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9 Types of Accommodation in Tourism: Find the Perfect Stay in India



Greetings and welcome to an enchanted voyage through the wide array of lodging choices that await you in the amazing country of India. The selection of your lodging becomes a crucial aspect of your trip experience as you set out to see this geographically and culturally varied nation. From the crowded city streets to the tranquil countryside, India provides a wide range of types of accommodation in tourism to suit any tourist’s preference and budget. Take a virtual journey with us as we explore the many types of accommodation in tourism that characterise India’s identity. India offers a place for everyone, whether you’re a luxury traveller, a thrifty backpacker, or a wanderer on a mission. Every choice offers a different experience of Indian hospitality, from the sumptuous beauty of hotels to the social vibes of hostels, the cosy allure of guesthouses, and the lavish retreats of resorts.

Hotels in India: Most Sought-After Types of Accommodation in Tourism

Sought After Types of Accommodation in Tourism

Savour the pinnacle of opulence and warm hospitality while discovering India’s varied travel options via its most sought-after hotels. The discriminating traveller has a wide range of options when it comes to hotels in India, from the calm allure of rural getaways to the vibrant energy of urban centres. Take in the elegant elegance of boutique hotels that skillfully combine modern design with cultural influences, or lose yourself in the regal atmosphere of historic hotels, where each room whispers tales of a bygone period. These hotels form an essential part of your Indian adventure, providing luxury, refinement, and a genuine connection to the local way of life, whether you’re looking for expansive vistas of the magnificent Himalayas or the serene coastlines of seaside paradises.

Every hotel in India creates an entire experience that goes beyond simple accommodation—a beautiful symphony of stunning decor, mouthwatering cuisine, and first-rate service. The nation’s hotel sector offers accommodations to suit every preference, giving travellers looking for a posh place to stay after a day of sightseeing. India’s hotels guarantee not simply a place to rest but a portal to the core of the nation’s compelling allure, whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure, or culture.

Best Hotels in India to Try: Radisson Blu, The Royal Orchid, Hyatt Regency

Hostels in India: Most Budget-Friendly Types of Accommodation in Tourism

Budget Friendly

In terms of lodging, hostels in India offer a vibrant, shared canvas that appeals to both thrifty travellers and daring adventurers. These vibrant centres have gone beyond the traditional concept of accommodation to become an essential part of the Indian tourism experience. Hostels encourage travellers to join together, share tales, and establish lasting friendships through their dorm-style lodgings, which encourage travellers to explore together in both hectic cities and picturesque getaways. Hostels offer an inexpensive and socially stimulating substitute for traditional hotels, catering to a wide range of tastes, from the bustling bazaars of Jaipur to the tranquil backwaters of Kerala.

Indian hostels are distinguished not just by their low prices but also by their lively environments. Common areas, outdoor seating areas, and planned events provide a setting where cross-cultural interaction is normalised. These hostels, which embrace the spirit of community, craft an immersive experience that transforms each visit from a place to sleep into a doorway, leading to a shared journey full of interesting conversations and new acquaintances. India presents itself as a mosaic of cultures and tales in the world of hostels, beckoning visitors to join a vibrant fabric that offers more than just lodging.

Best Hostels in India for Your Next Stay: Zostel, goStops, The Hosteller

Guesthouses in India: Homely Types of Accommodation in Tourism

Guesthouses in India

In the enchanted realm of Indian hospitality, homestays and guesthouses tell stories of close relationships and total cultural immersion. These housing options, which are dispersed around the enormous country of India, provide a unique experience by bringing visitors into the centre of their communities. Frequently owned by families, guesthouses exude a cosy and inviting ambience, offering a refuge where visitors are welcomed as honorary family members, cultivating a feeling of inclusion and companionship. In addition to providing a window into the customs, cuisines, and everyday routines of hospitable hosts, homestays allow guests to integrate themselves into the daily rhythm of Indian life. Tucked away in a variety of settings, from calm rural settings to busy metropolitan centres, these retreats provide more than simply a place to rest; they open the door to an intensive cultural experience where each visit is an individual voyage of discovery.

