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McLeodganj Tourism- Himachal Pradesh | Best tourist places 2023



McLeodganj: “The Dalai Lama-Little Lhasa”

Mcleodganj is the popular hill station situated near Dharamshala in the district Kangra. It is famous for being home to the ethereal Tibetan leader Dalai Lama, known as Little Lhasa. It has one of the most enthralling landscapes in the entire area of Himachal Pradesh. So it engages numerous tourists towards it. 

At Dalai Lama’s residence, a few of India’s most important holy monasteries are situated here-Tsuglagkhang and Namgyal Monastery. This town had majestic natural beauty and huge hills around it. 

Tibetan Culture In Mcleodganj

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Mcleodganj is located above Dharamshala, known for its vibrant Buddhist and Tibetan cultural influences. You can take yourself to the amicable Tibetan monastery, meditate, and speculate your soul here. It is known for its pleasantness, so that you can brief yourself on this culture. Apart from this, you can hollow out delicious Tibetan cuisines you can purchase from the McleodGanj market. 

How to reach 

Mcleodganj is situated close to Himachal and Punjab border. This place is not directly connected to the airport. The nearest Guage Railway station is Pathankot, which is around 90 km away from it. Tourists can also overnight from New Delhi and approx. 6-7 hours from Chandigarh. So, the rest of Mcleodganj’s journey can be made by taxi. Haryana, Delhi, and Punjab are the most economical and easiest way to reach Mcleodganj. 


A hub of activities 

Mcleodganj is an enchanting place that offers you lots of things in a box. Also, it provides you with popular activities for everyone. Triund Trekking and camping & Triund and Laka Glacier Trekking is the major activity of this place. Tourists can experience massive activities with a bit of risk because everyone wants to add some adventurous activities to their journey. The Organizers and guides that provide you assure yours’s proper safety at that place. The place activities enthrill your inner soul. 

Foremost Places Of Mcdeodganj 


Bhagsu Falls
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In Dharamshala, Bhagsu waterfalls are the top place and attract numerous tourists. Amid Hills, the sound of water and the natural beauty of this place satisfy your soul. Most tourists visit here to spend a quiet moment in peace and tranquillity. Bhagsu waterfalls are situated on the main road that connects Mcleodganj and Dharmshala. Bhagsunath Temple is the major attraction of this place. 

During the monsoon season, the water falls from a height of 30 feet. So it shows this place’s majestic and praised sight that persuades tourists. 

Namgyal Monastery
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Mcleodganj is the largest Tibetan temple outside Tibet. Because Leader Dalai Lama believes that he has his abode at Namgyal Monastery, this place creates calmness and spirit in the minds of tourists. Also, it attracts those people who are not amenable to its divinity. The language studies here like Tibetan and English, ritual chanting, Buddhist philosophy, and many more. 


In Himachal Pradesh, triund is an easy trek. Also, it is a few km from Dharamshala at the height of 2828 meters. This place getaway you to the majestic and incredible sight hills in the entire Kangra Valley. Trekking to this route is easy and short. You can start from Mcleodganj and Dharamkot, which is 2 km away from Mcleodganj. 

From 30 June 2019, camping at triund is prohibited. So you can visit here for a trek for a day but not go camping at night. The place had a more challenging route via Bhgasu Falls and Shiva Cafe.

Shopping in Mcleodganj 

This place is famous for its crafts, culture, etc. And tourists visit here from different locations to be part of it or to experience new things. Tibetan mats and carpets are the local items of it. The place also offers Singing bowls, Buddha statues, decorative knickknacks, jewellery, and many more. 

Food of Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj offers you a different variety of foods. Especially Italian Food, Tibetan cuisine, and North- Indian meals with Tandoori and parantha that amaze your soul. Apart from this, it also gives you honey ginger lemon tea, which is a refreshing drink. Some popular restaurants are Ashoka International Restaurants, Four seasons cafe, India’s Taste, and many more.

From a tourist’s view 

Tourists can visit Mcleodganj in winter from October to February and, in summer, from March and June. Due to heavy rains in July and August, tourists should not visit here. Tourists can easily get staying facilities here. 

Mcleodganj is a place with huge breathtaking natural beauty and hills. So it is enough to grasp the tourist towards it. Also, this place soothes your inner soul with the best things or activities of this place. 

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