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Nilgiri Hills: Explore the Fascinating Tribal Places



Nilgiri Hills

Nilgiri Hills is an interesting tribal destination in India. It is the home of the people of the Toda community. Eucalyptus is popular due to the traditional huts of Lojo with the broken community and the surrounding landscape.

These traditional small huts are called Dogles. The people of Toda tribal are Shakhari. These people consider the worship of buffalo to be sacred. This community is famous for embroidery. The people belonging to the Toda community are now part of the Unesco and Nilgiri Biosphere.

Nilgiri Biosphere

The lush green hill surrounds Neelgiri in the western ghats. Nilgiri is an international biosphere reserve.UNESCO recognized Nilgiri biosphere as a world heritage.

In this national park, Mudumalai, Mukurti, Wayanad, and Bandipur national parks also include.

Nilgiri biosphere is spread over 5520 sqm km, and it is spread across the state of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerela.

Trekking is the best way to explore the wildlife biosphere reserve. There we can enjoy the sight of an animal from a close distance. And also enjoy the picturesque view of the western ghat.

Nilgiri biosphere is reserved under the tiger project, and elephant project; hence, This is the major part of the Nilgiri.

Elephant and tiger is essential habitat for the most important species of fauna in India. Elephants and tigers are some of the place’s important attractions.

Excluding this, the Nilgiri biosphere reserve is famous for the Indian leopard, Indian elephant, gaur, mongoose, lion-tailed, Nilgiri tahr, Malabar giant squirrel, etc.

It is also famous for its flora; many kinds of plants or orchids are found here. Some of these plants are only found in the Nilgiri biosphere reserve.


More than 2700 species of plants are found in Nilgiri Tropical Rain Forest. There is a habitat for various kinds of live animals. It is home to the Bengal tiger, chital, Indian elephant, deer, Indian leopard, Indian bear, golden jackal, blackbuck, Nilgiri tahr, Asian palm civet, south bear, Indian spotted chevrotain, four-horned Antiloop, Nilgiri marten, Indian crested porcupine, honey badger,  Malabar giant squirrel, Indian grey mongoose, Indian dox, Indian pangolin, painted bat, smooth-coated otter, etc.


Chandipur is an attractive and ideal place for trekking, which is located at Nilgiri. it is surrounded by a lush green hill that offers panoramic views

Nilgiri Hills  Tea Plantation Masingudi 

Masinagudi is famous for its rich green tea plantation. Tea is mainly produced here.

The tea estates here offer panoramic views. This green tea plantation is a center of attraction for nature lovers.


It is also known as the toy train in Ooty. Nilgiri mountain railway is the center of attraction of the popular hill station. In 2005 UNESCO declared it a world heritage site because of the history and popularity of this train.

This train journey is pleasant. Nature’s scenic views, the valleys, and the views of the green mountains, through the train, seem to be panoramic and heart-touching.

The journey on the train is thrilling. It is a center of attraction for tourists and locals. Tourists come here to enjoy this toy train with their families.


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