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    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary


    The adage “Meadow of Flowers” accurately describes Gulmarg. While day-trippers from Srinagar and travellers from across the world throng the valley in the summer, skiers and snowboarders from all over the world descend here, India’s top ski resort, in the winter. But those who want to capture the beauty with their cameras or just their eyes may do so all year long at the many attractions here.

    This article acts as a travel guide to Kashmir’s most beautiful spot with information on places to visit in Gulmarg, hotels in Gulmarg, and things to do.

    Tourist Places in Gulmarg

    1. Apharwat Peak – Marvel at its Beauty

    Apharwat Peak
    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 13

    One of the most stunning spots in Gulmarg is Apharwat Peak, which is 4200 metres above mean sea level. The area, isolated and close to the LOC with Pakistan, has significant rains and is blanketed in snow most of the year. Winter in Gulmarg is experienced best on the Apharwat Peak with winter sports. Ski enthusiasts should visit this location. A person may enjoy skiing to the fullest extent, thanks to the twin peaks’ excellent slopes, which offer the greatest twists and turns. The challenges the mountain presents will even satisfy experienced skiers. If one is not an avid skier, one may still enjoy the splendour of the twin peaks, engage in group snowball fights, and take photographs of the lake and peaks in the distance.

    The region is the most attractive tourist destination, filled with snow-covered mountains and surrounded by pearly white meadows, making it the ideal honeymoon getaway in Kashmir.

    2. Alpather Lake – Trek to This Frozen Lake

    Alpather Lake
    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 14

    The main tourist draw is Alpather Lake. This lake, 4380 metres above sea level, is delightfully located at the base of Apharwat Peak. It is a little alpine lake reached after a two-hour walk from the second Gondola phase. Locals refer to it more often as Frozen Lake since it remains frozen for most of the year. The lake begins to thaw in the summer, displaying its lovely azure water.

    The entire Alpather Lake Trek route begins at the second Gondola phase and is lovely and enjoyable. Despite the trail’s elevation, you’ll be entranced by the wind and stunning surroundings.

    3. Strawberry Valley – Relish in the Deliciousness

    Strawberry Valley
    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 15

    Strawberry Valley is a summer refuge that attracts tourists worldwide looking for adventure and a love of nature. The valley is surrounded by tall trees and beautiful meadows, which creates the perfect atmosphere for visitors to soak up the sun and revitalise their senses. The valley, dotted with little wooden huts, is the ideal place to unwind and escape city life’s hustle.

    The major draw of Strawberry Valley Gulmarg is the plentiful, juicy, and delicious strawberries farmed there. The strawberries farmed here are known for their flavour and quality, and visitors are welcome to eat as many as they like.

    4. Gulmarg Golf Course – Play at the Highest Gold Course in the World!

    Gulmarg Golf Course
    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 16

    The Gulmarg Golf Course is the biggest in India and is renowned for having the highest 18-hole golf course in the whole globe. The golf course features a meadow with various lovely and uncommon flower types. June through September are when the flowers are in full bloom.

    Both residents and visitors may play on the course, which features beautiful vistas, a well-kept course, and a variety of amenities, including a clubhouse and pro shop. Visitors are welcome to drive their automobiles inside and have a spin on one of the world’s most stunning golf courses.

    5. Khilanmarg – Best Place for Gulmarg Sightseeing

    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 17

    Khilanmarg is one of the most pleasant places, with panoramic views of some of the biggest Himalayan peaks. This location perfectly combines natural beauty with adventurous sports, making it a popular tourist destination for many people.

    Since Khilanmarg can’t be reached by car, it’s a terrific destination for anyone who loves unconventional travel. To get here, one must either walk or ride a pony. Khilanmarg is a popular winter skiing resort covered with fragrant, blooming flowers in the spring, making it a popular destination for Gulmarg sightseeing.

    6. Maharani Temple – Pray at one of the Oldest Temples in India

    Maharani Temple
    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 18

    The Maharani Temple is located in the corner of one of the main meadows and has a magnificent appearance. According to legend, it was the Dogra dynasty’s imperial shrine when it reigned over the once princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a modest hillock-based temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, visible throughout the town.

