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BEST Places To Visit In Kasol (2023)



Kasol: Mini Israel of India

BEST Places To Visit In Kasol, Kasol is located in the northwestern Ghats mountains, the district of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, India. Kasol is the town of Kullu in the frm of Kerala in the Himalayas, the hill. Due to many Israeli tourists, this town is situated under the British Empire and is called Mini Israel of India. Apart from this, This place is famous for its Kasol Music Festival. It is a music festival in Kasol every New Year’s Eve. 

People from worldwide gather for this festival and are famous for couples in today’s time. The place has persuaded the tourists of the area’s beauty and has several adventure activities. Because the tourists are from India and its neighbouring countries, it is situated in Parvati Valley, on the Parvati River banks, between Bhuntar and Manikaran.

How to reach the fascinating Kasol

Kasol, the heaven place, is not having direct connectivity with air and train. Road connectivity is the best one to come here from the rest of the world. Owners operate both private and government buses. The closest airport to Kasol is 

Bhuntar Airport is located 31 km away, which is situated near Kullu. This airport is connected with all major cities of India.  

The closest Railway Station is in Joginder Nagar, situated around 145 km away from Kasol. 

airport kasol

Mesmerizing Cultural Activities of Kasol

Every year Kasol is surrounded by numerous tourists. Kasol is popular for its adventure activities such as trekking, this place’s nature, and many more. Also, the site has multicultural and multireligious people speaking contrasting languages. There is only one school in Kasol. The local people of Kasol live in a colourful hut. So, most are tourist guides and some run cafes & restaurants. Kasol is known as “The Mini Israel Of India” because the Kasol culture influences Israel. So, they never considered returning, and they own half of the population in Kasol. Israel’s modern culture has become the night and rave parties.  

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The enchanting Kasol Music Festival

In Himachal Pradesh, Kasol Music Festival is a way to celebrate nature’s glamour that once rouses your soul. The festival is going on for two days. This festival’s ambience is full of music, a scene so equanimity, the get-together party is lively, and the food is charming. So, tourists can spend the whole dancing night under the twinkling sky. Apart from this, organizers provide a personal tent for your resting period.

Places To Visit In Kasol that can allure your soul 

Hot springs of Himachal Manikaran Sahib

 Manikaran Sahib

It is situated around 4 km away from Kasol in Parvati Valley. Manikaran Sahib is a popular voyage destination for both Hindus and Sikhs. Also, the place has many temples, which is enough to persuade devotional tourists. The area had three hot springs, one inside the gurudwara and the other two centralized by the guesthouses. Local people say that the water in these springs contains sulphur capable of curing diseases. 

Spend Some Quality Time At Parvati River 

Parvati River 

In Himachal Pradesh, the river passes through the Parvati Valley. So, it is a vital part of this dazzling territory. The outburst river springs from the Man Talai Galcier and floods into the Beas River near Kullu. So, tourists get a great experience from the valley’s natural beauty and river. Besides, river flow is high, so adventure activities are prohibited here. So you can sit on rocks and feel the valley’s mesmerising sight. 

Ser Pass Trek of Kasol
Ser Pass Trek of Kasol
Ser Pass Trek of Kasol

In Kasol, Ser Pass Trek is best for beginners to feel the valley’s enriched beauty. The place’s trek goes through the lush green grasslands, thick forests, villages, and snow-capped covered mountains. It is the ideal destination for tourists because you get all facilities for staying to food on your budget. The place also offers many fascinating experiences through trekking and adventure.  

Twinkling Sky Night Camping at Kasol

Twinkling Sky Night Camping at Kasol

Camping is the topmost dream of everyone. Camping in Kasol offers you the best experience to enjoy. So, you can live in nature’s lap in the middle of lush green forests with soothing sights. It provides you with luxurious camps to affordable ones according to your budget. Apart from this, the Parvati River flows near this village, which is an enchanting view of this valley. Tourists can choose this beautiful place to experience the best night camping around the river.

Favourable brief about Kasol from tourists’ point of view 

The best time to visit kasol is from November to February to see many adventures and cultures in their festivals. You can enjoy the music festival on new year’s Eve in the castle. Peoples come from around the world to enjoy the music festival night in Kasol. This place serves you the best night campaign activities for everyone to get the best experience in adventure activities. This place is peaceful, where you have to feel the beauty of nature and experience lots of thriller adventures in the town. 


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