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10 Tourist Places in Banswara



Enter the enticing embrace of Banswara, a hidden paradise in Rajasthan, India’s southern region. Through its cobblestone streets and ancient sites, this city reveals tales of cultural splendour and regality. There are many tourist places in Banswara through which you can explore the maze-like lanes where opulent palaces resonate with the sounds of bygone times.

The natural serenity of Banswara’s landscapes is just as alluring as its artificial marvels. The glittering paradise of Anand Sagar Lake welcomes you to relax in its calm waters. Discover the spiritual resonance hidden in old temples where dedication and architectural skills combine. At the city’s dams and weirs, the harmonic union of human engineering and nature’s appeal plays out, creating a story of sustainable cohabitation. Discover the vibrant display of indigenous culture via the customs and crafts of a small hamlet, where you may immerse yourself in the heart of tribal life. Nestled between animal reserves and cultural settlements, Banswara calls with the promise of an extraordinary adventure that unlocks the beauty concealed inside its embrace.

Banswara: The Land of Hundred Islands

Tucked away in Rajasthan’s southernmost region, the Banswara district serves as the charming eastern entry point to the vibrantly and culturally diverse region known as Vagad or Vagwar. Banswara’s historical tapestry is woven with stories of its Bhil monarch, Bansia, who gave the region its name before Jagmal Singh, the first Maharaval, defeated him. Banswara was once under the sovereignty of Maharavals. A princely state was established as a result of this change, and Banswara, with its royal heritage, rose to prominence in Rajasthan. The name’s basic etymology reveals its varied origins, which might be traced back to either the fallen Bhil monarch or the plentiful bamboo (baans) that adorns its lush woods.

Beyond history, Banswara’s charm is reflected in its nickname, the ‘City of Hundred Islands.’ The Mahi River, which cradles this charming neighbourhood, is embellished with several islands that contribute to its allure. The geography is a harmonic combination of the majestic Aravalli Range on the eastern horizon and lush lowlands that produce crops including rice, maize, wheat, cotton, soybean, and gramme. The terrain is covered in mango orchards, rich teak forests, and a wide variety of flora, which serve as habitats for a variety of species. Nature, culture, and history all come together in Banswara, inviting visitors to experience the complex beauty of this Rajasthani jewel fully.

Famous 10 Tourist Places in Banswara in 2024

1. Arthuna

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This location, which was once known as Utthunaka, was the capital of the Paramara dynasty that ruled Vagada in the eleventh and twelfth centuries A.D. They were well-known benefactors of Saivism and Jainism, and they bestowed several Siva temples upon Arthuna. Ruins of several Hindu and Jain temples from the 11th, 12th, and 15th centuries may be found strewn around Arthuna and its environs, serving as a reminder of the monarchs’ remarkable building skills and unwavering devotion to their religion. Visitors are enthralled with a sculpted conjugated figure of Shiva, Parvati, and Ganesh among the ruins. The Shaivite Nilkanth Mahadev temple, which is close by and features exquisitely sculpted statues of Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Parvati, is located in the village of Lankiya. The front of the temple is adorned with sculptures of women, and Lord Shiva’s bull, Nandi, stands watch over the entrance, symbolizing the temple’s ancient grandeur.

2. Anand Sagar Lake

Anand Sagar Lake
image source: tourmyindia

One of the most captivating tourist places in Banswara, Anand Sagar Lake, is a tranquil beauty. Created by Rani Lanchi Bai, Maharval Jagami’s wife, this artificial lake is in the eastern reaches of Banswara. The lake, surrounded by holy Kalpa Vriksha trees, is serene and said to have the ability to grant wishes. The chhatris, or cenotaphs of the former kings, adorn the surroundings in this picturesque location. Anand Sagar Lake promises to be the ideal refuge for people looking for peaceful times in the arms of nature, where beauty and tranquillity blend in a captivating way.

3. Mandareshwar Temple

Mandareshwar Temple
image source: nativeplanet

Tucked away in Banswara city’s eastern reaches is the Mandareshwar Temple, an ode to dedication devoted to Lord Shiva, the God of Destruction. Nestled on a hilltop in a naturally formed cave, this little shrine provides a singular spiritual experience. When Banswara was once known as Lodi Kashi, it was called the city of temples since so many old Hindu and Jain temples could be found there. With its strategic location, the Mandareshwar Temple offers pilgrims sweeping vistas of the whole city and a spiritual experience similar to the renowned Amarnath Yatra. Indulge in the hallowed atmosphere of this hilltop retreat, where divinity, history, and beautiful views come together.

