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Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend



The valleys of Himachal Pradesh hide a beautiful secret within them – the town of Kufri. It is a small town nestled just 15 kilometres from Shimla and makes for an amazing day trip and a detour from the hustle and bustle of Shimla during your trip.

Kufri is a winter destination in India that you must visit from November to February for a breathtaking experience with snow. In winter, Kufri becomes the hub of winter sports and activities; you can partake in them on your trip here as well. Ice skating is the best and most sought-after activity in winter, and a competition for such winter sports is also held here annually, keeping ice skating in focus. The competition is curated by the tourism department of Himachal Pradesh each year.

This travel blog will explore the places to visit in Kufri, things to do and more. Stay tuned to find out!

Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri

1. Fagu Valley and Peak

Fagu Valley and Peak
Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 16

Fagu Peak is the highest point of the town and is one of the most sought-after places to visit in Kufri. The base of the Peak starts at the Kufri market, from where you will find many horses for your ride to the top. The top of the Peak offers captivating views of the whole town. The market at the base is also a great place for souvenir shopping, where you buy traditional Himachali caps and stoles along with a few other items like sweaters, shawls, and ponchos.

From the market of Kufri, you will find many horses that will take you to the top for Rs. 500. In peak season (during summer), the charge for one way is 500, while in winter and monsoon, the charges are 500 for the complete journey to and from the Peak! 

2. Mahasu Peak

Mahasu Peak
image source: exoticmiles

Mahasu Peak is another peak in Kufri. Similar to Fagu Peak, you will find horses to take you up the Peak and back. You can also trek to the Mahasu Peak if you like. On the way to the top, you will notice many yaks. These yaks are imported from Ladakh, and their caretakers offer rides on them that you can try as well! 

The Mahasu Peak offers majestic views of the Badrinath Range and the Kedarnath Range that you must see when you’re here!

3. Himalayan Nature Park

Himalayan Nature Park
Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 17

The Himalayan Nature Park is a zoo where you can witness the beauty of many wild animals like bears, leopards, and deer in their natural habitat. It is a great place for you to learn about the variety of wildlife Himachal has. Himalayan Nature Park is the perfect place for you if you want to revel in nature and educate yourself about the Himalayan wildlife.

4. Lakkad Bazaar of Kufri

Lakkad Bazaar of Kufri
image source: hellotravel

In the centre of the town stands the Lakkad Bazaar of Kufri. While the original Lakkad Bazaar is in Shimla, Kufri has its own Lakkad Bazaar that sells wood-crafted items. You should definitely visit this place to get your souvenirs. Many unique items are sold here, like glasses made from walnut tree wood, key holders made of apple tree wood, and other items like mini showpieces of bikes and swans made of wood and scrapped metal. A unique item here is foldable baskets made of wood that you should buy!

5. Chini Bungalow

Chini Bungalow
image source: blogspot

Chini Bungalow is one of the best places to visit in Kufri and is a tourist hub. It is right next to the Lakkad Bazaar, and you will find many handloom stores and cafes. The Lalit Café is famous for its coffee and food. The handloom stores here sell winter kurtas, shawls, Himachali caps, and other traditional Himachali apparel. There is a sign board here that says “I love Kufri” where you can get your pictures clicked!

The flora in the surrounding gardens and sitting area is a thing of beauty. The place is adorned with beautiful greenery and purple and yellow flowers that are mesmerizing.

6. Adventure Resorts, Kufri

Kufri is an adventure hub, especially in the winter. The Adventure Resorts in Kufri offers an expansive experience for you to enjoy your day out in this little town. Here, you can engage in zipline, go-karting, ATV rides, and many other rides. If you’re looking for a thrill without going on such rides, you can visit their mirror mazes, 5D theatre, and a haunted house. There is also a different area made especially for skiing, where you will be provided with ski gear and a guide to help you ski smoothly. It is one of the best places to visit in Kufri in December.

The zipline here is worth every penny and offers a panoramic view of the entire area from above. Tickets for the activities are available online and offline for all activities, and you can book from anywhere. There are different packages available for couples as well.

Your time here will take up a whole day, so make sure you plan your trip accordingly. The resort also has an accommodation facility where you can choose to stay for the night for prices starting at Rs. 4,000.

Tip: Pre-book your tickets from their website for an additional 10% off!

7. Kufri Fun World

Kufri Fun World is another amusement park in the town that you can visit for a fun day out with your friends or partners at an elevation of 2800 metres. This high-altitude location holds the distinction of being one of the highest theme parks in the world. Excitement abounds with activities like go-karting, mirror mazes, sky swinging, bungee ejection, zip-lining, and haunted houses. In addition, the park has unusual attractions like an infinity chamber, guaranteeing a varied and remarkable experience. Known for having the highest go-kart track in the world, Kufri Fun World is a must-visit location for thrill-seekers and those looking for an exhilarating getaway.

