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45 Best Travel Gifts for Women: Finding the Perfect Travel Gifts



Are you looking for travel gifts for women to give to the special women in your life? You’re at the right place! If the woman in your life – friend, girlfriend, wife, mother – loves to travel, she will love these gifts!

Here’s a list of 45 travel gifts for women that you can choose from – or give a bunch of them as a set! Read on!

45 Amazing Travel Gifts for Women: Find the Best Gifts for Her!

1. Personalised Passport Cover/Holder – Add Fun to the Passports!

Passport Cover Holder

To add some fun to the basic passports, gift them a personalised passport cover or passport holder that holds boarding passes as well. They come in many colours and designs, and you can even add embellishments to them!

2. Personalised Luggage Tag – For Some Quirk and Easy Identification!

Luggage Tag

Luggage tags, especially those with some quirk to them, are easily identifiable in a hoard of suitcases at the baggage pickup. You can get matching passport covers and tags for giving a set of gifts. Similar to the covers, they also can be customised. They are a great option for frequent travellers.

3. A Globe – Let their Travel Dreams Flourish

Vintage metal and glass globes look extremely pretty and aesthetic and make for the perfect home décor items for travel lovers. Vintage globes are easily available on the market, online and offline. They come in many sizes and designs that you can choose from. They make unique travel gifts for women.

4. Journal/Scrapbook – For Journaling their Adventures

Journal Scrapbook

If your friend loves junk journaling or scrapbooking, a diary or scrapbook is the perfect gift for them. For additional elements, you can add vintage travel-themed stickers and papers for them to use in the diary. They can also use the diary to write down their travel plans and document their daily life in the new place they’re visiting.

5. Sturdy Shoes – A Hiker’s Favourite

Sturdy Shoes

A pair of sturdy shoes is a hiker’s best friend. They go a long way and are comfortable. Get them something that goes with every outfit and works on rough terrains for when they take on different treks in India.

6. Universal Adapter – With Multiple Ports? Yes!


A universal adapter is one of the most useful travel gifts for women. They come in handy for all who travel to countries. Some adapters come with multiple ports to charge a variety of electronics at once. They make the perfect gift for travellers who tend to bring their work with them or are digitally active.

7. Polaroid Camera – Cuteness and Pictures On-The-Go

Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are cute, affordable and aesthetic. They give you on-the-go Polaroid pictures that you can hang on your walls or stick in your journals. They’re a cute addition to gifts when professional cameras are out of budget.

8. Heart Necklace – To Keep the Loved Ones Close

Heart Necklace

Give a heart locket to them that has space for little pictures inside. That way, they can carry along their loved ones on their trips when they’re away from them. It’s a very thoughtful gift to give and looks dainty and elegant as well. 

9. Quirky Mug – One of the Most Classic Travel Gifts for Women

Quirky Mug

Mugs are a classic when it comes to gifting. They’re versatile. You can give quirky mugs to the women in your life. They come in different shapes and sizes and are travel-based as well. You can also give them a to-go coffee mug that comes with a lid that they can carry around during their travels.

10. Travel-themed Coasters – For a Touch of Memories to their Daily Coffee

Coasters are a great addition to the kitchen of women who love travelling and cooking. Travel-themed coasters with pictures and doodles of tourist places are popular and easily available.

11. Travel-themed T-shirt – Get their Favourite Place on a T-shirt!

Travel themed T shirt

T-shirts with graphic prints of travel quotes or places are popular and quirky travel gifts for women. You can get travel-themed t-shirts everywhere, and you can even get them customised. 

12. Cute Neck Pillow – For Painless Journeys

Cute Neck Pillow

Neck pillows are your best friend when it comes to long journeys where you’re in a sitting position. It’s a great gift to give someone who travels frequently on flights, cars or buses. You can find many cute neck pillows online as well as offline in stores like Miniso and Ximi Vogue.

13. Bluetooth Earphones – Entertainment on the Road

Bluetooth Earphones 1

Bluetooth earphones, especially the buds, are a great option to keep oneself entertained. They’re portable, lightweight, and don’t have any chance for wires to get stuck in doorknobs or handles. They also provide long entertaining hours during exhausting journeys.

