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Exploring Gujarat Ancient Culture: A Fascinating Journey Through Time and Tradition




Tribal culture is very old in Gujarat. The tribal tribes of Gujarat are artistic and influential. Using simple tools and objects, tribals have created very beautiful handicrafts. Gujarat is the best place to experience the culture of tribals. This is an attraction for tourists.

Gujarat is popular for its historically significant western education, traditional tourism, and its tribe people. These people from different tribes. 

There are 50 lakh tribals houses in Gujarat. Those who live in the northern areas of Sahyadri, the slopes of Aravalli, and the western coastal regions of Satpura. These are the primitive tribes like Siddhi, Bheel, Ahir, Rabri, Bharwad, etc. The culture, origin, lifestyle of people of every community is very different.

During Gujarat’s tribal villages tour, tribals’ lifestyles can experience traditions, rituals, and tribal lifestyles. Tourists come here mainly to experience the tribal lifestyle. It is mostly tribal-like -Siddhi, Rabari, Ahir, Bhil Bharwad.

Siddhi Tribales

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The people of the siddhi community were brought to India as slaves by Portuguese and Arabic traders. Mainly tribal people live their livelihood through animal hunting, but the siddhi community is culturally rich. That’s why these people eat vegetarian food.

It is called mutton and chicken only during festivals and weddings. The siddhi community is also known for its costumes. The men and women of the community wear full junk frock and scarf.


Bhil is the largest and most popular community of Gujarat. The Bhil community people are spread to Bulsar, Banaskantha, Dangs, Broach, Surat, Baroda. 

People of the Bhill community are skilled in using their bow and arrow. It is famously known as Dhanushdhari(Bowman).


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Rabari tribe people are found in the Kutch region of Gujarat. The Rabari tribe is divided into five subgroups Debar, Gardo, kantho, Katchi, and Ragad.

The people of the Rabari tribe depend on dairy and agriculture. They raise camels, cows, goats, sheep, etc., and sell their milk. These Adivasi people are also famous for their creative embroidery. These people eat vegetarian food. People wear silver jewelry in large quantities.


People of the Ahir tribal community are found mainly in the kutch of Gujarat. The means of support of the Ahir community depends on cow rearing and agriculture.

These people are non-vegetarians. Their main foods are mutton, fish, and chicken. People of the Ahir community wear heavy silver jewelry. They say that they display their culture by this.



It is said that the Bharwad tribe used to live in Uttar Pradesh earlier. The people of the Bharwad tribe were followers of Lord Krishna. At present, this tribe lives in the forest area of ​​Vadodara in Gujarat.

This tribe is also famous for its costumes. Bharwad men wear white cotton trousers and turban. And feminist women have heavy jewelry and local clothes.

The people of the bharwad tribe celebrate the festivals of Navratri and Janmashtmi every year, which is a moment of cheers and joy for them. At the same time, this TARNETAR Fair is organized. This tribe only feeds meat on festivals.

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