Homethings to do10 BEST Places to Visit in Kasaragod and Things to Do

    10 BEST Places to Visit in Kasaragod and Things to Do


    Are you planning a tour of the hidden gem of Kasaragod in Kerala? Fret not! We have compiled a list of the top 10 places to visit in Kasaragod so you can have an amazing time there!

    Kasaragod: The Land Where Seven Languages Unite

    Kasaragod, a scenic district in Kerala’s northernmost region, is an alluring destination for travellers due to its rich tapestry of cultural legacy and natural beauty. The famous Bekal Fort is one of the many places to visit in Kasaragod. It guards the Arabian Sea and provides stunning views and insight into the region’s historical importance. Another historical treasure that enthrals tourists with its expansive views and magnificent architecture is Chandragiri Fort. The peaceful island of Ananthapura Lake Temple, home to a vegetarian crocodile, lends a mythical element to the region’s cultural landscape. Beyond these sites, Kasaragod’s natural splendour is seen through verdant hills, inlets, and immaculate beaches. A traditional dance style called yakshagana showcases the district’s rich creative legacy while adding a touch of culture. Explore the agricultural heartland where areca nuts, coconuts, and spices are grown. Kasaragod is a must-visit location for travellers seeking an engaging and fulfilling travel experience because of its harmonious combination of history, culture, and natural appeal.

    10 Best Places to Visit in Kasaragod

    1. Bekal Fort

    Bekal Fort
    10 BEST Places to Visit in Kasaragod and Things to Do 12

    The majestic Bekal Fort is one of the best places to visit in Kasaragod. This ancient fortress, tucked away along the stunning Arabian Sea coast, is evidence of the district’s rich cultural legacy. Bekal Fort offers guests expansive views of the surroundings thanks to its commanding design and advantageous position. The well-preserved ramparts, observation towers, and the fort’s ageless beauty create an enthralling environment. Bekal Fort is a must-visit location for history buffs and lovers of natural beauty because of its fascinating underground passageways, step wells, and breathtaking sunset views from its high points.

    2. Chandragiri Fort

    Chandragiri Fort
    10 BEST Places to Visit in Kasaragod and Things to Do 13

    One of the most fascinating places to visit in Kasaragod, Kerala, India, is the Chandragiri Fort, a significant historical monument. This fort, perched on the banks of the Chandragiri River, provides a captivating overview of the surroundings. Constructed during the 17th century, Chandragiri Fort functioned as a crucial barrier against incursions. Both visitors and history buffs are drawn to the fort’s well-preserved remains and advantageous position. Investigating the fort’s ruins reveals details about its historical significance and opulence. For those looking for a window into the past of the area, Chandragiri Fort is a quiet and culturally rich site because of its tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking surroundings.

    3. Ananthapura Lake Temple

    Ananthapura Lake Temple is a unique and tranquil destination among the places to visit in Kasaragod, Kerala. Situated on a small island in the middle of a serene lake, this ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Anantha Padmanabha. What makes it extraordinary is the presence of a vegetarian crocodile named “Babi”, believed to be the temple’s guardian. The temple’s architectural elegance, spiritual ambience, and mythical association with the crocodile draw visitors seeking a blend of cultural fascination and natural beauty. Ananthapura Lake Temple offers a distinct and peaceful experience, making it a noteworthy stop in the Kasaragod itinerary.

    4. Ranipuram

    10 BEST Places to Visit in Kasaragod and Things to Do 14

    In Kerala, India’s Kasaragod district, Ranipuram, sometimes called Madathumala, is a hill station that provides a revitalising getaway into the natural world. Ranipuram, located at a height of around 750 metres above sea level, is well-known for its verdant surroundings, thick woods, and expansive vistas of the Western Ghats. Trekkers and environment lovers will find the area a sanctuary due to its undulating hills, flowing streams, and varied flora and fauna. Adventurers can discover Ranipuram’s unspoiled beauty through its trekking paths. For those looking for a relaxing and restorative vacation in the middle of nature, Ranipuram is the ideal getaway due to its mild and pleasant atmosphere and serene surroundings.

    5. Kottancheri Hills

    Kottancheri Hills
    10 BEST Places to Visit in Kasaragod and Things to Do 15

    Adventure lovers treasure the beloved hideaway of the lovely Kottancheri Hills, which calls with open arms right in the heart of Kasaragod. These charming hills, northeast of Kanhangad in Konnakkad, are covered in thick rainforests and provide a sanctuary for exploration and natural beauty. Set off on an exploration voyage while indulging in exhilarating trekking and hiking encounters, enveloped in the enthralling charm of thick woods, expansive meadows, and the calming influence of therapeutic herbs. Kottancheri Hills cordially invites you to experience the tranquillity of its scenery, making it the perfect location for exciting activities and beautiful picnics under the shade of the trees. Come and let yourself be mesmerised by the harmony of these hills, where each step expresses gratitude for the beauty that nature so kindly bestows.

