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Tour Place In Sikkim | Sikkim Festival 2023



Sikkim and the Losar Festival

Tour Place In Sikkim, Sikkim is a state in India located in the eastern Himalayas in the nation’s northeastern region.  

In Sikkim, the Sikkimese are highly pledged people, and their religion plays an important role. In Sikkim, there are two main religions, i.e., Buddhism and Hinduism. Buddhism moved towards to view as the notable religious practice in Sikkim. 

On the other side, Hinduism is the true religion that accompanies by the majority of people. In Sikkim, except Buddhism and Hinduism. Other religions, like Christianity, Islam, etc., also flourish here because the Sikkimese people are tolerated. This tolerance and collaborative perception are allowed people here with conflicting religions league to endure together peacefully. 

How to reach here

Tourists can reach here by any way of medium like by train, by road and by air. Bagdogra airport is nearest to Sikkim, which is 124 km away from Sikkim. Tourists can also reach cities like Bagdogra, Kolkata, Kalimpong, and Darjiling by road. The journey can be covered by bus, car, taxi or cab. 

Jalpaiguri is 187 km, and Siliguri is 146 km from Sikkim and the closest railway station from Sikkim. These stations have a different rail connection to cities like Delhi and Kolkata.

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The Culture in Sikkim

This place is spectacular and surrounded by lovely things, making it a world unto itself. It is a world where different religions, cultures, and traditions coexist. Sikkim’s festivals are what make this place a frankly vibrant destination for travellers.

buddhism sikkim


It is one of Sikkim’s main faiths. In good times years, an immigrant from Tibet escorted this religion and overpowered a major part of the state. The local peoples of Sikkim say that Guru Rinpoche established Buddhism in the state. 


It is the ruling religion of the Sikkim. Hinduism is accomplished by the more people in Sikkim, with the preponderance of Nepalis. Nepalis people of Sikkim celebrate every occasion, whether it is birth, death, or marriage.  

Some of the popular Sikkim Festival 

International Flower Festival, Losar, is the Tibetan New Year, Pang Lhabsol, Saga Dawa, Lossong, or the Sonam Losar.

International Flower Festival

This festival is celebrated in Gangtok every year in May. Some flowers displayed in the Place are Roses, Creepers, Herbs, Orchids, etc. A display that fills with distinct, colourful flowers and the stimulating fragrance of amalgamating flowers will surely calm your soul.

Losar is the Tibetan New Year

This festival is celebrated in February. This festival is about benefaction flowers to the family, visiting friends and monasteries, and anticipating a better year. 

Pang Lhabsol

This festival is famous amongst all the above festivals because it celebrates nature. All celebrations of that festival are compassing the third highest peak in the world. It is celebrated around the fifteenth day of the seven months. As per their calendar and the standard calendar at the end of August. The festival is the divinity description of the lama’s guardian who put on the grab and dances. 

Saga Dawa

For Mahayana Buddhists, it is the most important day of the year as it celebrates the most important chapter of Gautama Buddha- his attaining nirvana, his birth, and his enlightenment. 

That triple celebration is ascertained on the full moon of the fourth month of the Buddhists’ lunar calendar. And habitually, it falls between the end of May to the beginning of June. And what the rest of the world celebrates as the name of Buddh Poornima. 

That day is celebrated with Sikkim’s local people. Paying a visit to Sikkim monasteries and contributing the butter lamps to show their intensity and love. 

sikkim gangtok view amazing place to visit

Losing the Sonam Losar

Like the Baisakhi Festival of the North, where farmers rejoice in their abundant harvest. Same in the Sikkim, this festival is the new year for farmers. On that day, lama dances, keeping their tradition of banishing the evil psyche. And welcoming the unique soul via the New Year. 

Tour Place In Sikkim

  1. Gangtok
  2. Pelling 
  3. Ravangla
  4. Yumthang Valley
  5. Chungthang

It is the capital city of Sikkim. Fenced by the Khangchendzonga, this city offers an extravagant rooftop view of Sikkim. This place is also home to multiple parks like Ridge Park, Deer Park, and Himalayan Zoological Park. The other star attractions are Tsomgo Lake, Nathula Pass, and Menmecho Lake. 


This place is heaven on earth with snaking gullies, eminent mountain ranges, and blooming greenery. The view of that place is worth visiting. It is situated at a height of 7200 ft. This place is a wealth of trove of trekking routes.   

pelling sikkim


It is the small convention south of Sikkim. Tourist hotspots encircle this place, like Jorethang, Temi Tea Garden, and Samdruptse Hill, where Guru Padmasambhava’s statue is situated. Here playful colours console the senses and bring about a new change in your journey. 

Yumthang Valley

It’s natural beauty and special fascination know this valley. Other popular destinations in the neighbourhood of this valley are Phodong Monastery and Kabi Longtsok. Yumthang Valley is considered to be the human eye of picturesque meadows.


This place is the starting point of River Teesta, famous for white water rafting. Chungthang is in accord with natural beauty and architecture. This place is core for venture spots. The locals say of Sikkim that Guru Rimpoche blesses this place in yore days.

From a tourist’s point of view

Sikkim is an absolute entrance for everyone. Whether the tourist plan a trip here as a solo trek or with a family outing. The colourful festivals of this place give importance to the beauty of nature and Buddha. 


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