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Jawai Dam, Rajasthan: The Largest Dam of Western Rajasthan



Do you remember the exquisite place where Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal recently spent their holidays? That’s Jawai Dam, also called Jawai Bandh – one of the largest dams in Rajasthan. This hidden gem offers more than just the magnificent vista of the flowing river – the Jawai leopard safari is one such exciting thing here! Let’s explore this beauty that is still untouched by the majority of tourists!

Jawai Dam, Rajasthan: The Geography and History of the Gorgeous Jawai Bandh

One of Rajasthan’s biggest reservoirs is the Jawai Dam, built over the Jawai River near Sumerpur in the Pali district. This reservoir was constructed in 1956–1957 by Jodhpur’s King Umaid Singh to pump water for irrigation. Ever since then, Jodhpur and the villages in the Pali and Jalore districts have received water from this reservoir. The Dam spans 500 sq kilometres and rises to 61 feet.

With its fascinating geography, leopard safaris, and bird-watching opportunities, Jawai Dam, Rajasthan, is a veritable gold mine for fans of the natural world and animals. The terrain of the Dam is made up of granite hills, sporadic boulders, and caverns. A creek runs through the centre, separating the area. It is thought that the granite hills developed millions of years ago, along with the rock formations formed by lava. It is one location where guests may see crocodiles, leopards, and birds. The site is well known for drawing many avian tourists, particularly the recognisable Sarus cranes. Camping is another option available to visitors.

The Jawai Dam is vast and surrounded by greenery that you shouldn’t miss out on. Tourists and locals love to come here on bikes and spend an evening with their loved ones around a bonfire while admiring the flowing waters. Crocodiles are among the rough stones that line the river; they can be found hunting or lounging on the sandbeds. A lone leopard or a herd of them may be seen prowling around at the far end of the rocky hillocks and among the grey granite hills. Because leopards live in the highlands, the Jawai Dam is a leopard conservation reserve.

Numerous private safaris guarantee that you will catch a glimpse of the big cats. The Dam provides sanctuary to bears, wolves, chinkaras, panthers, hyenas, and nilgai in addition to leopards.

The Dam is named after the town of Jawai, situated on the banks of the Jawai River, a tributary of the Luni River. There’s an interesting story behind the naming of the town – when the female residents of the town married, their male counterparts would stay with the women’s side of the family rather than the traditional custom of women going to the men’s houses. That is because the area of Jawai is surrounded by the Rabari tribe, who follow a matriarchal system of lifestyle unlike the rest of the country – the sons-in-law are called ‘Jawai’ in the local language.

Jawai Dam, Rajasthan: Your Destination Directory for a Fun Time Here

Jawai Dam Rajasthan Your Destination Directory for a Fun Time Here
Jawai Dam, Rajasthan: The Largest Dam of Western Rajasthan 6

Jawai Dam, Rajasthan, is the state’s best-kept secret – the vastness of the Dam and the lush green gardens surrounding it are something everyone finds peace in. Here, you can peacefully see cattle grazing and the movement of the Rabaris with their red turbans and white clothes. The leopards and other animals found here are a delight to wildlife photographers. There are many places to visit here and the places nearby.

As Jawai Dam is situated right next to Sumerpur of Pali district and Sheoganj of Sirohi district, its prominent location offers tourists the best of all worlds – the destinations around Pali and Sirohi are just a stone’s throw away as both the districts are quite small in size. Udaipur is also just three hours away from this pristine Dam.

Let’s look at some of the best places to visit when you’re here!

The Significant Dev Giri Temple

The Dev Giri Temple is white, carved out of a single stone on the outskirts of the Jawai Dam, Rajasthan. The temple is dedicated to Ashapura Mataji – a local deity in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The steps of the temple are steep, and it is a long climb – but well worthwhile once you reach the top and look at the picturesque view that surrounds you. The temple is revered among locals, and you can also spot one or two leopards here if you’re lucky!

Locals are not surprised if they happen to spot a leopard strolling around. Not only do humans visit the sacred site, but wild cats do, too. There hasn’t been a single attack in the communities thus far. The people claim that their connection with the leopards is still positive. There are no accounts of them feeding on the livestock as well. By avoiding the local fauna, the residents also return the favour.

Kambeshwar Mahadev Temple Trek

Kambeshwar Mahadev Temple Trek
image source: pinterest

Kambeshwar Mahadev is another important and sacred site here that is equally beautiful to climb to. This temple is situated atop a hill just 11 kilometres from Jawai Dam and is visible from Sumerpur, Sheoganj, and the surrounding highways. The temple is accessible by winding paths chiselled into the side of the hill. An annual fair is held by the temple every November. The temple is also an important site for Mahashivratri celebrations. There is a small area right behind this temple where you can spend the evening around a bonfire as well.

Sumerpur: An Urban Town

Sumerpur is a small town near the Jawai Dam, Rajasthan, in Pali district. The place is famous for its markets and food. There are many cafés and restaurants here that serve delicious food. You can visit this town for a refreshing experience. There are many places to stay here for a relaxing retreat amongst the Aravalli Hills.

Sheoganj: For Shopping Your Hearts Out

Sheoganj is another town next to Jawai Dam, Rajasthan, in the Sirohi district. The place is popular among shoppers due to its extensive market that sells everything at an affordable rate. Shopping for clothes here is a favourite among tourists and locals alike.