Guesthouses and homestays provide more than just a cosy place to sleep; they open doors to real interactions and a chance to explore the rich fabric of India’s varied past. The intimate touches of these lodgings—such as freshly prepared local cuisine and stories spoken around a common table—build a link between guests and the diverse customs that characterise every part of the subcontinent. Guesthouses and homestays serve as live tributes to the enduring warmth and generosity that define the Indian way of life, as guests smile and share tales with their hosts.

Best Homestays in India to Consider: Slow Garden (Ladakh), Hygge House (Manali), Seeking Slow Farmstay (Naggar), Amoli (Shantiniketan)

Resorts in India: Most Opulent Types of Accommodation in Tourism

Resorts in India

Resorts in India are tucked away in varied and captivating environments that entice visitors to a world of unrivalled luxury and breathtaking scenery. Every resort, whether it is in the bucolic hill stations of Himachal Pradesh or the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, is a masterfully designed haven where luxury blends in with the stunning surroundings. These peaceful retreats upend the idea of a typical hotel by providing more than just a place to stay but an all-encompassing experience that allows visitors to relax in the lap of luxury among India’s varied and alluring landscape.

India’s resorts are architectural marvels with top-notch amenities and individualised service to satisfy any luxury. These havens provide a well-balanced mix of leisure and adventure, whether it’s the charm of a seaside hideaway in Goa or the cultural diversity of a historic resort in Rajasthan. Indulge in delicious regional food, relax with spa services, and take exploration trips right into the heart of the place of their choice. India’s resorts serve as entry points for cultural immersion, allowing visitors to fully engage with the local way of life and make lifelong memories.

Best Resorts in India to Try!: Wildflower Hall (Shimla), Vythiri Mist Resort (Wayanad), The Fern Resort and Spa (Kolkata), Le Meridien Resort (Mahabaleshwar)

Camps in India: Adventurous Types of Accommodation in Tourism

Camps in India

Amidst the many landscapes of India, camps entice daring individuals with the prospect of immersive encounters amidst the embrace of nature. India offers a distinctive fusion of adventure and tranquillity when it comes to camping, from the untamed landscapes of the Himalayas to the wide-open spaces of the Thar Desert. These transient residences serve a diverse range of tourists, from adventurers looking for high-altitude adventures to those who want a peaceful getaway from the bustle.

In India, campgrounds provide more than simply a location to set up camp; they are points of entry for experiencing the wild outdoors and local culture. Every location highlights a different aspect of India’s varied terrain, whether it’s a riverbank camp in Rishikesh where the Ganges teems with spiritual vitality or a desert camp in Jaisalmer where the golden sands whisper tales of bygone civilisations. A camp offers a space for activities such as stargazing beneath the pristine Himalayan skies, hiking through lush forests, or enjoying bonfires and traditional performances. This fosters an environment where adventure and leisure mix harmoniously. Camping in India is a chance to get away from technology in natural areas where the aroma of pine woods mixes with the cool mountain air or the balmy desert wind.

Ashrams in India: Religious Types of Accommodation in Tourism

Ashrams in India

Ashrams are peaceful havens that call to anybody looking for inner calm and self-discovery. They are tucked away within India’s spiritual landscape. These peaceful homes, which have their roots in old customs, are dispersed around the nation and provide a haven for people seeking mindfulness, spiritual enlightenment, and overall well-being. Ashrams in India, whether tucked away in the foothills of the Himalayas or cradled along the banks of the Ganges, provide a retreat from the bustle of contemporary life and invite guests to go on a life-changing adventure.

Ashrams are centres for self-reflection, yoga, meditation, and spiritual activities; they are more than just short-term housing. Simple accommodations are frequently made, emphasising the importance of introspection above material luxuries. Daily activities for visitors include yoga lessons, meditation sessions, and group meals that promote spiritual growth and a sense of community. The calm atmosphere and resident gurus’ lectures create an atmosphere in which people may rediscover their inner selves, take in ageless knowledge, and develop a better comprehension of the spiritual precepts that have governed India for ages. The search for peace and self-realisation takes on a very personal dimension in the ashram environment.

