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Top 7 Dishes Of Bihar That Are Packed With Great Taste And High Nutrition



Top street food of Bihar

Dishes Of Bihar, Bihar is a beautiful state of India which is located on the northeastern side of India. It is the place where great Gautam Budh was born and it is the place where great warrior Samrat Ashoka was used to living and Operate their kingdom. Apart from its history, it is also beautiful for many reasons like the holy Ganga river which flows from here and that is why most of the people come here to make themselves clean via taking a dip in Ganga. So here many people visit every year as well as it also shares an international border with neighbor country Nepal and that is why many people come here and go there. But if you talk about apart from its beauty there are many things are famous like its food which is very famous among the world so today we are going to touch some amazing food so whenever you visit Bihar you wouldn’t miss it Dishes Of Bihar
  • Littu chokha: -It is one of the very famous or in Bihar which is used to sell on the cards and many restaurants as well. It is made from wheat flour dough like a ball. And it is stuffed with roasted chickpeas flour and to enhance its flavor there are many herbs and spices are added. It is used to roast in the fire of cow dung as well as wood Which gives it An amazing and unique taste. When it is cooked properly then the litti is mixed with lots of ghee and it is usually served alongside chokha which may be the boiled vegetables or the spicy onion. So whenever you visit Bihar you must have this delicious food.
  • Channa ghugni: – whenever you talk about something tasty and have some feeling then Chana ghugni Is the best option for them. This vegetarian dish is known for spicy and tangy snack Which is used to be eaten in the time of evening. It is also soft with the parathas and rotis as well as rise to make your mail delicious and healthy. ItIs a mixture of boiled chickpeas and these are fried with onions and various other spices to give this an amazing taste. So whenever you visit Bihar you must have this delicious dish. 
  • Mutton kabab: – If you then always love her and looking for a non-veg dish in Bihar then mutton kebab is the best option for you. It is in Mughal cuisine which Is roasted in the flame and to make it so delicious And many spices to make is crunchy from outside and delicious from inside. So whenever you visit Bihar you must try this if you are a non-veg lover.

Mutton kabab transformed

  • Lababdar rolls: -it is a very popular dish in Bihar which you will find in every street of the cities of Bihar. The mixture of spices and the onions are cooked in though spicy tomato gravy and to give it a rich texture cream is added in it then the gravy is stuffed into the Roti and then it is rolled like a circle. There are many varieties that can be made like Paneer roll, cheese roll, Gobi Roll, and many other roles as per your choice.
  • Balushahi: – if you are a sweet lover then it is the best option for you. Balushahi is a kind of sweet or a floured cup that contains a good combination of flavors. It is made from Maida flour and to make it sweet khoya is used as well as to make it a bit of spicy cardamom and cinnamon stick is used and to give it a flavor and texture and good taste the saffron is key to add in it. Then it is sealed and deep-fried in oil or ghee until it becomes golden in color. It is very similar to a glazed doughnut but the texture and it is taste make it unique. So whenever you visit Bihar you may have this food.

Balushahi transformed

  • Kulcha burger: – this burger is very famous in Bihar and it is on a signature dish of Bihar which is invented by on concept of their Street food vendors. They created many things Like Kulcha which is made from Maida flour and water and to make it fluffy leavening agent is added like Yeast. In between to Kulcha there are many things are added like chickpeas gravy and many other gravies. And if you are a non-Veg lower then you can go with non-Veg also. Culture is very softer in the test which gives a similar feel to burger bun so whenever you visit Bihar you must have a Kulcha burger. 
  • Shakkarpara: – It is one of the amazing sweet dishes which is made from wheat flour, salt, sugar, And many other things. It is a kind of snack which is used to eat in the breakfast as well as during the evening time with Tea. To make it spicy Cardamon is also aided.

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