14. Camera Bag – One of the Practical Travel Gifts for Women

Camera Bag

If your traveller friend is also a photography enthusiast, a camera bag for their professional camera will work wonders. You can find many bags in different colours and designs that stand out from the crowd. 

15. Travel-sized Skincare Essentials – Road to Smooth and Supple Skin

Skincare Essentials

Skincare is an important part of every woman’s life. Travel-sized skincare products that she can use daily to protect her skin in every weather is a great gift to give to any girl out there. They’re easy to carry, save space and will go in any bag that they carry with them.

16. Portable Makeup – Mini Makeup Items to Save Space and Travel Light

Portable Makeup

Portable makeup is a new trend in the makeup world. It’s small, dainty, handy, and extremely useful. Mini lipsticks are in trend now, especially for those who wish to try out new brands or shades now and then. Single eyeshadows and small highlighter palettes can also be counted as travel gifts for women.

17. Portable Clothes Steamer – A Saviour

Portable Clothes Steamer

We all need properly ironed clothes, especially when we’re going out. If we don’t have the option of ironing, a steamer works just as well! Small, portable steamers are a great addition to the suitcase for a frequent traveller who loves her outfits unwrinkled.

18. Wireless Mini Photo Printer – Print Photos and Documents on the Go!

Wireless Mini Photo Printer

Like a Polaroid camera, a mini wireless photo printer works for printing pictures on the go. But what if you want more than pictures? Or do you want to print an old picture already on your phone and don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a stationery shop near you? These printers print almost anything – from pictures to documents! They’re very handy and useful.

19. Toiletries Bag – An Essential Organiser

Toiletries Bag

A toiletries bag allows one to organise everything in one place – from the soaps and shampoos to the lipsticks and mascaras. Foldable pouches are great travel gifts for women. You can easily find them in any cosmetics store as well as online.

20. Travel Books – For the Reader in Her

Travel Books

If your friend loves reading, you can gift her books on travels. Try non-fiction travelogues or fictional books set in places of her interest. Ruskin Bond’s books on Dehradun are great options. You can also give her coffee table books and guides about travelling and places to visit in India.

21. Cable Organizer – Budget-Friendly Travel Gifts for Women

Cable organisers work wonders for those who travel with many electronics and have many cords and cables always tangling up. They are available in different sizes and come in cute colours and designs as well. Choose one that’s spacious and pretty as a gift. This will help them organise all their cables and cords in one place and save the hassle of misplacing them or untangling them.

22. Overnight Zit Removers – Zip that Zit in Seconds!

Zits or pimples tend to pop up when you have a big event or trip coming up, ruining the chances of great pictures. Overnight zit removers are little patches that cover one pimple at a time and remove it overnight without any marks left! Buy a few strips for your friend as a gift to avoid the gloom of a last-minute pimple. Stores like Nykaa sell them, and you can also check out other websites for these.

23. Pepper Spray and Safety Kit – For Female Solo Travellers

Pepper Spray and Safety Kit

Safety is a top priority for every trip, especially for those who love to travel solo. Kidnapping, theft and more aren’t new for tourists as threats. You can gift the solo traveller in your life a pepper spray and a safety kit with locks and more for them to travel safely. It is a very thoughtful gift to give.

24. Sleep Mask – For a Sound Sleep

Sleep Mask

Everyone loves a good night’s sleep so that they can wake up fresh for another day of travelling. But what if they are on a journey where they can’t escape eye-clinching lights even at night and need to sleep? A sleep mask is for that! A heavy sleep mask will help your friend get good sleep, and the eyes will feel well-rested to be prepared for the next day.

25. Electronic Toothbrush – Faster and Cleaner!

Electronic Toothbrush

Electronic toothbrushes are in trend right now. Brands like Perfora sell these toothbrushes on a budget. You can gift these toothbrushes that will save your girlfriend time during quick mornings and will also clean teeth thoroughly.

26. Travel Jacket – For the Biting Cold of the Himalayas

Travel Jacket

A travel jacket is a great option for those who travel to the mountains frequently. Find a good jacket that’s not heavy but is just as warm to keep away the bitter cold. You can find many kinds of jackets, from parkas to trench coats, that keep the cold at bay. Choose one that suits your personality and travel plans.