    6. Malom Wildlife Sanctuary

    Malom Wildlife Sanctuary
    10 BEST Places to Visit in Kasaragod and Things to Do 16

    Nestled within Kasaragod’s attractions, the Molam Wildlife Sanctuary is a hidden gem that offers several natural beauties just waiting to be discovered. Its seldom-visited environment has lush green hills tucked away, providing a haven for rare species of plants and animals. Molam is a sanctuary where elephants, bison, tigers, deer, and many other wildlife wander freely, ideal for anybody looking to get up close and personal with nature’s untamed side. With more than 200 different bird species calling this peaceful sanctuary home, it becomes a birdwatcher’s dream come true. With its unspoiled beauty and varied population, the Molam Wildlife Sanctuary invites visitors to explore and admire the abundant species that flourish inside its tranquil boundaries.

    7. Thaikadappuram Beach

    Thaikadappuram Beach
    image source: tripadvisor

    Thaikadappuram Beach is a must-see treasure for a tranquil holiday that will enhance your Kasaragod experience. In the monsoon, the natural beauty of this beach retreat is revealed, and the alluring presence of olive ridley turtles adds to the allure of the area. A magnificent sight for peace seekers and loving lovers alike, the beach turns into a palette of colours as the sun sets, reflecting its enchantment on the waves. Thaikadappuram Beach, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kasaragod, beckons you to enjoy its secluded beauty. It provides a unique haven that tranquilly blends with the allure of the coast.

    8. Mallikarjuna Temple

    Mallikarjuna Temple
    10 BEST Places to Visit in Kasaragod and Things to Do 17

    The Mallikarjun Temple, a cherished homage to Lord Shiva, is located in the centre of Kasaragod and captivates visitors with its amazing architecture. The temple, which the Iyer Kings built, is a monument to the rich cultural legacy of the area and features exceptional craftsmanship. With eye-catching paintings adorning its walls, the temple is transformed into a visual feast for art lovers. Every day, devotees swarm there to worship Lord Shiva with steadfast commitment within its hallowed confines. This cultural treasure is a religious centre as well as one of Kasaragod’s top tourist destinations, providing tourists looking for the pinnacle of spirituality and artistic expression with a spiritual and artistic experience.

    9. Hosdurg Fort

    Hosdurg Fort
    image source: trip2kerala

    Hosdurg Fort, also known as Kanhangad Fort, is a fascinating ancient structure tucked away in Kasaragod, Kerala’s scenic surroundings. Built in the sixteenth century by Somashekara Nayaka of the Keladi Nayaka dynasty, this castle is perched atop a hillside and provides stunning views in all directions. The architectural magnificence of the fort, with its well-preserved bastions and fine details, is a testament to its military might in the past. Inside its boundaries, temples honouring Hanuman and Shiva, among other deities, provide tourists with a glimpse of cultural diversity.

    Discovering Hosdurg Fort reveals its ancient charm, with hidden passageways and underground vaults telling stories of a bygone period. For visitors interested in learning more about Kasaragod’s cultural legacy, the fort offers a picturesque setting in addition to acting as a historical landmark. Hosdurg Fort is still a must-see location because of its intriguing past and advantageous location, which allow visitors to see historical relics within Kerala’s tranquil surroundings.

    10. Nellikunnu Mosque

    A well-known attraction, the Nellikunnu Mosque captivates visitors with its rich cultural legacy and stunning architecture. The mosque became well-known for a week in November during the Thangal Uppapa Uroos and Nercha carnival. These colourful celebrations honour Saint Thangal Uppapa, drawing both devotees and tourists. For those looking to connect with Kasaragod’s past, the mosque transforms into a dazzling centre of spiritual devotion and cultural celebration. Nellikunnu Mosque is one of the most significant places to visit in Kasaragod and a must-visit for discovering the special fusion of spirituality and craftsmanship in this cultural treasure of Kasaragod.

