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Suraj Tal Lake: A Complete Guide  How To Reach, Best Time in 2023



Suraj Tal Lake: the 21st loftiest lake in the world

Suraj Tal Lake of Himachal Pradesh is positioned at an altitude of 4950 measures above the ocean position. It’s the third-loftiest lake in India and is considered the 21st loftiest lake in the world.

This lake is close to the Barlacha Pass. The lake is called the meeting point of roads leading to Spiti, Ladakh, and Zanskar. Suraj Tal is also called the lake of the” Sun God.”

The aqueducts of the Bhaga River have created Suraj Tal. ( That’s why this entire valley is known as Bhaga Valley.) Bhaga Valley, on which Suraj Tal Lake is positioned. It’s instigative for the eyes. In the Bhanga Valley, two gutters, the Bhaga River and the Tandi River merge. And it makes its way through the narrow hills of the vale.

Suraj Tal Lake is a sanctum for Indian and foreign excursionists looking for road passages and touring. Suraj Tal Lake is an instigative place for mountain bikers.

How to reach Suraj Tal Lake

Unfortunately, there’s no direct machine available for Suraj Tal. A machine is public from Manali/ Keylong to Leh. This machine passes through the path of Suraj Tal. Piecemeal from this, taxicabs can be taken on a trip from Manali to Suraj Tal and Lahaul.

Tourist magnet around Suraj Tal

Jogini Falls

jogini fall

Jogini Falls is a beautiful cascade that goes through the Kullu vale into the Beas River. This place is known as Goddess Yogini. At this place, Divya Sadhak takes a bath with the blessings of the Goddess. You can come then while touring from the Vashist tabernacle girdled by apple fields and pine trees.

Shashur Gompa

There’s a Bodh tabernacle named Shashur friary in the middle of the Himalayan hills. Shashur means blue pines because blue cedar trees compass it.

This friary is related to the Red Hat Sampradaya of Tibetan Bodh Religion and the Geluapa Order. This friary was innovated in the 16th century by Lama Dewa Tyatsho. After some time, the work of this friary was stopped. Lama Dewa Tyatsho Lama Dewa Gyatsho greeted this friary’s work to have spent the last time of his life in this friary.

June to July is the time to see the friary. Because during this time, a periodic jubilee is organized then. People then celebrate the periodic jubilee with great majesty. Masked monks cotillion in various dresses. This cotillion is known as the Chaam cotillion. Shashur Monastery is a prominent place to learn Tibetan Buddhism, which attracts people worldwide.

Kardang Monastery

This friary was established 900 times agone. It’s a major friary. It’s positioned on the Bhaga River banks, which are located at 500 below ocean position.

Kardang Monastery is notorious worldwide for its seductive armature and religious significance. The friary has a collection of different oils, Thangka oils, and musical instruments similar to flutes, cans, etc., as well as old munitions.

Kardang Monastery is also an educational center. The Kardang Monastery Library has a collection of books related to the Begon period.

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