27. Dress with Pockets – Who Doesn’t Love Pockets?

With women’s jeans having extremely small pockets that can hold nothing more than lip balm, it gets quite frustrating to carry small things with you. Get a dress that has many big pockets for the travelling woman in your life. It will be helpful for them to put their phone, hair ties, lip balms and more in those pockets to avoid the hassle of finding necessary stuff from their backpacks.

28. Multi-Pocket Vest – More Pockets!

A multi-pocket vest is a great option for those who wish to travel light but tend to have more stuff on them than usual. They’re also great for photographers who keep their equipment on them all the time. They are easily available online as well as offline and come with as many as 25 pockets! Gift one of these to your favourite wildlife photographer on their next journey to the jungles, and watch them smile to their fullest!

29. Reusable Cutlery – Eco-friendly Travel Gifts for Women

If you or your friend are environmentally conscious and wish to reduce your carbon footprint as you travel, reusable cutlery is a great option for a gift. They promote sustainable tourism and come in aesthetic packaging as well! You can gift them a spoon set, recycled paper bowls, hemp bottles or metal straws. They are one of the best travel gifts for women.

30. Loungewear Pajamas – For Comfier Nights

Once you get to the hotel room, tired from your day’s excursions, the bed looks very comfy and inviting. Get your friend in a comfier position by gifting them loungewear pyjamas that they can sleep comfortably in. Awaking fresh is important when you have travel plans, especially when you’re jetlagged. A pyjama set will be a very thoughtful gift.

31. Cross Body Bag – For Exploring the Streets

Cross Body Bag

If your friend travels on foot a lot to explore the streets of India, a small cross-body bag that holds all their necessities is an amazing gift. It can hold documents, phones, chargers and cosmetics and will be of great help without having to carry the complete backpack throughout the streets.

32. Tote Bag – For Souvenirs!

Tote Bag 1

A tote bag is a great idea if your friend loves shopping as much as she loves travelling. New places call for new souvenirs, and shopping lovers will buy as many as they can. Large tote bags will hold a lot of products and will look stylish as well! Some even come with small pockets for small things like key chains. Tote bags are in trend and stylish. They come in many different sizes and designs, and you can even get them customised.

33. Tripod/Selfie Stick – A Saviour for Solo Travellers

Tripod Selfie Stick 1

A tripod or selfie stick will help female solo travellers a lot with creating those amazing Instagram-worthy reels. For female travellers, a selfie stick and tripod are ideal presents that will enhance their travels. The multipurpose tripod provides stability for scenic photos and video recording, and the selfie stick guarantees that special moments are captured without depending on random people. They are lightweight and compact, making them easy to pack into any travel luggage and enabling ladies to capture their adventures creatively and with simplicity. These presents are indispensable travel companions for the modern female traveller because of their usefulness and convenience. 

34. Kindle – Read Anything, Anywhere, On the Go!

If your girl is an avid reader who needs her regular dose of books even on her adventures, a Kindle makes up the perfect gift. She can read anything she likes anywhere. The huge amount of ebooks available on Kindle is perfect for long journeys and some cosy bedtime in hotel rooms. It is one of the most luxurious travel gifts for women.

35. Wallet/Clutch – One of the Practical Travel Gifts for Women

Wallet Clutch

A wallet holds all your necessary stuff like cash and cards. It is a great gift for travellers. A nice wallet with a fun colour or design will work wonders for your girl. She can easily slip out money or cards from it to pay for souvenirs and food. 

36. Portable Coffee Maker – For the Regular Dose of Caffeine

If your girl is Lorelai Gilmore of your group and needs her daily dose of caffeine on travels, gift her a portable coffee maker. It’s small, easy to carry, and saves on space as well while preparing a hot cup of coffee as she goes along the way. There are many options to choose from, both online and offline, from your local vendors.

37. Small Backpack – An Essential for Every Trip

A small backpack to carry during short trips for holding essential stuff is a great gift for travellers. Choose one that’s stylish and spacious. It will hold her makeup, water bottle, documents and little souvenirs she buys from the tourist place. Try brands like Lavie and Decathlon for an aesthetic and useful outlook on the gift.