    Things to Do

    1. Watch the Harvest of the Betel Leaves

    Harvest of the Betel Leaves
    10 BEST Places to Visit in Kasaragod and Things to Do 18

    In Kasaragod, the gathering of ripe betel nuts is a sight that perfectly combines courage, expertise, and a dash of adventure. Plantation labourers with years of experience display their skill as they skillfully climb the trees and pick the nuts. Their adventurous leaps, like Tarzan’s audacious ones, include expertly leaping to the next tree and arching the tree. This breathtaking performance takes place against the difficult backdrop of swinging branches, which are frequently rendered slick by the wind. For onlookers, this operation is an exhilarating and unique event because of the extreme danger and accuracy required. Seeing these expert workers at work becomes one of the most thrilling and distinctive experiences you can have while learning about Kasaragod’s rich cultural heritage.

    2. Learn About the Suranga

    Thurangam, another name for Suranga, is the creative indigenous water collection technology that is ingrained in Kasaragod culture. This technique entails digging small, horizontal tunnels along arid-laterite hillocks in order to channel and tap spring waters efficiently. These tunnels, which are barely a few feet wide and around the height of an ordinary person, go quite a distance—often up to 300 or 400 meters—and into the heart of the mountains.

    Suranga is a sustainable water management strategy that has been used in and around Kasaragod for many generations. A visit to a conventional Suranga offers a comprehensive insight into its complex operation. It provides a special chance to understand the way of life of the locals, exhibiting their peaceful coexistence with the environment and creative responses to the region’s water constraint. Interacting with Suranga is a unique and enlightening experience that illuminates the outstanding legacy and ingenuity of Kasaragod.

    3. Trek to Ranipuram

    Known as the “Queen of Malabar,” Ranipuram is a fascinating place to visit in the Kasaragod highlands. Travelling across the high roads of Kasaragod, enveloped in the foggy atmosphere of Ranipuram, brings you to the foot of the hills. This is where the Kasaragod Tourism Department has set up a base camp, offering a jumping-off place for the magical Ranipuram Trekking experience, which is unquestionably one of the best things to do in Kasaragod.

    At the foothills lies the “Ranipuram Resorts” cottage complex, well located for travellers. Doors to the ticket counter open at eight in the morning. Adults may purchase a ticket, enter their names in the ledger, and start hiking the exciting paths for a little charge of Rs 30. Trekking in Ranipuram offers an exciting and thrilling exploration of the natural beauty of the area, making it a vital component of the diverse range of activities available in Kasaragod.

    4. Watch the Yakshagana Folk Theatre

    Yakshagana Folk Theatre
    10 BEST Places to Visit in Kasaragod and Things to Do 19

    Yakshagana is a dynamic folk theatre based in Kasaragod, Kerala. Its energetic shows combine narrative, dance, and song to engage spectators. This age-old art form, which has its roots in the cultural fabric of the area, uses extravagant costumes and unusual makeup to bring historical and mythical tales to life. Yakshagana, which is celebrated in Kasaragod during festivals and cultural events, typically tells stories from epics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Through this intriguing and dynamic folk theatre, residents and visitors alike may go on a colourful trip into Kasaragod’s rich cultural legacy, all while being engrossed in the upbeat dance moves and rhythmic music that provide an immersive experience.

    5. Watch the Art of Pottery in Erikkulam

    Pottery in Erikkulam
    10 BEST Places to Visit in Kasaragod and Things to Do 20

    In the Madikai Gramme Panchayat of Kasaragod, traditional pottery is a treasured and enduring legacy in the charming village of Erikkulam. This village’s potter families have been producing fine clay pots and cookware for generations, nurturing a craft that still has a large market demand. Erikkulam’s potter life continues because of the few master craftsmen from the older generation who remain despite a minor drop in the number of potters over time.

    Tourists get the rare chance to observe the age-old methods these expert potters use when they visit Erikkulam. Observing the making of traditional pottery is a meaningful opportunity to support and encourage these hardworking craftsmen in their vital labour, as well as an examination of pure artistry. One of the things you should definitely do when visiting Kasaragod is to witness the traditional pottery-making process at Erikkulam. 


    Discover the rich tapestry of Kasaragod’s sights, from the serene charm of Thaikadappuram Beach to the historical forts like Bekal, which serve as the city’s cultural hub. Explore the historic Suranga tunnels, travel through the verdant landscapes of Ranipuram, and see expert potters transform tradition into art in Erikkulam. In the lively list of the places to visit in Kasaragod, each location reveals a different chapter, making every step a discovery. This region invites visitors to immerse themselves in the diverse appeal of Kasaragod’s riches, offering a rich mosaic of experiences ranging from history to culture, nature, and expert artistry.

    Riddhi Sompura
    Riddhi Sompura
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