Best Things to Do in Kufri

Apart from the many places to visit in Kufri, the town offers its visitors many fun and engaging activities to partake in.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating kufri
Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 18

Kufri is a hub for ice skaters and also hosts an annual competition for the same! The perfect rinks here will ensure that you will have the best ice skating experience so far! You must do this activity when you visit here!


skiing kufri
Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 19

Skiing is one of the most sought-after things to do in Kufri. Unlike Manali, Shimla, or the Solang Valley, skiing here is an enthralling experience due to its low prices and lack of crowds! If you want to see how well you can slide off snow, visit Kufri in December during snowfall to try your hands on this amazing activity!

Yak Rides

Yak Rides
Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 20

You will find many yaks on your way from Shimla to Kufri and in Kufri as well. You can engage in a Yak ride to make the most of your adventurous detour to this town.

Horse Riding

horse riding
Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 21

Horse riding is another experience you get to have here. The Fagu Peak is easily reached with horse riding, and so is the Mahasu Peak! You can also engage in horse rides along the markets of the town for a thrilling experience if you wish to avoid riding them to the peaks. 

Souvenir Shopping

Souvenir Shopping
Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 22

You must shop for souvenirs when you’re in this quaint town. The Chini Bungalow and Lakkad Bazaar, along with the main market, are the best places to visit in Kufri for an ethereal shopping experience. Let the shopaholic in you come alive as you support local and small businesses here!

Beyond the Places to Visit Kufri

When you’re in Kufri, you should not miss out on the places that surround this amazing town, like Shimla and Chail.


Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 23

Shimla is very obviously the most sought-after tourist destination in India. It also is the starting point for most journeys to Kufri. It was once the summer capital of the British Raj and is a tranquil haven for all. In winter, the snow-covered land of Shimla is nothing less than magical.


Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 24

Chail is a small hill station located close to Kufri. It is a lesser-known place where you can peacefully enjoy yourself. The Chail Palace here is a recognizable monument where the Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’ was shot. It also has the world’s highest cricket stadium and the famous Kali Ka Tibba Temple.


Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 25

Mashobra is starting to gain traction as a tourist place in Himachal Pradesh. It is a quaint town just 11 kilometres from Kufri that you must visit when you’re here. It will make for the perfect addition to your Shimla tour. If you want a leisurely getaway with nothing to do, Mashobra is the perfect place for you. It has many resorts and hotels where you can stay peacefully amidst nature.


Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 26

Narkanda is an important site for Hindu pilgrims and sees many devotees all year round. The Hatu Mata Temple here is of utmost importance, and the trek to the Hatu Peak is a breathtaking one. The apple orchards here are also a treat for the eyes. You can tour them and also taste and buy apples from there. Narkanda is popular for its ancient temples and natural beauty, which you should see if you have ample time on your hands.


Top 7 Places to Visit in Kufri for the Best Weekend 27

Barog enthrals with its peace and picturesque attractiveness. Situated on the Kalka-Shimla route, this picturesque hill station is well-known for its verdant pine trees, expansive vistas, and balmy weather. With its intriguing (and haunted!) Barog Tunnel, an architectural wonder and a tribute to British ingenuity in its day, Barog is a town rich in history. For those who enjoy the outdoors and want to get away from the bustle of daily life, the town is an ideal getaway. This place becomes a sanctuary for people wishing for a tranquil retreat amidst the splendour of the Himalayas with its slow pace of life, exquisite colonial architecture, and the enticing Barog Hills.

How to Reach Kufri

Kufri is well-connected to the major cities of India via Shimla. Shimla is just 15 kilometres from Kufri.

Air: Shimla Airport is the closest airport to Kufri. From Shimla, you can find many cabs and buses that will take you to Kufri. If you’re staying in Shimla, your hotel can also arrange a cab for you to tour Kufri in a day and be back by the evening.

Rail: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, is the closest railway station to Kufri.

Road: Kufri is well-connected by road to the nearby cities of Shimla, Chandigarh and Delhi. You can drive a car here or reach via buses and taxis.

Sample Itinerary for Visiting Kufri in One Day from Shimla

· Start early morning to visit Kufri by a cab or bus. It will only take about an hour to arrive in Kufri.

· Visit Fagu Peak or Mahasu Peak and take in the breathtaking views of the town.

· Visit the Himalayan Nature Park to feel close to nature.

· If you want to go shopping, visit the markets and the Chini Bungalow for souvenir shopping.

· If you’re feeling adventurous, go to one of the amusement parks in Kufri for fun rides.

Best Time to Visit Kufri

Kufri is frequented by tourists during summer due to Shimla being a popular summer destination, hence being crowded. Winter is the perfect time to visit Kufri due to the vast opportunities it offers during the cold months, from November to February. There is ample snow for you to play with, and you can also engage in winter sports, something Kufri is popular for. You can also witness the winter sports competition if you visit Kufri at the right time! The snow-covered hills are soothing to look at, and you will not regret your time in Kufri in winter.


Kufri is a heavenly place in Himachal Pradesh with proximity to Shimla, Chail, Barog, Mashobra and more. Among the places to visit in Kufri are its various amusement parks, shopping areas, Himalayan Nature Park and its enticing peaks that offer stunning views. You will love this place if you are an adventure lover due to the amazing activities it offers, like horse riding, skiing, ziplining, and more!

Start 2024 right with a trip to Himachal Pradesh’s winter hub – Kufri!

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
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