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Top 5 Goa Beach | Churches At Goa, Festival



Goa: India’s most lovable seaside place

Goa City is known for its party culture and nightlife; on the other side, it’s famous for its beaches. We all know that the summer season starts in March, and Goa has the highest beaches. It includes all types of  Goa beaches, like family and friends. 

Goa is known for its nightclubs, parties, and, most importantly, Beaches. The seashore and the environment of beaches are categorized differently. These will make your mind calm and relaxed.

How to Reach?

Goa is connected with every city you can easily reach by Train, Air, and Bus. The nearest city to Goa is Pune and Mumbai. Mumbai or Pune residents will receive the best discounts. Otherwise, you can reach Mumbai. Then you can pitch Goa easily for great deals.

goa beach

 Top 5 Goa Beach

Benaulim Beach, South Goa


The Beach is situated ten kilometres from Madgaon city and is clean and calm. You can have a silent day here. The sunny weather, the water waves’ harmonical sound, and the white sand will make your journey relaxed, peaceful and worthwhile. The reason behind the calmness of the Beach is that commercialization is less on this Beach. You can relax on the Beach by sitting and feeling the white sand’s beauty. The chirping of the birds will make you feel the vibes of an amazing beach.

Colva Beach, South Goa

Colva is full of water sports and open clubs, and it is just 11 kilometres far from Madgaon. You can enjoy many water sports at the evening parties, and live shows can be enjoyed on the weekends. Long trees and blue sky make the environment more delightful in the afternoon, and sunset makes a complete rainbow on the eve. The party night starts the night as Goa’s beaches are known for their nightlife also.

Baga Beach North Goa

Baga Beach is very famous and known for its great water sports. The Beach is 15 kilometres from Goa’s capital, i.e., Panji, and is occupied 12 months and 365 days by tourists. The Beach’s discos and clubs show why it is well known, and visit the market around the coast.

Arambol Beach, North Goa
summer tour

Arambol Beach is one of Goa’s best beaches, and it is 35 kilometres far from Goa’s capital, Panji. Arambol Beach is distributed in Main Beach and Sweet Water LakeThe sweet water lake is situated 500 meters away from Main Beach. Only in March can one observe the Beach’s inherent magnificence. A lovely water lake is the best example for observing its peace and calmness, and coconut trees over the Beach attract tourists the most. You can book the huts on the Beach and have a stay on the Beach. It’s cheap and the best place to observe.

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Palolem Beach, South Goa

If you stay on the Goa north side, it will be far from Panji city, i.e., seventy Kilometers. The Palolem’s beach road is beautiful to be observed in the daytime. You have to plan a one-day trip to the Beach. Goa’s best is open at night, but the Palolem beach path is tricky at night. You can also book the huts on the Beach that are A/C and Non- A/C. Enjoy the candlelight dinner, seafood, and the open club at night.

Shigmo Festival in Goa

The festival of Holi is celebrated in a specialized manner by all the states of India. Some examples are the Lathmaar Holi in Mathura, Royal Holi in Rajasthan, Hola Mohalla in Punjab, Kahila Holi, Khadi Holi Uttarakhand, etc. That, Shigmo festival/Holi is played in Maharashtra.

goa festival

The festival takes place in March only. Every city in Goa celebrates the festival according to their comfortable dates, and the collector of the state will decide those dates. Goa commemorates this festival because the Goa farmers hope their crops will be harvested better and earn more than last time. They burn crackers, play Dhol, and Tasha, used to Dance, etc. All the houses of the people are decorated with lights during the festival. This festival takes place on the streets of Goa only. The festival includes Holi in it; it is another festival of colours. 

People celebrate it by applying colours on everyone’s face and wishing happy Holi to their dear ones, and both of the celebrations take place for 15 days. Goa is filled with tourists during this festival, and the hotel and transportation bookings in Goa are quite expensive in March because of the festive season in Goa. Cute and lovely animals like elephants and camels are also coloured during this festival. Not only colours, but farmers of Goa also perform Shigmo Parades and traditional folk Dance. The scenario looks fantabulous.

goa tourism

Goa is a party place that follows their rituals and culture; though it has nightclubs, it also has sites for night recitals. It also has the most famous churches in India. You should visit and experience a “meditating environment in Goa.” It sounds unpredictable, but yeah! It’s true.

Top 4 Churches in Goa

  1. Alex Church

St. Alex Church is a very huge and beautiful church in Goa. The church was built in 1741, located in Curtorim Salcete Taluka, South Goa. It is the oldest church in Goa. The place seeks the attention of architectural and design lovers. The area has forest all around, and at the back of the church, there’s a mind relaxing Beach. “Cupola Falsa,” the Indian Style of architecture, can be seen at its best here.

Monte Hill

Monte Hill church is situated in the southeast of Sat Burnzam Ghor. It is mainly known as Moti Dongor. If you struggle to find the way, ask locals about “Moti Dongor.” This hut-shaped church looks fascinating; the area around the church is empty, and brown trees and plants seem a little far from the church; if you want to experience church other than Beach, then this lovely place is for you.

Bom Jesus Basilica

 Bom Jesus Basilica is a UNESCO-registered Heritage site. This is situated in Old Goa, in Portuguese India. This church looks like a castle of a king. The orange and golden work all over the church looks beautiful. The church’s inner side is also made up of gold, which means the sculpture of Jesus. There are many tourist guides to tell the story of the church, its construction process, and the purpose of building it so lavishly.

Where is goa beach

Goa Beach is located in the state of Goa, India. It is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and vibrant nightlife.

Which beach is only for foreigners in Goa

No beach is restricted to foreigners, but Anjuna Beach is popular with foreigners.

How much goa a trip cost?

Cost of a trip to Goa can vary depending on the time of year, the length of your stay, and your budget. You can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $200 per day.

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