’s banks, is the ideal destination for adventure seekers because of its untamed landscapes, lush meadows, and snow-capped mountains. One of the most well-liked hiking areas is the Kolahoi Glaciers Trek via the lovely settlement of Aru.


Small town Pulwama is located in the district of Pulwama in the northern state of Jammu & Kashmir. The sixth-largest city in the state, Pulwama, is located 25 km from Srinagar. Apple orchards, waterfalls, natural springs, and picturesque valleys may all be found in this area, referred to as the “Anand of Kashmir” or the “delight of Kashmir.” Besides that, the city is well known for its abundance of adventure-seeking possibilities, including summer mountaineering, hiking, winter skiing, and snowboarding.

Doodhpathri, a little hill station 9,000 feet above sea level, is one of the more breathtaking locations to explore close to Srinagar. Doodhpathri derives its name from the milky water of its numerous streams, an amazing expanse of lush meadows set against a background of snow-capped hills. The hills are covered in pine and deodar; in the summer, flowers like buttercups and forget-me-nots abound in the Valley.

How to Reach Srinagar

Srinagar is reachable by train, road, or air. The most popular means of transportation to Srinagar is via plane, via Srinagar International Airport.

By Air:

The closest airport to Srinagar is Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport, popularly known as Srinagar International Airport. From important Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and others, you may reserve a flight to Srinagar. You can rent a cab to get to your Srinagar destination after landing. Travelling from the airport to the city typically takes between 30 and 40 minutes.

By Rail:

There is a single train station in Srinagar. The closest significant railway hub is Jammu Tawi, which has excellent connections to several Indian towns. You may continue travelling by road to Srinagar from Jammu. Cabs and buses are options. The trip from Jammu to Srinagar by road is around 270 km long and takes 6 to 8 hours.

By Road:

You can opt to travel by bus, car or motorbike from Srinagar to other significant North Indian towns, thanks to the city’s excellent road connections. The most popular route is the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway (NH44), which connects Srinagar and Jammu. The road trip from Jammu to Srinagar provides breathtaking scenery but can also be hampered by bad weather and traffic jams. You might also go by car from major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, or Amritsar. Be careful to schedule several stops along the route because the road trip might be lengthy.


Srinagar is a beautiful city nestled in the valleys of Kashmir. It is the summer capital of the state. One of the most popular places in Srinagar, the Dal Lake, offers peaceful boat tours and houseboats where you can unwind and enjoy the beauty. The Mughal Gardens, which include Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, and Chashme Shahi, must be seen by anybody who enjoys gardens. Outstanding examples of Mughal architecture may be seen in these gardens. Srinagar produces a plethora of exquisite woodwork, Pashmina shawls and Kashmiri carpets in particular. Local markets in the city, including Lal Chowk, provide the chance to purchase while learning about the area’s rich cultural past.

There is a wide variety of cuisine, including wazwan and kahwa tea. The area is also known for its slow cooking techniques, producing meals of meat that are delicate and well-marinated, such as the well-known Rogan Josh and Yakhni. In addition, rice is a mainstay of Kashmiri cuisine. It is frequently served with various vegetarian and non-vegetarian side dishes and is flavoured with famed saffron to give it a brilliant colour and distinct flavour. The sweets found in Kashmiri cuisine’s desserts, like the flavour and dry fruit-infused Phirni and Shufta, are similarly delectable.

Srinagar offers many staying options, including hotels, luxurious resorts, and budget hostels. The city is easily accessible by road, rail, and air. While on a trip here, you can visit nearby places like Yusmarg, Gulmarg, Doodhpathri, and more to make your trip memorable. Learn about the many tourist spots in the Kashmiri city of Srinagar. Awe-inspiring mountain views, including peaks above 5000 metres, can be found in Sonamarg, while Yusmarg beckons with its unspoiled natural beauty. The renowned Gulmarg offers a skiing paradise surrounded by snow-capped Himalayas and lush valleys, and it is home to the second-highest gondola ride in the world and the St. Mary’s Church from the British era. Sanasar, located in a meadow surrounded by soaring conifers, is a hidden gem for adventure seekers. Pilgrims to the Amarnath Cave can relax in the stunning surroundings of Baltal. Outdoor sports, natural springs, and expansive vistas of the Himalayan ranges are all available at Patnitop. The Kolahoi Glaciers Trek is a great option for adventure enthusiasts in Pahalgam, located on the Liddar River. Doodhpathri is enchanting with its milky streams, verdant meadows, and pine-covered hills, while Pulwama is renowned for its apple orchards and outdoor adventure activities. In this breathtaking area, each place presents a distinct experience.

A genuinely distinctive and all-encompassing experience amid Kashmir’s natural beauty and culture is provided by staying on a houseboat in Srinagar. You may wake up to the sound of water gently lapping and the sight of bright floating gardens thanks to these floating houses, which offer a calm and tranquil retreat with stunning views of Dal Lake and the surrounding mountains. The lavishly furnished interiors combine contemporary conveniences and regional charm, frequently highlighting traditional Kashmiri artistry. It is a wonderful cultural experience since you may sample real Kashmiri food and interact with the kind, welcoming inhabitants. Houseboats in Srinagar offer the ideal combination of leisure, exploration, and a close relationship with the charming terrain and the locals, making them a must-try.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit Srinagar and witness the beauty of Kashmir through Shikara rides and houseboat stays. Remember to shop for amazing Pashmina shawls and aromatic spices from here. It would be best to take advantage of this opportunity that has sailed towards you.

Riddhi Sompura
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