    It was constructed by Mohini Bai Sisodia, the wife of Maharaja Hari Singh, who used to pray at the temple fervently. It is also known as the Rani Temple or Mohineshwar Shivalaya. The building’s architecture is Hindu, and the grounds have been maintained properly.

    7. St. Mary’s Church – Marvel at the Architecture

    St. MaryΓCOs Church
    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 19

    This stunning Victorian building is located close to the Gulmarg Golf Course. Tourists swarm here all year round to see the magnificent architecture that dates back a century. It resembles a modest English rural church in terms of appearance. The Saint Mary’s church has stone-grey walls. A wooden trim-trimmed high green roof covers the top of the structure. It seems extremely lovely when the church is seen against fluffy white snow in the winter.

    8. Maharaja Hari Singh Palace – Experience the Royalty of Gulmarg in Winter

    The Maharaja Hari Singh Palace, also known as the Maharaja’s Palace, was built by Maharaja Hari Singh. Thousands of tourists visit this Palace yearly and are awed by its magnificent appearance and construction. The Palace is a one-story structure constructed across 8700 square feet by the Maharaja in the 20th century. The façade of the Palace is beautifully designed with towers, a great portico, and many windows equipped with glass. The building is heavily ornamented with wooden elements. The building’s exteriors are evocative of European architecture, and during the winter, European visitors consider it for accommodation.

    9. Tangmarg – Tread this Untrodden Path

    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 20

    A well-known rest station along the route to Gulmarg is Tangmarg. It is located on the lower slope of the Pir Panjal range, about 13 kilometres from the town of Gulmarg and 39 kilometres from Srinagar. Visitors can also make the 5-kilometre hike from here. Rolling hills, lush woods, snow-capped peaks, and clear springs are a few of the area’s standout characteristics. The weather in Tangmarg is also a treat for those who love chilly and cold environments and snow. Tangmarg is the best place to spend a winter in Gulmarg. The area is also well known for its indigenous artwork and crafts, so tourists may shop while they’re there.

    10. Drung Falls – Frozen Waterfall!

    Drung Falls
    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 21

    A very well-liked tourist destination is the Drung Waterfall. It is a flowing waterfall surrounded by stunning mountains that completely freezes over during the severely cold winters. This icy waterfall is a must-see sight in the area.

    The water from the stunning glaciers meets with the cascading waterfall to create a spectacular image. One may spend a lovely summer afternoon exploring the caves and appreciating the waterfalls, lakes, streams, and surrounding greenery.

    11. Baba Reshi Shrine – Find Your Peace

    The holy and historic Baba Reshi Shrine is near the hill station’s mountain wildlife sanctuary. It was founded in 1840 and is dedicated to Baba Reshi, a Muslim saint and philosopher who was a significant courtier under Zain-ul-Abidin, the monarch of Kashmir. The beautiful architecture of the Baba Reshi Shrine was created in the Mughal and Persian styles. Additionally, this three-story structure includes some impressive inside wood carvings and a distinctive roof spire growing out of the rooftop.

    12. Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary – Best Gulmarg Sightseeing for Nature Lovers

    About 48 km separate Srinagar from the Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary, blessed with natural beauty, is home to endangered or almost extinct plant and animal species. The presence of musk deer is the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve’s major draw. Furthermore, this area has brown bears, black bears, red foxes, and leopards. You will be embraced by the fresh air, which will awaken your senses, and you will always feel better around greenery. Fantastic views of the surrounding wildlife, birds, and trees will transport you to an entirely new setting and provide you with tranquillity and tranquillity.

    Things to Do in Gulmarg

    Gondola Ride Cable Car
    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 22

    Take a Gondola Ride – Cable Car

    A popular tourist site is the Gulmarg Gondola, the second-largest and highest cable car installation in the world and Asia. Visiting Gulmarg while riding on the popular cable car is considered adequate. Families travelling together, lovers on a date, and adventurers looking to reach the mountain’s summit for the greatest skiing (in winter) may all enjoy this must-do activity. While travelling in the cable car, you may see unmatched and incomparable views of the valley and mountains.

