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India Trip: 8 Essential Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Experience



Tip for visit in rashly places

India Trip, Are you looking to visit India? It is a pleasure to visit India.  Indian culture places because India is one of the most beautiful places in the world. This is the biggest democratic country in the world. And having the second largest number of populations in the world India stands for Their Beautiful places.

If you talk about the beautiful places of India and there are many places in India trip which can make your day beautiful and can add some exotic memories in the diary of your life. In the north Ladakh and Kashmir Himachal Pradesh, in the west Rajasthan and Punjab, in the east side Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and in south Kerala, Goa is situated and there are many more places which are amazing to visit and these places you must visit in your life. So before visiting India you need to pre-plan for reaching here and visit this place. So before visiting this place you need to go with some suggestion that what should you do and what you should not? What are the things that are best here?

So I am going to tell you about the 8 best India trip before visiting India. 

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  • Research about the places of India: – Before India, you need to search for many things like where you wanted to go? Which places are going to visit? And which places are best for you? Like if you love to visit beaches then you must visit Goa. If you are the lover of snowfall then you must visit towards the north and if you are the lover of desert and the culture then you can’t miss out the Rajasthan. All these places belong to you that where you are and to go and what do you want from this India trip. So before visiting Rajasthan or any other place of India please makes sure that you are well none of those places because India is very big and the climates are also very with the places to places.

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  • Research about the food: – When you are coming from out of India then you must need to understand what you are going to eat in India and what do you need to skip. Because India Have a wide range of choices in the food. India is one of the biggest street food providers in which you may face the oily food what is the spicy food as well as some mouthwatering taste which are amazing to eat and you do not want to miss. So before eating that thing just try to research that what you are going to eat like dal baati is one of the most famous dishes of India and Samosa is an oily food which is very famous but if you have a gastric problem or anything so you may do not you to go with this so please skip it.

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  • Careful of your surroundings: – India is a good country where you can see many people having to help nature but you need to be careful with some places like markets which are having too much rush. So at these places, you may face trouble with the pocket-picker. That is why you need to be careful in such kinds of conditions.
  • Bring your camera with you: – Bring your camera with you is very necessary because if you are coming even for an official India trip also then you can’t miss capturing the pictures of those places which are amazing. Like if you are visiting Jaipur then you may see many places while traveling like Ajmeri Gate, Birla Mandir, Hawa Mahal, and many more places like traveling so you do not want to miss such kinds of places.
  • Be ready for rush and pollution: – India is a very busy country where you can see too much traffic rush heavy sound while traveling so you need to be prepared for it before visiting India. India is one of the highest populated countries in the world so here you can see a very high Pollution in some places of India like Delhi Mumbai so you need to be prepared for it and it is suggested that wear the mask if you are allergic to such kind of places and try to book a travel partner so you could understand where you are going and they may skip such kind of routes which are filled with a rush.India Trip
  • Bring the cash with you: – it is very necessary to bring the cash because here many people do not have technology so they could accept money via card or any other payment.  So it is very good to have cash with you but try to keep small currencies with you like ten rupees, twenty rupees, fifty or hundred rupees note. Do not go with a 500 or Rs.2000 note because possible that if your money falls it will not get back to you.
  • Dressing sense: – Dress is a very important topic before visiting India because India is very big and different and different places you need different styled clothes. Like if you are going on the south side of India then you must go with the half knickers and assured. If you’re traveling towards the northern side of India then you must have such kind of clothes which can cover you with the cold. If you are traveling towards the western side in the hot summer before their sports clothes and cover your full body with the clothes.
  • Hire a guide with you: – Tried to call with a guide because India trip is too big. So if you wanted to visit all India or all the major parts of India. So you need to go with a guide who can guide you that which places are good to visit. And which places are you may skip and at what season you must visit those places where you want to go or which places you should skip in the particular time when you are visiting India Trip.

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