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    Alibag Maharashtra | Places to Visit in Alibag Beach (2023)


    Alibag, Maharashtra- “Coconut groves and Sandy beaches.”

    A small coastal town tucked away in the Konkan territory of Maharashtra named Alibag or Alibaug. Alibag town is named ‘mini-goa’ and is a famous weekend spot. It is located around 96 km from Mumbai and 150 km from Pune. Mainly, Alibag is well known for its beaches, which drive each other away. Also, the place offers many enchanting beach activities for everyone, so they get experience from all these. 

    This town is also popular for its Mandwa Beach. It is a beach well known for its innumerable number of movie shooting that takes place here. The beach provides a fascinating view of the gateway of India from its bay. You can spend your weekend sitting near the beach and enjoying the positive and natural vibe of the beach. So it enhances your soul and refreshes your mind from your busy city life. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the sunrise and sunset point of the beach. 

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    How to reach Alibag

    Alibag has good connectivity to the major cities in Maharashtra via road, rail and ferry. Mumbai and Pune are the major cities placed near Alibag. Most tourists prefer to travel from Alibag to Mumbai via boat; reaching is one hour. The closest railway stations are located in Pen and Koha. In contrast, the closest airport is situated in Pune and Mumbai. 

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport is located in Mumbai, around 140km from Alibag. You can complete the rest of the journey via taxi, bus, and car. 

    What Makes Alibag An Amazing Tourist Destination?

    Forts Of Alibag

    Alibag is famously known for its fort because it played an important part in the pre-colonial era. The Alibag city includes fort-like-Revdanda Fort, Kolaba Fort, Andheri Fort, and many more. All of the forts maintained their rich history from ancient times.  

    Temples of Alibag

    Alibag is dotted with numerous temples in the city. The most visited temples of the place are the Somehswar temple, Shiva Temple, and Hanuman temple. Most of these temples are located on a small mountain. It offers an extensive view from the Konkan coastline top, worth climbing. 

    Alibag Magnetic Observatory

    Besides famous temples, beaches, and fort, Alibag is also popular for its Alibag Magnetic Observatory. The observatory is constructed by the British and is one of the few buildings in Alibag. This magnetic observatory comes under all the famous 13 such observatories globally. The observatory records the geomagnetic data that uses in recording instruments. The place is a renowned tourist spot, especially in the winter. Numerous tourists visit the area and gain expertise with the activities offered by the observatory. 

    Beach Paradise-“Alibag”

    Alibag, the town is surrounded by sea from three sides and is regarded as the “Goa of Maharashtra.” The tranquillity of the place enchants every tourist who visits the area. These beaches are popular in Alibag for being fine weekend gateways from Mumbai. The site offers a rare combination of sand, sea, and sun that you can experience at the beach. The rare sight enhances your stay at the place. 

    Top places for spending a happy weekend in Alibag

    Murud Janjira Fort

    Murud Janjira fort at Alibag Raigad Maharashtra India transformed e1683005948832

    Murud Janjira Fort has located around 55 km from Alibag in Maharashtra on an island off of the coastal village of Murud. The fort has stood since ancient times and has endured past resilience tests. Murud Janjira Fort is must visit fort if you are travelling along the Konkan coast in Maharashtra. 

    Alibaug Beach 

    It is situated along the Arabian Sea coast and offers a breathtaking beach view. I assure you you get to fall in love with the tranquillity and natural beauty of the beach. The beach is surrounded by black sand and provides an enchanting sight of Kolaba Fort from the shores. Alibaug Beach is famous for its scenic beauty, rich history, and many sports activities. The panoramic view of Alibaug Beach attracts numerous tourists throughout the year. To learn more about the place, you visit the site to expertise with the beach and its activities. 

    Kolaba Fort

    Kolaba Fort transformed 1 e1683006159967

    The fort is located in the middle of the sea and surrounded by the Arabian Sea waters. Kolaba Fort is 300 years old fort. It was the chief naval station in the territory of Shivaji Maharaj in Maharashtra. The fort’s area is also a historical monument with cannons and carvings of animals on the wall. Overall the fort is the most visited place in Alibag for seeing the ancient roots fort. The plentiful Kolaba Fort has become a famous tourist destination and an idyllic town. 

    Lip-Smacking food of Alibag Maharashtra

    The place serves delicious mouth-watering cuisine to the tourist. The rich coconut milk fragrant spices dominate the area’s food. The staple food of the Alibag consists of steamed rice with meat, curry, and fish. The accompanying vegetables often feature coconut shavings and mustard seeds. Therefore, Alibag has become a popular place for food lovers. You get all this food at a reasonable rate. 

    From a tourist point of view

    Tourists can visit the place between November to July to enjoy all beaches of Alibag. You can also visit the site from August to October to enjoy the area’s rainy season. So you experience the fascinating view of nature’s lush green garden. Once you visit the town, you watch the many alluring sites and activities surrounding the place. You can easily get the staying facility at the place. 


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