4. Mahi Dam

Mahi Dam
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Mahi Dam is a significant treasure among the tourist places in Banswara, located 16 kilometres away from the town. Built as part of the Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project, the dam provides water and generates hydroelectric power for the city. It was completed between 1972 and 1983. Encircled by an intricate system of dams and canals, the area’s picturesque splendour is quite captivating. An attractive garden with a beautiful fountain adds to the dam’s appeal and provides a tranquil haven. Mahi Dam, the second-biggest dam in Rajasthan, offers tourists a peaceful sanctuary in the alluring embrace of nature, in addition to showcasing amazing architecture.

5. Dailab Lake

Dailab Lake
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Dailab Lake, one of the most appealing tourist places in Banswara, is a tranquil oasis. There is a peaceful vibe here. According to legend, the Pandavas took sanctuary here during their exile. The lake is a beautiful sight, especially when the lotus flowers are in bloom. Tucked away on its banks lies the majestic Badal Mahal, a popular tourist destination that was formerly the summer residence of kings. Take a break from the bustle of the city and enjoy the serene atmosphere of Dailab Lake, where nature, history, and opulent architecture come together to create a sanctuary for those in search of quiet moments.

6. Abdullah Pir Dargah

Abdullah Pir Dargah
image source:rajasthandirect

Sayed Abdul Rasul Saheed’s Dargah, Abdullah Pir, is one of Rajasthan’s most popular pilgrimage places. This holy site, which is situated in the southern section of the city, has great religious and spiritual significance, particularly for the Bohra community. The “Urs” event, held annually on the tenth day of Rabi’ al-awwal in the Dargah, attracts thousands of Bohra Muslims from all over the nation. The event, which runs for six days, features musical performances of soul-stirring qawwalis throughout the night. During this time, Banswara becomes a spiritual centre as pilgrims gather to pay their respects and take part in the colourful festivities of faith and devotion associated with the journey to Abdullah Pir.

7. Talwara

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Talwara, which is close to Banswara, entices visitors with its historical attractiveness by providing a window into the past with prehistoric temples and the ruins of old structures. With its famous monuments, including the temples of Sun God Amaliya Ganesh, Laxmi Narayan, and the Jain Temple of Sambhavnath, this charming location is of religious importance. These sacred locations add to Talwara’s cultural fabric, adorned with idols that are finely carved out of black stone from the area. Talwara reveals itself as a tranquil sanctuary where spirituality and history meet as you explore the temples and ruins. It invites tourists to immerse themselves in the holy atmosphere and architectural relics of bygone ages.

8. Samai Mata Mandir

Discover one of the most appealing tourist places in Banswara, the Samai Mata Mandir, for a peaceful fusion of natural beauty and spiritual serenity. This Hindu temple is tucked away in the lovely hills and radiates a strong aura in addition to providing expansive vistas. Admire the creative seating arrangements at the temple while you take in the tranquil atmosphere amid verdant surroundings and towering mountains. Samai Mata Mandir stands out among the many tourist places in Banswara as a suitable hideaway for lonely retreaters or those arranging a fun picnic with family and friends. It invites you to experience both the beautiful scenery and spiritual renewal.

9. Shree Tripura Sundari Temple

Shree Tripura Sundari Temple
image source: in.worldorgs

Discover the heavenly charm of Tripura Sundari Temple, one of the most well-known tourist places in Banswara. It is dedicated to Goddess Tripura Sundari, also known as Turita Mata. Inside is a stunning black stone statue with eighteen hands, each of which represents a different symbol and shows the goddess riding a tiger. Respected as one of the Shakti Peethas, its mysterious beginnings precede Samrat Kanishka’s reign. Tripura Sundari Temple, which is thought to possess supernatural abilities, invites both believers and inquisitive individuals and provides a serene haven amidst Banswara’s diverse cultural and religious legacy.

10. Kagdi Pick Up Weir

Kagdi Pick Up Weir
image source: tripadvisor

Experience the tranquillity of Kagdi Pick Up Weir, one of Banswara’s most captivating tourist destinations. Ideal for peaceful picnics, this location is best enjoyed in the enchanting hours of dawn and dusk. The site offers a great experience for every tourist with its tiny garden, picturesque lakeside, lovely temple, and kid-friendly play area. Enjoy a unique viewpoint of the lovely surroundings by boating on the lake to make the most of your vacation. Kagdi Pick Up Weir becomes a sanctuary for those looking for serenity and leisure to spend with loved ones, making it one of the most notable tourist places in Banswara.


Banswara is a beautiful tourist destination that is hidden in Rajasthan. There are many tourist places in Banswara, like the Tripura Sundari Temple, Anand Sagar Lake, and Mahi Dam, that you must explore. Banswara is perfect for a tranquil and leisurely getaway from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Pack your bags – the City of Hundred Island calls you!

Riddhi Sompura
Riddhi Sompura
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