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Food to must eat Haryana

Eat Foods in Haryana, Are you a food lover? Which kind of food did you love most? Well, India is a country where you can see different and different states and their different and different food, spices, culture, tradition, and many more things. In between all the things food is always an interesting thing to explore if you visit in the northern part of India you would go with many things which nobody will want to miss like (Bajra ki Roti and Sarso ka sag). This is one of the very famous foods of Haryana so today. I am going to tell you about some interesting food which you do not want to miss if you are visiting Haryana.

There are many 7 Eat Foods in Haryana which are must to eat and while visiting Haryana so let us explore them one by one. 

  • The kair sangri one of the very famous. This is the Rajasthan and it is also very famous in Haryana well these are the dry beans that are boiled and soaked in the water for 8 to 10 hours. After that, it is cooked with spices which are amazing to make it more delicious like dry mango powder, chili powder, coriander powder, sugar, salt turmeric, and many more things. So it is the best thing to be eaten in Rajasthan and if you are a yogurt lover then just try to eat some yogurt with it to make it more delicious.
  • Besan masala Roti: –

Besan masala Roti transformed

  • Besan masala Roti or you can say Missy Roti. It is one of the very famous roti in Haryana and as street food, you can see it in many places. The besan masala Roti is made from Gram flour or you can say the basen Aata. It is mixed with the spices like chili powder, coriander, cumin powder, and many more spices make dough of it. And then it is made like and wheat Roti and it is the especially served with the pickle so you do not want to miss such kind of thing in the very delicious street food.
  • Hara Dhaniya Cholia: – Here the Cholia is referred to the green chickpeas which are found in the region of northern India the Hara Dhaniya Chola is made by combining green chickpeas with other important vegetables like tomato, onion, peas, and the Special spices are mixed with this like chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder and many more spices which are mostly used in this. It is a very specific dish of Haryana state and you can’t miss eating this.
  • Bajra khichadi: –

Bajra khichadi transformed

  • Khichadi of bajra is very famous in the northwestern states of India in which the Rajasthan and Haryana. In the winter part of the year, you can eat Bajre ki Khichdi which is one of the very famous the taste of this is amazing. As well as this Khichdi is having many health benefits which may help you in easy digestion and many more things so you can’t miss this khichadi while traveling to Haryana.
  • Bathua Raita: –

Bathua Raita transformed

  • Batgua raita Who is one of the very famous liquid in the Haryana it is made from Bathua and Chinupodium leaves which is mixed with the curd and there are many spices which are mixed with this like chili powder salt cumin powder and many more spices which are beneficial for health this writer is very beneficial to hydrate you and whenever you are going in such kind of place where the temperature is high like Haryana. So you need such kinds of things which keep you hydrated and this is the best thing which keeps you hydrated.
  • Kachri ki chutney: -This is also one of the most delicious mouthwatering dishes of Haryana this Chutney is prepared with the vegetable kachri. This Chutney is made and served with Bajre ki roti and Missy Roti to prepare this Chutney many other vegetables like garlic, onion, tomato, yogurt mixed with the spices like coriander, red chili powder, and many more spices to make it so delicious. So if you are visiting Haryana do not try to miss it because you will be going to love it if you will eat it.
  • Dahi Vada: –

Dahi Vada transformed

  • It is another one of the very famous dishes of North India as well as the Haryana which is made with the pulses in which Urad Dal. It is socked in the water for 3 to 4 hours and after that, the socked Dal is blended then after adding some spices in Dal. It is fried in the oil and it is mixed with curd as well as some spices which make it more delicious. So if you are visiting Haryana you can’t miss such kind of street food which will you are going to love. 

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