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Kangra Fort: A Must-Visit Destination in Himachal Pradesh 2023



Kangra Fort: The Oldest of Himachal Pradesh

Kangra Fort is one of India’s oldest forts, which is its specialty. It is one of the most traditional and archaic architectures known for its marvellous beauty and splendid architecture. The fort is approximately 3500 years old, situated in (Himachal Pradesh). A lion’s head-shaped fountain is at the fort’s entrance, where the drinking water automatically falls. This fort is mainly famous for the wars that are held in this fort. There are many small-sized jails in it for the imprisonment of prisoners. It has two mode protecting gates named Ranjit Gate and Ahani Gate. 

The Ranjit Gate’s entrance is made small because if the enemy enters the fort’s Ranjit gate, the army attacks from the upper side of the gate, and the Ahani Gate’s entrance army attacks from the small holes made at the entrance walls of the Ahani gate. After passing these gates, you will enter the “Katoch Chrest.” There you will see the sculpture of Ganesh, Hanuman, and Devi Ambe. The fort has an entrance named “Jahngiri Gate.” After that, there is another Gate named Andheri. There is a long wall where the army hides and attacks the enemy at the time of war.

Dharamshala in the state of Himachal Pradesh

How to reach Kangra Fort?

The fort is located at the cold start of Kangra Town, around 20 km away from Dharamshala. You can also reach via road from cities like Shimla, Chandigarh, and Delhi. After reaching the town, you can take a car, auto-rickshaw, or other road transport to the fort.

A Step Ahead in Kangra Fort

Further, Darshni Gate arrives. After crossing that, you have entered the fort’s hall, where you will observe the Ambika Temple and the Adinath Temple. Six kilometres Far from the fort will have a 300-year-old banyan tree and a lake. People say a hidden treasure is present in that lake, but no one found it still that treasure hidden there in the lake of Kangra. There were 12 gates in the fort, but 80% of the fort got destroyed in an earthquake, and now the fort is only a Store (Khandar). 

Kangra Hills transformed

Main Attractions in Kangra Fort

There are many lakes and waterfalls near the fort, as the fort is not much left to be watched, you can also visit the lakes and the waterfalls near the fort. There are few hotels near the fort to stay, but there are restaurants to have food. Hiring a tourist guide at the entrance is highly recommended to gain a deeper understanding of the fort. They will provide you with valuable and accurate information about the fort. As the fort is 80% destroyed, the tourist guide will teach you about the whole fort. You can drive a car towards the fort, but you have to park it a little bit away from it because the forest covers the area around it. The Ferivalas (Street Vendors) also sell snacks outside of the fort. So if you are not hungry, you can have snacks to silence your hunger. 

Tips for visiting Kangra Fort

When visiting Kangra Fort, wearing comfortable shoes is important as a lot of walking is involved. It’s also recommended to bring sunscreen and a hat as the sun can be quite strong. Be sure to take a guided tour to appreciate the history and significance of the fort fully. And remember to bring a camera to capture the stunning views from the top of the fort. Finally, respect the site’s cultural and historical significance by following all rules and regulations.

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