38. Ring Light – Picture Perfect!

Ring Light

Giving a ring light, which provides portable and adjustable illumination for flawless shots and films while on the go, is a great present for female travellers. Its small size makes packing simple, and it offers flexible lighting for a range of environments. The ring light is an indispensable tool for female travellers who want ease and superior travel photography because it’s ideal for vlogging and capturing lovely moments.

39. Coffee Kit – Have Coffee Anywhere!

A coffee set delivers the comfort of a great brew to any place, making it a smart present for female travellers. It usually comes with all the necessities, including a travel-friendly coffee machine, premium beans, and accessories. It is small and portable. With the considerate present of a fantastic cup of coffee, she will always be able to enjoy her favourite beverage wherever she travels, bringing a little bit of home with her and making discovering new places even more enjoyable. Try Sleepy Owl, Nescafe or Bevzilla for these!

40. Sleeping Bag – For Nights under the Stars

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag specifically designed for ladies who enjoy camping is a useful and kind present. Designed to be warm and comfortable, it offers a comfortable refuge for outdoor excursions. It is lightweight and compact, making it simple to tuck into bags and guarantee a restful night’s sleep beneath the stars. This sleeping bag is the ideal travel companion for female campers, providing both practicality and a little extra comfort for unforgettable evenings in the great outdoors. It has feminine details and sturdy insulation.

41. Gift Cards – Best Luxurious Travel Gifts for Women

Gift Cards

Gift cards are luxurious gifts that give your girl the autonomy to spend. If she’s more of a city person, you can give her a Starbucks card for coffee or a The Body Shop card for shopping for her skincare essentials in a different city.

42. Comfy Flip Flops/Sliders – Pool Side Fun

Cosy flip-flops are a great present for relaxing by the pool or at home. These adaptable sandals, which are made for ease of use and relaxation alike, provide the ideal balance of comfort and support. Their water-resistant design makes them perfect for relaxing by the pool, and their cushioned, smooth bottoms offer comfort indoors as well. Their stylish design guarantees that they’re a stylish addition to any informal environment. Give a girl these flip-flops to spice up her poolside enjoyment and at-home lounging in comfort and flair.

43. Belt Bag – Keeps All Essentials in One Place

A belt bag is a stylish and useful present for ladies who value ease and fashion. This adaptable piece of gear combines the usefulness of a belt with the extra ease of a small bag, making it ideal for holding necessities while freeing up hands. A belt bag adds a fashionable touch to any outfit and is perfect for adventure, travel, or just being a stylish accessory. It is a thoughtful and fashionable present for a girl who is always on the move.

44. Portable Laundry Bag – For Long-Term Travel

For ladies who are constantly on the go, a considerate present might be a portable wash bag. Lightweight and portable, it’s ideal for travelling or living in a dorm. To avoid confusion, the bag organises and maintains dirty laundry apart from clean clothing. Its lightweight construction makes it simple to move to launderettes. This present guarantees practicality and convenience with its stylish and utilitarian design, making washing chores hassle-free for the busy girl.

45. Scrunchies/Hair Ties – Tie the Hair Up for Adventure!

Hair ties tend to get lost among the varied items in your suitcase, and it’s tiresome to keep looking for that one hair tie. Hair ties or scrunchies are a thoughtful and fashionable present for females. These adaptable accessories give every hairdo a dash of elegance or a burst of colour. Scrunchies combine fashion and utility by holding hair in place throughout daily activities, exercises, and travel. They accommodate a range of styles and events because of the variety of colours and materials available. Give a girl a collection of chic scrunchies to spice up her daily hairstyle regimen and make it more convenient.


The options for travel gifts for females are varied. You can choose one of these or a bunch of these to gift to that special woman in your life. Bookmark this article for the future when choosing a gift for on-the-go ladies!

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura- Content Writer at The India Explorer Riddhi, our experienced content writer at The India Explorer, is a passionate traveler and a skilled storyteller. Join Riddhi on a journey of discovery as she unveils India's rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and hidden gems, inspiring wanderlust and encouraging meaningful exploration along the way.

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