Jawai River Front: Stupendous Beauty

Jawai River Front
Jawai Dam, Rajasthan: The Largest Dam of Western Rajasthan 7

The Jawai Dam, Rajasthan, recently got its riverfront park, and it is a thing to marvel at. It is a one-of-its-kind project in this region as no other neighbouring areas (not even Udaipur!) have such a magnificent place along their rivers and lakes. The riverfront is spread along many miles and is guarded by a beautiful gate made of green leaves and flowers. Inside, you’ll find seating areas and numerous food and souvenir shops to try out the lip-smacking food of the region. The area is abundant in seating areas with tables and chairs within the food court and wooden benches lining up the riverfront entrance.

Jawai Viewpoint – Take in the Vista

There is a viewpoint situated near the rock formations of the Dam that is famous among everyone. The place offers a stunning vista of the complete Dam and gives you an opportunity for a picnic. Locals love coming on their bikes to have a fun day out. The beauty of the viewpoint is indescribable.

Jawai Dam, Rajasthan: The Ultimate To-Do List

The magnificent Dam offers its visitors many fun-filled and thrilling activities. You surely won’t be bored here. Let’s explore some of the best things to do when you’re at Rajasthan’s Jawai Dam.

Leopard Safari
Jawai Dam, Rajasthan: The Largest Dam of Western Rajasthan 8

Go for a Leopard Safari

A jungle safari around the Aravalli Hills of the area is the most sought-after tourist activity here. Many operators provide guided tours in safari jeeps for you to have a thrilling day out with friends and family. As you spot leopards, you will also notice the abundance of flora and fauna and the serene waters of the river that will soothe your soul. You can find many packages for safaris at a rate that suits you and embark on this adventure.

Engage in Photography

Jawai Dam is a photographer’s delight. If you love the wildlife, this place is for you. Get your camera ready to photograph some of the best moments during your leopard safari and camp. It provides a great opportunity to polish your skills and capture the best moments of your life here.

Stay at Jawai

The Jawai Dam has abundant resorts, camps, and farms for you to lodge. The list of Jawai resorts is never-ending. You can find lodging at a rate that’s affordable to you and stay there in peace. From guesthouses to luxurious resorts, Jawai Dam has it all. The Sujan Jawai is one of the most popular and luxurious places to stay here.

Observe the Tribal Culture of the Rabaris

The Rabari tribe is the prominent resident of the area surrounding Jawai Dam. They are cattle herders by profession and have an interesting culture. Their red turbans, white Angrakha kurtas, and dhoti pants are remarkable.

The Rabaris have a matriarchal lineage – the women take of the business and finance while the men graze cattle. The families take on their women – the men take up their wives’ surnames and live within their homes. Theirs is a unique culture to explore. The Rabaris are very friendly and will interact with you if you ask them to.

Opt for Camping in the Woods

Camping is a popular activity amongst tourists here. You can camp in small or luxurious Swiss tents based on your preferences. There are many options available for campers here. Food options are also available, and so are options for bonfires.

Shop at the Sumerpur Trade Fair

Sumerpur holds a trade fair every year around October, where you can shop for handicraft items and more. It is quite a popular fest among locals where you can find many items like hand-woven bags, dolls, vases, and more.

Shop at the Sheoganj Market

The Sheoganj market is popular among tourists because of its well-known apparel industry. Here, you can find exquisite clothing items ranging from daily wear to festive clothes. The sarees, ghaghras, and jewellery are some of the most sought-after items among locals and tourists. The best part? You can bargain! The quality is top-notch, and the pieces will stay untainted in your wardrobe for years. Buy some of the most amazing dresses when you’re here!

Crocodile Spotting

Apart from leopards, Jawai Dam, Rajasthan is also home to many crocodiles. You can spot them occasionally, swimming in the water or soaking up the sun on one of the rock formations here. Get your camera all charged for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to photograph magnificent crocodiles. Watching the crocodiles in their natural habitat is an experience one must not miss out on!

Attend the Jawai-Ranakpur Fair

The Jawai-Ranakpur Fest is a one-day fair that attracts locals and tourists from Jalore, Sirohi, Pali, and Jodhpur. It happens during December and is an enthusiastic display of the Rajasthani culture. You can witness the various folk dances of Rajasthan here, along with the various theatre arts of the state. There are many playful activities available here, like trampoline shooting games and tug-of-war games. 

Light a Bonfire and Have a Picnic

The Jawai Dam is a great place to light up bonfires in the evenings or have picnics in the daytime. You can also dip in the river at safer locations, like near the rock formations. If you’re staying at a camp or resort, bonfires will be arranged for you by the operators themselves. You can also create one by yourself on the banks of the river by collecting and lighting wood.

Relax and Unwind

If you’re looking for peace, Jawai Dam, Rajasthan, is the perfect place. It offers many accommodation options to stay peacefully and enjoy nature. If you wish to travel for leisure, you can find many resorts and camps here to relax in your bedroom or a Swiss Tent for a spiritual experience among nature.

Jawai Dam Rajasthan
Jawai Dam, Rajasthan: The Largest Dam of Western Rajasthan 9

Best Jawai Resorts

There are many Jawai resorts that you can choose from:

· Sujan Jawai

· Jawai Leopard Safari Lodge

· Polki Farms

· Leopard Lair Ananta Elite

· Thour Nature Resorts

· Amritara Resort

These are some of the best resorts that you can stay at. The Dam offers many more than these options that you can stay at!


Jawai, a charming little town, gets its name from the Jawai River, a well-liked destination for outdoor enthusiasts. This settlement is mostly known as Jawai Dam, Rajasthan. It is a singularly enigmatic location that bears witness to the coexistence of people, animals, and the magnificent environment. Captivating in its own right, the region is surrounded by breathtaking beauty enhanced by powerful hills and granite boulders. Jawai Dam is an excellent location to take in the rich natural beauty of the wilderness since it is home to several unique wildlife species, including crocodiles, birds, and leopards.

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