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Best Places To Visit In Vrindavan (2023): Mathura



Vrindavan and Mathura (The Childhood Place of Lord Krishna)

The place is very famous in India because of Lord Krishna’s name, and he used to live here. Today, you listen to and watch many stories and films about Lord Krishna and how powerful and blessed he was. Lord Krishna created many histories at that time while staying in this town. This town celebrates Holi in March; this is the main event, i.e. marked by tourists in March while visiting Vrindavan.

How to Reach?

Not all trains reach the destination of Vrindavan. The nearest railway station to reach Vrindavan from Mathura. The city doesn’t have an airport. The nearest airport is Kheria Airport from Agra, and international passengers travel all the from New Delhi (Indira Gandhi Aiport ) to Kheria Airport to Reach the location. The bus is another good option to reach Vrindavan.

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Places to visit in Vrindavan (Mathura) that will blow your mind

Govardhan Hill

Govardhan Hill

The main reason behind the Govardhan Pooja celebration is after Diwali. Lord Krishna picked up the Hill on his pinky finger for one whole night. That night, all the villagers were saved from heavy rain; lord Krishna told villagers to worship the Govardhan hill. That’s why, until today, Govardhan Pooja after Diwali is celebrated. You can visit the exciting dummy Hill in the middle of the town of Vrindavan. It shows the scenario of that night. You can see the dummy Hill in the morning and evening time.

Kusum Sarovar

Kusum Sarovar

The reservoir is so beautiful that a person can spend the evening watching the sunset; it is a belief that Kusum Sarovar named Radha’s friend, her name was Kusum. The place’s site view is relaxing, with flowers like Beli, Chameli, Juhi, Yuchi, etc. Krishna used to pluck flowers for Radha from here only. The Sarovar(lake) atmosphere is so calm and peaceful that a person can meditate, and there’s a Kadamb tree near the lake where couples use to sit and spend time together. Visitors can also swim and dip in the Sarovar (Lake) water. The Sarovar looks green in colour, i.e., because of the Algae, which makes the Sarovar surface slippery; careful to dip or swim in the Sarovar.

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Kans Qila

Another main attraction point for tourists is heritage places. Kans Qila is the fortress where Kans used to live, the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna. The fort has Hindu and Muslim architecture and paintings combined. The fortress is also called Purana Qila. The fort is old, but the designs, ceilings, handmade illustrations, and architectural work attract tourists. Fort was renovated by Raja Man Singh, the king of Amber Fort, but the fort looks like it was never remodelled because Raja Man Singh believes that its reality and beauty should not be touched. The lavishing fort is located in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

The main event in the Barsana and Nandgaon town in Mathura, i.e., celebrated in March, named “Lathmaar Holi”, and the exciting part is that this festival is celebrated only in Mathura; you can call it the occasion of the town. Holi is full of colours and spreading humbleness, celebrated all over India; still, in Mathura, another Holi type played with sticks and Thandai(cold Milk, which has a little bit of Cannabis). The towns are located 50 kilometres from Mathura. The event takes place mainly in the Radha Rani Temple. It is the only temple where this festival is celebrated enthusiastically. It is the only temple, i.e., truly dedicated to Radha. 

The place’s environment is so enjoyable and full of happy faces that no one can imagine being sad. According to some beliefs, the Lathmaar Holi takes place because Lord Krishna had gone to meet Radha on the occasion of Holi and applied colours on Radha’s face. All the Goppis (Girls) of the town made him run out of the town with Bambo sticks, which is why Lathmaar Holi played to memorize that moment every year.

Dolphin Water Park

The amazing water park cum amusement park in Mathura attracts tourists with its amazing rides and big to small swimming pools. The dolphin swimming pool is the most innovatively built, with curved slides and deep water feet. The water park area and amusement park area are divided into 15 acres, and it has thrilling slides, roller coasters, water, regular rides, etc. The water park’s greatest feature is its rides for people of all ages. The water park “NH-2, Mathura Rd, Lohamandi, Runkata, Uttar Pradesh.” 


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