    Trek the Outer Circle Walk

    For nature lovers and thrill seekers, the Outer Circle Walk is a well-liked hiking route that provides an unforgettable experience. This 11-kilometer walk leads travellers through towering pines, verdant meadows, and beautiful scenery around the scenic Kashmir Valley and Gulmarg. Popular attractions like St. Mary’s Church, Maharaja’s Palace, and Gulmarg Golf Course fall along this trail. Despite the hike’s mild difficulty, following the safety measures required by any outdoor activity is advisable. Travellers may marvel at the magnificent vistas of the daunting Nanga Parbat, the fourth-highest mountain peak in the world while navigating the challenging terrain. While walking this picturesque path, you may also see two more well-known tourist attractions, Haramukh and Sunset Peaks.

    Engage in Adventure Sports

    Adventure Sports 1
    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 23

    Gulmarg is not only for lovers of the environment because it is teeming with some of the top tourist spots. Instead, there are other locations across the lovely Valley of Flowers where one may engage in adventure for an exciting experience. The mountain resort has separate reservations for skiing, hiking, and golfing. Go to Apharwat Peak to ski down the challenging inclines. Additionally, snowboarding and sledging are available here. You may choose from various activities, including ATV rides, snowmobile excursions, and thrilling snow cycling. The valley takes pride in being the only resort in Asia that offers heli-skiing during the winter. Additionally, various sports, including pony riding, hiking, and trekking, may be completed in the area’s outstanding trekking routes and slopes.

    Relish the Taste of Kashmir’s Kahwa

    It is a popular drink in Kashmir that you should try. Ingredients for Kashmiri kahwa include dried rose petals, cardamom, saffron, and other delectably aromatic spices cooked in water before being soaked with Kashmiri green tea. After being poured over slivered almonds and saffron, the Kashmiri kahwa tea gains a rich, deep flavour.

    gulmarg hotel
    Gulmarg Kashmir: Activities, Hotels, Things to Do, Itinerary 24

    Gulmarg Hotels: Cheap Hotels in Gulmarg

    · Seerat Guest House – INR 1500 onwards

    · Pandith Exotics Hotel and Resort – INR 2500 onwards

    · Gulmarg Gateway Resort – 3000 onwards

    3-Star Hotels in Gulmarg

    · Gulsitara – INR 3000 onwards

    · Shaw Inn by Stay Pattern – INR 12,000 onwards

    · Hotel Hilltop – INR 10,000 onwards

    4-Star Hotels in Gulmarg

    · Hotel Pine Spring – INR 13,000 onwards

    · The Vintage Gulmarg – INR 12,000 onwards

    · Sheen Woods Chalets (Tangmarg) – INR 10,000 onwards

    · Hotel Nedou’s – INR 7000 onwards

    5-Star Hotels in Gulmarg

    · StayVista (Entire Villas for 2-12 guests) – INR 10,000 onwards

    · The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa – INR 45,000 onwards

    4-Day Gulmarg Itinerary

    Day 1:

    · Get to Apharwat Peak by a Gondola ride

    · Trek to Alpather Lake from Apharwat Peak

    · Get to Khilanmarg via Gondola Cable Car

    Day 2:

    · Trek the Outer Circle Trail

    Day 3:

    · Strawberry Valley

    · Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary

    · Baba Reshi Shrine

    Day 4:

    · Tangmarg

    · Drung Falls


    The town of Gulmarg is not just a mountain resort that takes pride in its extraordinary beauty; it also has the highest golf course in the world and India’s top ski resort, earning it the moniker “heartland of winter sports in India.”Exploring the Nagin Valley, Pattan, and Apharwat Peak would be best. This area’s St. Mary’s Church is a stunning illustration of Victorian design. The Gondola Ride is noticed, alongside many other things to do in Gulmarg. There are many hotels in Gulmarg for you to have the perfect stay. The hill station gives guests many options to experience breathtaking activities and views. It’s time to start making travel plans to Kashmir and include the Gulmarg activities on your schedule. Prepare to capture some priceless moments of this paradise-on-Earth utopia.

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