Best Ashrams in India: Geeta Bhawan (Rishikesh), Anandashram (Kerala), Isha Foundation (Coimbatore)

Forts in India: Regal Types of Accommodation in Tourism

Forts in India

Spend a royal vacation within one of India’s beautiful forts and immerse yourself in the country’s rich history. The Land of Kings, Rajasthan, has many marvels hidden away in its fortifications, where you may live in luxury beneath centuries-old walls. Offering sweeping views of the Aravalli Range, the 15th-century historic hotel Neemrana Fort Palace skillfully combines luxury and history. The RAAS Hotel, located amid Jodhpur’s magnificent Mehrangarh Fort and surrounded by the magnificence of royal grandeur, offers contemporary conveniences to visitors.

With its elaborate gardens and luxurious rooms, the Samode Palace, located in the Samode Fort walls in the centre of Jaipur, transports visitors to a time of imperial beauty. A little farther south, Maheshwar’s magnificent Ahilya Fort on the Narmada River offers a private haven and a window into Maratha history. While residing in one of these forts, you may experience the opulence and romance of bygone India while simultaneously taking on the role of a guardian of history and living in the lap of luxury. Every fort hotel offers a unique fusion of royal pleasure and cultural immersion, serving as a living tribute to the nation’s rich past.

Havelis in India: Comfortingly Beautiful Types of Accommodation in Tourism

Havelis in India

Savour the charm of India’s cultural legacy by booking a haveli, which offers a distinctive fusion of opulent lifestyle and stunning architecture that goes beyond Rajasthan. Havelis, which are dispersed over different locations, feature unique architectural designs and storied interiors. The Samode Havelis in India is a prime example of royal grandeur, its sumptuous chambers and gardens providing a peaceful haven amidst the bustle of the city.

Go into the centre of Old Delhi, where visitors may experience the ancient splendour of the Haveli Dharampura. The Mughal-inspired architecture of this painstakingly renovated haveli offers a cosy and culturally enlightening stay. BrijRama Palace, a restored haveli in Varanasi with expansive views of the river, is a spiritual haven situated along the Ganges ghats. The Visalam Haveli, located in the historic town of Chettinad, farther south, combines traditional beauty with richness to exhibit the majesty of Tamil Nadu’s architectural legacy. Enjoying the elegance and tailored experience that each heritage lodging offers, a stay in one of these havelis takes you beyond the ordinary and offers a voyage into India’s unique cultural tales.

Houseboats in India: Unique Types of Accommodation in Tourism

Houseboats in India

Discover the distinct allure of houseboat life in Kashmir and Kerala, two of India’s most stunning regions. The Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir, in the middle of the Himalayas, has become a floating paradise with traditional houseboats called “shikaras.” These beautifully crafted wooden boats provide a peaceful haven on the placid waterways encircled by the breathtakingly beautiful snow-capped mountains. These luxurious houseboats, adorned with vivid Kashmiri carpets and excellent woodwork, offer a warm and enchanting haven where visitors may relax while leisurely gliding on the lake’s reflective surface.

Houseboats in Kerala’s beautiful backwaters have a distinct personality; they are called “kettuvallams.” Houseboats provide a serene way to experience God’s Own Country as they meander around the complex system of canals, lakes, and lagoons. Guests may enjoy traditional Kerala food made by expert chefs aboard while taking in the tranquillity of the backwaters thanks to contemporary conveniences and comfy furniture. With views of lush foliage and glimpses of rural life everywhere you go, Kerala’s natural splendour may be slowly explored on a backwater houseboat trip. Whether in the tropical pleasure of Kerala or the majestic Himalayan grandeur of Kashmir, a houseboat stay in India ensures an immersive and unique voyage through the country’s varied landscapes.


India offers many types of tourism accommodation that you must experience here. From havelis to houseboats, get ready for unique staying experiences throughout the country!

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura- Content Writer at The India Explorer Riddhi, our experienced content writer at The India Explorer, is a passionate traveler and a skilled storyteller. Join Riddhi on a journey of discovery as she unveils India's rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and hidden gems, inspiring wanderlust and encouraging meaningful exploration along the way.

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